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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Elle Cee See

hello orang orang!
i shall blog bout LCC now.
so..here goes.

bout one month ago Linyang and I went for audition for LCC
we sang thunder and got through
so..here we are. in LCC. its basically a concert.
and err the whole thing was kinda awesome lah =D
except the fact that i saw that Unbreakable guy which i fukin hated.
he's an ass.
browse through my last year's June post and you'll know why.

anyways, we sang Thunder by Boys Like Girls, and got 1st Runner Up, which i thought was really weird. Well, wth cz we even.......no actually I!!!! missed a chorus!!! dammit!!!!
so err anyways, we did enjoyed.

and of course The-should i say-...SEXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY SENORITAS RAWKED TOO!!! HHHAHAA=DDDD meowrrrrr!!!=) unlike those fuggin LALAs who wear like shyt and danced like crap.
okay fine, ignore the biaseness, enjoy the piccas




okay i shall stop the sound, it sounds pervyy


Charm and I

The Charm One


Lembu itu batu


Aku Mraz, Jason Mraz


Reminescence of the canteen where i steal ppl's food=)

Shearl and Dan


Ali Cafe

That Cow Rocks!

Animasi Tergantung

Linyang me soh huay

i am your father!

English as a second language and Delia!
ohkaaaaaaay, im bloggin in spb room=.=
when I look at a pretty flower, there...the thought of you comes into mind.

Looking back on where it started and starting on a new one now.

i shall blog bout LCC.
however, not in this post.
cz i got no time and its now 1.12am and im horribly tired and smelly as i have not bathe.
so, i shall post just one picture.

stupid assignments.
stupid assignments.
stupid assignments.

because when i ask, you said okay and then we got up and started walking..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

once in a lifetime, dont screw it.

so hey peeps.
2mr's LCC.
and im still lost=)

so i was thinking,
in life, we gotta make choices. Options that will always depend on us to choose them.
just err make the right choices..
i've not been making or choosing the right ones. So for you people, do think twice, thrice.

and D, pinjam ur pic ah.=)

and when they asked me who was my saviour, I said music.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Count.

hey today i debited you.
and i credited you.

the next day im recording you in my cash book.
and im recording the sales and purchase in respective journals.
dont forget the return of inwards and outwards journal.

tomorrow, i'll go to my firm and find the income statement that i have calculated.
and i'm trasferring my profit to a balance shyt. yeah SHYT!

im heaving accounts syndrome.
i hate you accounts.
eff you accounts.
im divorcing you accounts.
im having a test of you later and im A COUNT more from being mentally distress cz of you.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Signal Fire.

Hey! ive been updating frequently! Although i shouldnt cz exam's this week.

and LCC's this week too.
and err, i dont mean to sound like a sales man but if who wants to go, I do have the tix=D. its a concert btw.

okaaay ntg muchh. Snapshots all the way.

somewhere kat Ixora

we saved a cat from the roof of the lecture hall

football match MMU

somewhere at Ixora

enlarge andd see what happens when u talk to a Delia.lol

in my confusion, and the aftermath, you are my signal fire.
nights people!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

the day where i see multi married couples

Because its more than what you see.

at least thats the title of my upcoming video lah.LOL
21st November, which is actually yesterday.
alota couples got married lah!
the honking woke me up at 8.03am.

and alota people are getting new phones around this time.
my bro got one.
even delia got one! LOL
when's my turn?=.=


the night is cold, i shall roll in the toll.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The one with something good.

oh hey hi!!!!!
see im back with more action!!!
im feeling positivoooooh!!!
okayyyy!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO WAY!!!!!!

ok now seriously, the day has beeen kinda, erm..GOOD? yeah!

firstly cz i do not know why.
2ndly cz i do not know whyy.
and thirdly of course. i got back my laptop!!!! yeah man!!!
and the best of all, ROSS GOT MAS!!!!! MAS MAN!!!!!!
he got in as a Junior Technician, and akan be a maintanence dude one day.
so if u want any free trips around the world, do NOT contact him cz he's maintanence not a pilot.lol
finally the dude got something good man.
=)))))))) all smiles baybeh ALL SMILES =)))))))))))))

sp wats up with me?
i attended this Muhibbah Dinner organized by Farah.
MAN!!! she can really organize a kick-ass event man! LOL

it was awesome and the best thing is..i wore a BAJU MELAYU!!!
how COOL is that man!!!

