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Friday, November 28, 2008

oh bella...i never wanna lose you...

man!!!!before i say anything...this thing above is real weii!!!

whoa...i guess i'm gonna make this bloggy thing permanent thing..after exams ma..haha...damn free wei...lol~...

was another tiring day 2day...friggin went to school to return textbooks...and yea..who am i if i dont lose my boooks.? 3 books i dont have...sejarah.jungle of hope and duno wat sommore la...aiyah WTF...i lazy wana return aso...reached school at 9 and lepakk at school for like 2 hours

*air jordan gbs edition

...and of course we camwhored like hell...lol...was waiting and waiting..ntg to do sial...i seriously duno we wait for wat loh~

*check out the HAWT rocker!!!jang!!!
then went to MP...
fark faark faaark faaaark faaaaaark man...i reached there..they said they wanna watch quarantine, like wat the friigggin hell man? QUARANTINE???? tats a horror flick or thriller movie I DONT CARE!!!! why? I HATE pulsating and scary shows man...so..instead of acting macho...i went to join the girls for TWILIGHT!!!! whooooooooooooooo!!!

its quite a nice show weu!!! BUT!!! abit unrealistic...imagine ur guy is a vampire with super ability...yea i'd like tat in a girl aso~~...wheeeeeet!!!..

so INSTEAD of playin daytona with the guys...i join the girls for lunch...CHICKEN RICE~~~~...is it like VERY wrong to be the only guy amongst a whole group of girls??? NO RIGHT??? then y so sensitive??ishh...12.30pm masuk theater...

"my name is bella swan...i'm pretty....hot....cute....and damn fucking fair...wana date me????" u bet i will!!!kirsten stewart...im coming for u!!!

damn edward cullen is SO WEIRD!!!!! JACOB is WORST!!!! gosh...the way he look at ppl..like tayik tak boleh keluar...damn!!!...lol~~~i just think tat when they lie down at the grass..staring at each other..that part was really really really sweet.haha...suddenly carrie came over and told me she wants to go watch quarantine wit the guys cz she thinks twilight is boring...then mr ROSS sms me and told me QUARANTINE was damn scary...haha.WTH??.i told u so asswipe!! lol~~~..haha..

without eatin again...we went to yu hua to play badminton...twice within 3 days...fuhh...kaki sakit..ass sakit...WAT THE HELL LAH~~~..main ni...after tat play basketball...yeah i'm totally tryin to trim my spare tyre...fark! well thank ross for goin all the way to send me back...million tahank kiuu dude!!!!!!!!!!!

life after ass pee aim is kinda....erm.....boring? yea totally...wth..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

once upon a time when i was set free...

this is a BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a fucking BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOT u mother truckers out there!~~!!!! ita all OVER!!!! FUCKING OVER!!!!!! whoa!!! i'm damn shuang..though i whole body is still so fuckin painful...

well i guess i screwed up my EST paper1 a lot...cz i kept thinkin of finishin the exams...ishh...paper2 i DID OKAYYYY!!!!! i gave all out!!!!..was so dulan with the earlier paper..so i BLASTED this paper with evrything i had...so its oklaaaaaaaaa.........

so after exams..the whole BLOCK was like SO DAMN NOISY!!!!
haha~~!!!...evryone shouted like freakin hell man~~!!!tats so damn awesome..LOL~~...after this..its a new chapter for evryone of us...some will go form 6..some RICH guyss will go to college..some..would end up selling CDs???? LOL~~ who knows..haha...fuhh terus exams finish i went to cut muh HAIR!!!!! LOL~~..so panjang d...tak boleh tahan...so miss asswipe along the way..haha the one tat starts with a C...LOL~~...

the worst part for 2day is tat.....QUANTUM OF SOLACE SUCKS!!!!...its such a LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAme show wei...but its traditional tat my family and i would watch all BOND shows together..gagaga...

after SPM...its the beginning of the start...we weill take a step into the world...so...27th November 2008 is a nice date to close our high school life and start with new ones...so i wana....

tell yau kim tan thank u for helpin us...
tell miss suria hassan during form2...U SUCK!!!!...
i wana tell puan lai good job for guiding us..
tell wee loon and ah chin tat they have been the best of friends...
tell ah chin sorry for scolding him...U STILL OWE ME 2 SLAPS FAGGOT!!!
tell ROSS...whoo has been a great freind all these years...and years to come!!! ahaha...ross u chun laa!!!

i wanna tell yau xiang thanks and sorry if i let u down in anyway...
tell wen kian tat he fucking change for the better,,,
tell ah chuan to pls buckup and be an adult...not an immature guy anymore...

tell mr adlee sorry for scolding him CB...yes..i meant the word for u!!!..oh u fag face!!!! LOL~~~

and to all those i have missed out like tuition frens...from form1 to 5...
damn...enjoy the seven months man~~~...

lastly to kuan yong...you'll be in our hearts forever and always....u may not be here..but you'll still be apart of us.....chill dude!!!!

so...my body is still aching like hell..2mr another round of badminton and hopefully its gona be TWILIGHT and NOT quarantine...yeah i'm scared...QUARANTINE is a scary show...2mr i'll be very exhausted...so good luck evryone..and take care...

may the force be with u my padawan......WTF????? haha~
there...the light...we are at the light now
when it all ends...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Easy and Simple Test???? LOL~~~

1st and for most...ITS almost OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2nd of all...*AHERM*...ITS OVEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd, yea man!!! lets chant this together....


no...i think no chanting...FATWA forbids it...right? LOLL~~!!!...no practising of yoga...my goodness...WTH weii...when did u guys get so...*aherm*..better not say...ISA ISA!!!!LOL~~

so 2mr is the final day of PMPMPMPM SPM SPM SPM PMS!!! PMS!!!!woot!!! not tat i hav tat..haha...LAST paper is of course...EST...as yean long puts it...EST stands for EASY AND SIMPLE TEST...yea man~...
though im not goona be OVER confident..cz...i fell for tat before..

so fark off!!!! SPM is FINALLY yea still almost OVER!!!! haha~~!!!...

oh btw...i actually read through my EST textbook..and i found a riddle...gosh it IS stupid~...

