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Thursday, July 31, 2008



well y would u start a new post with an LOL~~~
cz its damn stupidd!!! yea it WAS...well technically...
we had this so called "play " in class!!! OMG damn stooopid...it was bout the novel..."THE PEARL" we had to form groups and act based on a chapter from the book~~~~it was SOOOOOOOOOOO STOOOOOOOPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!

my group was the second group....err...me..yee jie..yee shien..ah mah..

and monkey...we like sat down and discussed bout who we were playing...guess wat???.....i took the lead!...KINO!!!!!!~~~ SHITS!!!! DUN HAV ONE TIME THAT I CAN BE THE CA-LAE-FAY wan noe!!! laoweii!!!

damn harrrd~....

lin yang's group perform 1st...they did chapter one....so did we....their play made me kinda...well......COOOOLLLLLDD~~~(haha no offense)

so FAST FORWARD.....they did their play...and the tcher was behind....LAUGHING HER TIGHT ASS OFF...seriously weii!!!...so it aws our turn...

we went out....i was like aherm...WTF???...okkaayyy...

" we are from group 2...and...we're gonna do chapter 2 for you guys...SO LISTEN UP!!!!"...well thats wat i said...

first scene....kino EMO-ing ...squatting down thinking of his poor family....so i squatted infront of the class....then kino was heading home for breakfast....so did i....(well not technically me...u get it right?)....so yada yada yada...time for scene 2....juliana have to come out......OI!!! WHO PLAY JULIANA???? FASSSTER COME OUT LAHH!!!!....well xuan min was juliana...she didnt CAME OUT!!!!! she scared like shit...ask her to sporting abit also kenot.....shites..so i played second character....JULIANA.....in the book juliana was singing and preparing breakfast...so did i....then next scene...coyotito's(which is kino's baby son) scene...coyotito is lying on the baby thing...wat do u call that???...duno laa....ok...MONKEY was suppose to be coyotito....SHE DIDNT COME OUT ASO!!!!! FARRKKK!!!! 3rd character.....big baby...aka coyotito lim zi han....omg....so i had to fake baby cries....which is damn disgusting....ok nex...i had to be kino again.....squashing the damn scorpion....yea there was a scorpion in the story...bla bla bla.....then next scene i had to take the family to the clinic as coyotito was stung by the scorpion....wat a lame storyline....so 4th character...the doctor's servant...OMG.....im doing quadruple....FARKKK!!!! well i think i did okaaaaay right????.......at least the class was entertained....LOL~~~!!!...but it was stupid...YEE JIE was good loh...at least he lived up to be the fat doctor....haha!!!.....

**end of chapter one**

haha.....next chapter was han yang's and foo bi's group...which han yang wore a bikini...that was stupid!!!LOL~~~!!! khim fatt was the kerang!!!!!

by then...few minutes bfor school fifnishes...or "FANG XUE LOHH!!!!"

but...well evry1 wanted to see MR.KOK aka COCK!!! in action...since he was the bakal ketua MCA and AHLI FALSAFAH and MR CONFUCIOUS GENERASI KEDUA!!!...that group was WAYYYY bodoh sial!!! weeloon was damn SARCASTIC!!! haha....trying to imitate the MR. KOK-ish way of speaking....DAMN GONG TAI!!!! haha....well i have some pictures...so enjoy.....last words.........R.I.P for COYOTITO...he died in the story...how sad...HE'S JUST A BABY!!!!!!!!

mr kok aka cock doin his thang

wee loon sarcasm

look at chin and yew ming...

yepp ahli falsafah kok aka cock


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my dear mr rengga...or rangga or watever~


my tuition teacher is on the local press!!!


haha...and i got scolded by him evytime...he's a TOKOH GURU!!!

MY GAWF!!!! DAMN SAT LOH!!!!!...

so check this out!!!!!!!

M.P. Rangganathan, the 2003 “Tokoh Guru”, says it is depressing to watch students obsessed with bagging as many ‘As’ as they can.

