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Saturday, October 31, 2009

One day when its here.

sometimes, some things are much closer than you think it is.
something beautiful.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Repost.

So this is an OLD POST i updated Last Year.
I Fine it kinda nice so, Im reposting this..LOL
its bout the different girls around us.
So for girls, its just for fun.

here goes:

so i've beeen thinkin..lets make this entry an interesting one...lets talk bout types of girls available in this region..malaysia and so on...yea..its easier for boys to hunt these different fishys~~!!LOL~~

so...17 years ive been on this planet let alone this country...lets check out the species of girls...yea i mean girls..cz im 17 LOL~~...ladies??? wait another 7 years frm now..yea u'll get ur chance..LOL~~

so lets start this shit...girls are humans or females..."girls" means females that are 20 years old and below..ah huh~..there are lotsa species we start wit number 1...

1.THE EMO KIND (scientific name:Homosapiens emoensis)

description: emo girls are seriously into emo stuff...though they arent as agrresive as their counter part the guys..but they tend to get out of control...they secretly admire boys..but tries to show a tough side...emo girls go evrywhere with a stick of eye shadow..uh huh...one thing though they are good listeners...

usual hang out place on the web:http://www.emo-corner.com/
music: oh the usuals..FALL OUT BOY..MCR...

2.THE SWEET KIND(scientific name:homosapien sugarensis)

this species are one of the most extinct!!!..they are hard to find and if found..they are usualy unavailable..and expensive to buy too!!!..i have met a few in my life..sweet girls are sweet...lovable and cheerful...they love to talk and has an open mind.their favourite colours are nomally pink and light blue.some may get to the extend of being cheeky and over confident..but they are a positive species..fun to be with..

usual hangout place on the web:www.friendster.com, http://www.facebook.com/

3.THE GEEKY KIND(homosapiens bookwormensis)

this particular species are girls that are always commited to books and academics..they are not interested in sports and do not check out boys(report may vary)..but most of them spends their time in their natural habitat aka "THE LIBRARY"..some of these geeky girls are attractive to boys cz they are quite and timid but a full bucket inside..

usual hang out place on web:may vary cz they are not familiar with the net

4.THE SLUTTY KIND(homosapiens cheapyensis)

this species are EVRYWHERE and some of them are always looking for mates...their mating process does not stop until they grow old and eventually no one wants them...slutty kinds have a wide range of aspects..they can vary from fat to thin or hot to cute...the sluttiniess usualy are found in their hormones and not physically..though some may tend to dress like stupid asses..

usual hangout place on web:all social networkin sites(easy to show their true colours)

5.LALA(homosapiens nosenseofdressingensis)

this species are hard to analyse..cz they are actually sweet and lovable but they are distort when it comes to dressing...most of them are into a trend called harajuku or LOLAs...most of them love taiwanese singers and japanese pop culture..they can memorise each and evry word of their favourite taiwanese artists songs..LALA girls normally hang at their nests usualy SUNGEI WANG or even TIME SQUARE nowadays..for locals at malacca..they can be found at MP and DP...

usual hangout place on web:www.friedster.com(tend to have too many friendster accounts cz they think alot of ppl will actually add them)

6.EASY GOIN SPORTING KIND(homosapiens yeaokayensis)

easy goin sporting kinda girls are easily found at urban areas..they are normaly over OPEN about things and date random guys...they are not SLUTTY like the above species..but..they are too sociable...no doubt they are popular..but sometimes when they are alone..they are nothin..for boys..DO NOT get into relationships with these species as they are sometimes NOT trust-able.

hangout place on web:all social networkin site)

7.THE WHATEVERS(homosapien wateverensis)

this species are fun to talk to and always has an attitude...good or bad attitude depends on the individual's mood...they are sporting and easy going also...it is easy to observe these ppl:they dress casually...normally surfing wears like body glove or oreef's...they wear flip-flops.

CAUTION!:these girls are unpredictable..they are too spontaneous..handle with care!!!!

8.THE ELEGANT KIND(homosapien elegantoensis)

elegant girls are also an extinct species...they are on RED ALERT as they are taken like hot cakes..elegant girls are soft spoken..intelligent and loveble..but if u do not know them well...you might think that they are introverts..they normally wear one piece clthing like dresses..and they look stunning!!!!...they are normally long haired and have a quiet attitude...they are hard to appease as they are difficult to get.


this species are the best!!!!! they are easy to talk to..and are open enough to share things with guys and girls alike..they are NOT boyish actually..but they are cooler girls...ppl often mistake them as wat we call "TOMBOYS" but no...their sense of approach is different from other girls..but they usualy have a kind andopen heart..they are also athelitical

hangout place on web:www.mauiandsons.com, http://www.nike.com/


this species are given the name "crappy" cz they potray ntg but negativity in them...they are slutty...stupid minded..and tend to mix with stupid or bad influence guys..these crappy kind have all sorta bad habits like smoking they are hard drinker(alcoholics)..they are too SOCIABLE and this always get them in trouble..sometimes this girls take drugs and have unprotected sex oftenly..this species are popular amongst the problematic guys.

CAUTION!: when u see them..do get away..they can do all sorta things..even killing you!