"i quietly sit and wait
until someone moves my plate
by then, its much too late
and ntg will escape
the destruction i create
because i am now awake
sorry but u cant close my gate.

my anger u cannot sedate
i'm not picky about wat i take
but this promise i do make
i always give back a rebate
its best if you leave in great haste
because next its u i'll taste...."

WTF am I??? LOL~~~ (the colour is the clue)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

a step towards the world

yea i know i said earlier that the last post was goin to be my last...but i just wanted to post smtin before the exams starts 2mr...

so its been like a month since i've post anythin here..and in this 32 days and a few hours..many dman thing happened..khususnya(2mr BM la..so need to tayang abit..lol)..all my tuition has finally stopped. 1st is mr yew's chemistry class..then to mr CUTE..aka teo..physics..then of couse......MR RENGGA!!! T.T i so frigggin miss him wei..since day 1 till the last day..the ups and down..i just wanna say really THANK him..yeapi dare say i'll try my best 2mr..so far away for me to go for his class every thursday..i'll get my distinc!!!!!

so..last friday was our last day at school..i mean before the exams..we should like be happy right? or at least sombre but still satisfied we made it through the five i shall say "dramatical" years of high school...BUT!!! instead everyone was like spending the last few hours of school holding a book..and of course studyin...yea including me...T.T..isnt it really sad to see things like tat..here we go again..our country is TOO EXAM ORIENTATED!!!..of wth...better keep myself shut bfor i get caught by the ISA..

five years gone..and im still me..its a celebration to be able to live till this day..thank god..form1 we were like damn noob freshman's still some of them practically still play catch around school...lol..tats cute.well2004 was also how i met ross..LOL..it was so blardy noob..he was sitting beside me at science lab on the 2nd day of school..so we were like "who's this guy" in our head..but then.our teacher played a song through the PA..and its i liss u like crazy by the moffats..CLASSIC!!! and we were singin along..the next second..LOL~~~..its like SO LAAAME..gaga..

"HEY u noe this song also???"

"yea i tot ppl here only listen to chinese songs..."

and it just clicked..LOL~~
.form 1 was also i had my 1st high school crush...TAT was so laaaame..gaga..typical..

then came form2..the year that really showed the real devil inside me..2005 was my 1st time to ponteng class..SEVERAL times..especially puan yong's period..went down to play football..and puan SURIA HASSAN..which not only me..but i think even the institute oy psychotic studied WOULD actually categorise her as a psychotic pregnant A-S-S..she scolded ppl without reason..anyway..she got booted out of the school by then GPK 1 MISS TAN cz she has NO teaching abilities..bless her..

then came form3..where like 2day in a same situation..PMR..nahh we didnt play as hard as form2..cz we needed real grounding for studies..sad right? but i was still able to catch france play in the world cup final...WHCIH they LOST!!! yorr!!! i was so SICK tat day..and i got up to watch k!!!..turned out ehy friggin lost the game..evrytime exam year..there will sure be a major sprting tournament..SEE THIS YEAR LAH!!!...ish~...well 2006 was a year to remember..cz we play..studied..and of course PUAN LAI was ever energetic to scold us..which i thought is kinda fun..she scolds us in sorta like a caring way...lol..

then came form4...where i actually fall for 2 girls...one at ________ another at camp at the end of the year...2007 was also the year where we had stupid class names like URANUS..ZUHAL...MARIKH..MUSYTARI..yea u get the picture...its names of planets in BM...2007 was the year i NEVER passed addmaths for the 1st 3 times of exmas..be it mid year or monthly exams...but the last one i passed..HAPPY wei~~...2007 i idint run on sprtsday..duno why..but i took part at taekwando tournaments..and did quite well!!!lol..2007 was also the year where i went for OB..and its aweosme...WERRY BERRY VERRY TERRY awesome..go or it if u have the chance..lol..

then came 2008...to me..its not a good year...really not..but hopefully i'll do good in SPM 2mr...we lost a dear good friend..yeah..he;s somewhere watchin us..but he was one of the guy i was close with when we were in form3..he went up on the 11th of april..because of a horrific accident..luckily wee loon was ok wei..if not...nvm..so start of the year we are all geared up to study..we PLEDGE ourselves to study..but ME? i still played like hell...year 2008 was my many FIRSTS...first..i joined a singing competition..chlorophyll..it was also the first time that i actually went out of chool grounds to sell tickets..i did that twice this year..and..also..i scolded a teacher CB...and it was the first time i maintained all A's for my history...not bad weii!!! lol...andd...2008 we had a SO CALLED guardian chemistry teacher...during form4..we changed our chemis teacher like 5 times..so this year..MR Yau Kim Tan..aka gayboy..aka jing tan..aka glassy heart..aka akua..aka syllabus setter of malaysian chemistry..aka teacher with a friendster account....came and "help" us in our chemistry...but seriously..if not for him...my chem.is.try...still really SUCK...so thank u DUDE!~~~~

so...practically tat sums up my 5 years in GBS...sun up in a VERY simple way..and..its gonna be very hard losing all the friends tat you have known for 5 years..some even more...but..this ship will not sink even if it hits an iceberg..it'll NOT sink even it comes to the end of the world..its call friendship people...so here and always..ALL THE BEST as i have mentioned before..and BE COOL during exams...

**everyone is special in their own way...we make each other strong..**

we're all in this together!!!!! yea mann!!!!!