MALACCA: For a non-Malay, 69-year-old M.P. Rangganathan's choice of career has been decidedly unconventional.
Resolving to devote his life to teaching the Malay language to other non-Malays at the height of World War II, Rangganathan became one of a rare breed of tutors inculcating a love of Bahasa Malaysia among non-native speakers at a time when its future -- not to mention the country's -- was in doubt.
Rangganathan's teaching endeavours were motivated by his own strong passion for the language -- a passion that overcame the war's numerous hardships, which included having to trek miles and miles daily just to reach teaching venues; and discrimination by parties who were not convinced of his qualification for the job.
But the Ujung Pasir resident's dedication was duly recognised. In 2003, Rangganathan was awarded the national "Tokoh Guru" title, to the delight of his many colleagues, students and family.
And despite officially retiring in 1994, the avuncular figure is far from resting on his laurels.
He continues to conduct Bahasa Malaysia classes at a private school here where he imbues yet another generation of students with a love for his beloved tongue.
Streets sat down with Rangganathan recently for a chat on his life and career.

Q: As a non-Malay teacher of the Malay language, were you well-received when you first started off?
A: Those days, in the 60s, there would be a stigma attached to a non-Malay teaching the Malay language. It took a couple of years for people to accept me. My credibility was questioned and my authority as a teacher was challenged, especially as at that time I was a temporary teacher without a degree qualification. I was placed in the low-achievers' classes, but my determination to teach and mould pupils into high-achievers started from there. That was when I decided to stay with teaching.

Q: Tell us about your educational background.
A: I received my early education at the Tranquerah English School (TES), now known as SK Tengkera, and that was a luxury not everyone was privileged to enjoy. My father, who saw the importance of English as a tool of social mobility at that time, insisted that I study in that school, although he was burdened by the fees of RM2.50, which was big money in those days. It took up 20 per cent of my father's pay. In fact, I had to find a job so I could afford to buy my own text and notebooks. I was a part-time kacang putih and milk vendor for a while.
Because TES was the feeder school for Malacca High School, I had to sit for an entrance exam before I could proceed to my secondary education. There was no tuition and reference books those days, only what we learnt in classes. After passing my OSC (now Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia), I decided to pursue my HSC (now Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia), as serving as a trainee teacher with only an OSC qualification was not good enough.
Deductions were made from my meagre salary for every day I took leave to sit for my exams. Then, I had to work by giving tuition classes for about a year before I stepped into University Malaya in 1967 to pursue my long-time dream of earning a degree in Malay studies. I started officially at SM Datuk Haji Talib Karim, and I was one of the fortunate few who made it back to teach at my alma mater, the Malacca High School.

Q: Tell us about your family.
A: My father was a general labourer at the Works Department (JKR) and my mother was a housewife. I married S. Jayalaxmi in 1972 and we were blessed with two daughters, R. Geetharani, who is now a successful lawyer in Kuala Lumpur, and R. Vanitharani, a bank executive, also in Kuala Lumpur. Other than that, I have a tabby with two kittens I take care of. The cats give me and my wife great company when our daughters are not here with us.

Q: What is the response to the tuition classes you give these days?
A: When I was working full time, I didn't enjoy much leave time, as the days were filled with Malay Language tuition slots for Form Four and SPM students.
Now, I have been advised not to have too many classes due to medical reasons. But my current classes are always full. And I'm proud to say that the passing rate of my students is never less than 90 per cent.

Q: What drives you to still teach at this age?
A: Once a teacher, always a teacher. Nothing makes a teacher happier than witnessing the success of his students. I have always strived for their academic welfare and I will continue to do so as long as I can.

Q: What do you think of the current education system and our present teachers?
A: I think many would agree with me that the current educational system is too exam-oriented. It is depressing to watch students obsessed with bagging as many As as they can to snare the prominent scholarships and the best courses in the universities. However, the incorporating of literature in the syllabus was an excellent idea, as the students can now appreciate the finer points of the language and they are more independent and better. But this is only for the high-achievers. As for the teachers, I urge them to focus on the low-achievers as well, because when they are "able to see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower", they would be able to bring out the "star" in each individual. It is part of our pledge when we take up the profession and it is still fresh in my mind. Hence, the reason I still teach and do what I can for students.

Q: When were you happiest as a teacher?
A: I was the happiest teacher when one of my most promising students, Poh Kee Cheng, became a journalist for an English language paper, after being inspired by writing numerous articles in the Malay language during his school days.