one thing though, there were all sorta traditional clothing, but it doesnt blend with the person waering it cz evryone was wearing smting that is different from their respectives races.LOL.awesome giler!=D

i rawk with a songkok!


okay wat should i write about sommore, its not evrytime i get this positive right? so i better write more. so err yeah! evryone is hyped on the new 2012 show. well personally i think its gonna happen. though not the whole world will end in the blink of an eye, but it'll be the beginning of the end. finally the human species is gonna be extinct. GONE.
DOLPHINS are ruling instead!!!

=DDD yesterday i drove back from MITC to my house which is at Semabok within 10 minutes. How cool is that right? TEN minutes FLAT man!!! i think i should consider F1 next.=)

this headphones are really killing my ears lah.i just took it off
*takes it off*

i havent been plurking for a looooong time.should i do that again?
i think i wanna get a new skin for this laptop lah wei..its like so..black..yuck.
makes the whole positive thinking thing gloomy..
so what should i do tomorrow?
crap. the video...THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! aiyoyoyoyoyoyo..
-.- well i need to edit it..its pretty awesome i guess, cz im editing it.

should i end here?
see first..

see second..
see third..
see forth..
see fifth..
see..aiyah, these could go on and on..life is short, 2 more years baybeh

and he says: boring lah hidup ni, jom lets go plant a paddy field!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free falling.

all i wanna do now is to fall freely.
and i wanna be the next free willy.
cz when i fall freely..

i'll be free falling.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ignorance is bliss.

this picture is REALLY disturbing right?

p/s : I joined Student Publication Board (SPB). Finally im doing something in campus.
pp/ s: the video assignment is really disturbing.
ppp/s : im wondering should i go for the SPB camp today. If anyone of you sees this, dont ask me to go. goodday ya'll!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

the last song

oh hey hi!!!
its been awhile since i updated.
so err i dont think i'll update this thing as often as i used to update it.
because updating updates on this updater its kinda a bore and updates suck up my idea of updating.
updating is to update what the updated updates.
and wat in the world am i talking about?

..im saying this is an update.
goodbye and see you.

oh yeah. im reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.
its awesome. and its NOT gay!!! LOL.
all the best!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i've kept this, and i wanna express it.

I mean SOAP as in SOAPIES..do you guys know what are soaps?
Soaps means Soap Operas which is a type of show genre, where it is REALLY dramatic..SUPER DRAMATIC where the actors will like seriously cry and go over the top when acting.

Well guess what!
I do not need to pay cable TV to catch these type of shows and see dramatic actors sweat their tears and go into a fake emotional breakdown to watch dramatic scenes. BECAUSE simply, My life is FULL of it =D

People around me, well NOT everyone, but there is a rather considerably large amount of people around me tend to be OVER at times. There's this guy, whom i do not know wats up with him, but seriously, he tends to OVERREACT like 10 times normal homosapiens will react..be it a tiny, puny, little dusk of matter. HE'LL WANT THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO KNOW!!! as if we dont have enough things to handle.

im just using him as an example. There are others too, well sometimes i feel that im in a drama serial. and when i was in High school. i witness these so called "friendship breakup" thingy. MY GOODNESS!!! it was better than Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl!!!

the guy was like: " We BREAK UP! but I STILL WANNA be friends with you!" he waas speaking in mandarin lah, but his tone was SUPERB! perfect drama type. making people SOOOOOOO awwwwwed and DISGUSTED at the same time.

get the picture?

Well i need not say which kinda people are dramatic, which are not. I need not say this post is for the purpose of being sarcastic or entertaining.

Think! and YOU do the math, im sick of this kinda shyt in my life.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Six Stringers.

Well, he is back at his best.
He needs tuning though.
He is really bare.
Too clean and naked.
Well, cz im a clean guy.
not naked though.

He's visiting soon.

oh btw,

something's on lately, personally.

and i'll put a flower in your hair.. =)