NOTE: this is just a guide..live no grudges as it is not meant to hurt anyone.

so which one are you...guuuurrrlllsssss????? LOL~~~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8 minutes.

okaaay i have exactly eight minutes to update.

cz Im not allowed to online after 10.30 anymore due to self discipline and scared reasons.
yeah yeah Man United lost to liverpool..so wat? elerh we'll see we'll see..WAIT. just wait..=D

yeah this is gonna be short.
im typing the first thing that come to mind!
oh yeah i have smtin to say!

why does ppl always say im falling for you when they have a cruswh on someone? FALLING for you? cant they change it to other words?
try i'm UHU GUMMED on you.
i'm JUMPING on you?
i'm 1+1=11 on you?

why fall for you? cz of secondhand serenade?=.= okaay thats lame!
shytt..one minute left..errr okok..lemme upload a picture=D

andd this is what i found in Melvin's car boot. I think he sells shuttle cocks.LOL
nolah he's a PRO badminton player k! LOL either that he's really obssesed with shuttlecocks.

its 10.34 d..bugger! i should have done this earlier ><


Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Zonked!

we're required to do this assignment for critical thinking.
and we have to present it through a self made video. which i think is gonna be awesome.
im just FULL of ideas.crappy and juicy.BOTH
im just trying so hard to pen it out.
i just thought of a new word. "ZONK" which is actually a game and a word.

check out the OFFICIAL definition:

Unofficial army command. Typically used during PT (physical training) formations during extremely shitty weather as a way of dismissing a unit from duty. After the command of “Zonk!!” is given the entire unit runs off screaming and shouting to their barracks rooms or cars.

my definition : Used to replace any word when you're feeling random.

eg: Can I zonk a cow?
Are you gonna drink zonk tomorrow?
Yesterday i think i zonked infront of my pet iguana.

im blogging cz im not in a mood to do anything else.
bare with it.

and i manga-ed myself.check it out.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

table for two.

Because all i want to do is to take pictures of you.
not you!!! YEAH YOU!!!! YOU!!!!!! =D

i just realised i sound like a stalker.yuck.

Monday, October 19, 2009

oh and that too

so lemme make this a fast one.
We qualified for LCC finals.
Lara is joining later on.
Our band's name is called That Cow Rocks!
and of course it rawks my socks!
Went to Sha's house for open house.
Pictures are not with me.
and i actually FINALLY played with delia's DSLR, i know, jakun right? LOL!

rawk on baybeh!

oh you..

i think im in love

with Norah Jones.

i want her to sing me to sleep everyday=D

isnt she lovely?

i think im coming back at night=D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

i think i'll be there.

and now i'm itching for the tall grass, longing for a breeze. I need to step outside just to see that i can breath.

i have something with gardens. i really really like em. I'm thinking of getting married in a garden. I'll do that for sure. awesomeeee=D

Friday, October 16, 2009

The one for the sake of updating.

hello orang orang yang ku sayangi ngan sepenuh hati=)
okay this post, im gonna try to be positive! YAY!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! ok enough!
lol.im ranting too muchh the last few posts but WTH!!, ITS the WEEKENDS!!! =DDDDD

okaaay so i went jamming with the dudes.as in Yensim, Loke Linyang and me. its been kinda LOONG since we jam together.Thunder, i mean err we jammed to Thunder by Boys Like Girls.am i being like really enthusiastic now?? YES I AM!!!!! and i DO NOT KNOW WHY!!!!!!!
SHA!!! lets hope your food will bve awesome 2mr!!!!!=DDD
Loke with da drums

take two!

yensim, linyang

i guess i'll be emo again next week.Emo sucks larh wei..so im gonna be OME!!!!=DDD. okaaay i shall stop the randomness. =D

this was my expression when i came across this.

for you who didnt believe i sprained my hand.this is it.
okay now SERIOUSLY!!! like super SERIOUSLY!!!! I need to try BUNGEE JUMPING!!!!
like I REALLLLLLLY NEED to try it out!!!! i wanna have that geli feeling when i fall from somewhere high!!!! ishhh..NZ here i COMEEEE!!!!
a goat says to a bull: please dont eat my grass, or i'll paint your grass red.
HAPPY DIWALI people!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

and one day when i am STILL lifeless.bored.and.bored again.

thats it man. ku dah bosan ngan hidupku yang palat giler wei!!!
babi.come on!!!! make it interesting!!!!

oh wtf larh.so as usual i am damn free, well at least i think i am. I walked around the house with a camera and went on snapping around retard. my pasal lah! i like lah.elerh.

just in case you know:
i hate chelsea.
my house is small
its in the afternoon
the pics are not edited
its a sucky 6meg cam

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight


Seconds are the worst.

and we have moral studies as a subject.damn.isnt it so crappy?
the worst thing is..the teacher came in and tells us to write an essay to thank a teacher in ur life who has given an impact on you during the days of ur schooling life.duhh..i wasnt a teachers pet or anything so i just made up my own teacher and my own story.Hello Ms Gloria!

2nd Sem is still as sleepy as ever..cant my life be bit more interesting? big SIGH there.dang.
i really do hope my results turn out well in the first Sem.=D

I've got this sudden urge to take more pictures. no i think i wanna quit college and take up photography.yeah man!! yeah in my dreams