Q: How do you spend your leisure time, if you have any at all?
A: Well, I do not really have time for myself. My wife does the gardening to keep the yard beautiful with orchids. I water the plants. And I feed my kittens. I also write a lot. I wrote poems like "Usman Awang - The Poet of Humanity Speaks" and have written a few articles for local newspapers like "Malacca High - My Alma Mater" and "Panacea For Indiscipline In Schools".

Q: What is your advice to students?
A: They should keep in mind that "Poverty should not be made an excuse for your failure". They should always aim for the stars because, even if you cannot reach them, you might still be able to at least touch the sky.


i didnt went to school
jz like all the other 79 ppl frm scn1 to scn4
school got PIBG meeting.
school finish early at 12pm.so y go?
do karangan.
im bald now...botak!!!


Friday, July 18, 2008


so check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wait a minute...wana go toilet.................................

ok back...so check it out...well in conjunction to the 51st MERDEKA(empat belas melintang jalurnya......semua negeri dalam malaysia!!!...)...YAY!!! I JUST LOOOOOOOVE PATRIOTIC SONGS!!!!! anyways.....we had this drawing banner competition today....each class from the whole school are required to choose 5 representitives to compete against other classes based on categories...got 3 categories..menengah rendah..atas and frm6...we are at menengah atas..so....YADA YADA YADA......

i reach school...masuk class...cz it was raining k!!! AND!!! I FINALLY WORE GREEN PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHA!!! DAMN HAPPY!!! NO MORE PREFECT!!!!!! ohh...sambung sambung..i masuk class...toook out my bee hoon goreng...slurrp sini and sana....took out sejarah text book....read abit....then closed it....take put mp3 player...listen.....DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS???....LOL~~~x)

well...fast forward...mahn ling came in to the class and we went to the hall together..oh yeah...our group of 5 includes..MAHN LING.ME!!!.AH KOK.FAT BI.&.AH MA!!!...well...we are there to WIN!!!!!....YAY~~~

i changed my shirt...and went into the hall.....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! I TELL YOU!!!!! DAMN HOT!!!!!!!!!! FRIGGIN HOT!!!!!! FUHHH~~~....NO FAN AND ITS LIKE 350 PPL IN A ROOM~~!!!....fuhh~....welll i masuk ni....fuhh!!!! NC bhind me!!!!!!!!!!! haha~~!!! ....yippppeeeeeeee~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x)

mahn ling had already tought of wat to draw...so we jz follow her plan laa...so we took our cloth...find a place and start work!!!...

mahn ling drew on the cloth first...the word"MALAYSIAKU"...gemilang not yett...OI!!! RELAKK LAH!!!!....errrr...then i drew the flag...yea its at a wrong direction....I AM JUST FOLLOWING ML's PLAN K!!!!....then we started colouring~~~!!!of cz....havin NC there was a bonus!!! LOL~~~~!!!....she was jz bside...AHERM~~~!!! x)....LOL~~~~!!!

so 8am we started and colour colour colour colour colour colour...till like 11.30am.......so errr...i went to look around other group's drawing...not bad not bad....5sc1 DAMN PIA LOH!!!! HEH!!!!!!! TSH!!! U BLARDY POOKI!!!!.....it was kinda fun at 1st....but then it started to get boring....so i just HAD to listen to music....so i find somewhere secluded...and put on my earphones.............FUAHHHH~~~....DAMN SONG!!!!!!!!....

to be honest...our banner lacks creativity...only simple artwork we put........feel like adding sommore things...but..later ML tiao~...

so then it was 10.45am.....LOW BEE SENG(fuah dman shit man that tcher!!!WTF weii...she talk SOOOOOOO musch frm 8am to 11.45...CHAKAP SAMPAI TAK HENTI HENTI!!!!!.....)...and yet..she took the mic...and said...

"dengar sini...semua dengar...SAYA CAKAP DENGAR SINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!"....siao!!!...

"saya nampak banner-banner anda dan saya difahamkan anda semua tak cukup masa untuk habiskan dalam hari ini...saya bagi kamu sampai hari selasa untuk habiskannya....bla bla bla..".

so we were like okkkaaaaaay...we will finish later......actually we are almost done...WTH lah~~...we cleared our things and sommore wat??? TOOOK PICTURES!!!!!!!! but not with my fon....with the stupid photography club asses......

then i turned around...MS KUA KAT SANA!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! DOUBLE SHOT!!!! LOL~~~~!!! NC ADA....MISS KUA PUN KAT SANA!!!!! NICE~~~~ YEA MANN!!! LOL~~~~....

welll evryone said i smell of MAN,,,and "MACHOness" if u noe wat i meant...haha...so i changed again...and then went to class for another 5 minits bfor FANG XUE!!!!!

our unfinished banner

*cemerlang.gemilang.terbilang....................dan KAMBELAN!!!" x)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

so looooooooooooooong yet soooooooooo short`

okaaaay...my connection always DC...so WTH...those scout pics...duno when oni can upload...WTH laa~~~~

whoo~~...really DAMN loooooooong nvr on9...yea...studdy...this...that~
sien laa weii~~~~....
so...4 more months...actually it is 129 days...cz SPM is on the 12th of november!!! CRAP CIKOO!!!!!
aiyoh!!!....i dun wana waste anymore time...so....no more UPDATES!!!!!!!!.........i month TWICE!!!!....haha~~~....so to all of u out there...go away!!! DONT SEE THIS PAGE ANYMORE~~~~!!!....

scouts...RETIRED ASO!!!!....!!!!!

to all those who are taking ASS PEE AIM(SPM) this year!!!......................................FASSSSTERRR!!! GO STUDDYY!!!!!!!...TIME IS SHORT!!!!!! BM ENGLISH MORAL SEJARAH EST BIO CHEMISTRY PHYSICS MODMATS ADDMATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAO CHAO CHAO!!!!!! OFF THE FRIGGIN COMPUTER NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=.=

yea...actually im being dramatic...but ervyone wants to succeed...so...ALL THE BEST AND GOOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 DISTINC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADMATS...PERGI MATI!!!!!!!!!! YEA MANN!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

welll i duno wat happen to my connection!!! SO DAMN FUCKIN SLOW!!!! anyways~~~....i got LOTS OF DAMN PICTURES TO UPLOAD..................ALL SCOUTS PICS!!!...

so upload later~...byes!


so...guess wat...haiz...*sob* *sob*...
no more scouting for uss!!!!!
so yesterday...we held our AGM meeting...that is annual general meeting to elect and announce the new commitee members...
erm...the whole process of it was....................................should i say..sad?
OF COURSE IT WAS NOT!!!....well a little at the beggining...

we started kumpul at around 2.45pm...then..tapak kuda of course...lepas tu...we went into the hall...i sat and waited...
well..to be honest...when i sat there, i felt like..oh gosh no mroe activities..SHITS!!! SPM!~~~...
but then WTH???~~~~ ryte?
so.. as usual...talk to linyang...cakap cakap...then the MCs(THIS TIME NOT ME!!!!!!SO SAD!!!!T.T)..came forward and started their hosting jobs...welll they were okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for first timers...had to tell them to relaks aso~...ermm...1st speech...then souveniors...then speech...THEN~~!!!...the moment all of them hav been waiting for............................NEW AJK LIST!!!!!!
ROSS sorta called out their names and stuff...so it was quite fast...i was there thinking...we were just like them one year ago...sitting down wondering wat are our posts were...now so faassst one year...its their turn and we gota step down...haiz~...sad~....then we took a BIG FAMILY PIC!!!!....with ASM...tchers of course....and US!!!...FUN!!!!...LOL~~~~
then we let those form4 new commitee giv their VERY FIRST ORDERS to the other scouts...that is..." BARISSSS!!!! MASUKK BARIS!!!!!!!"

after that we took more photos and VOILA!!!! we are retired...out and gone!!!...T.T....we went to the class and have JAMUAN!!!!!!!...haha MAKAN NGAN CIKGU!!!!...though we ate like animals!!!...LOL~~~!!!...
we chat..talk..cock and stuff...took more pics...and duno who loh!!! grab me and tiao tiang!!! laoweii~....so i ate 1 plate ni...no mood to eat lahh~...then i said thanks to ross...yada yada yada.....

haha when we arrive there...those form4s elected ones were there dalam barisan listening to yi shu's briefing...LOL~~~...we went into the bath room and LOAD the pails!!!...........RAN OUT..................................
AND WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!.......pour the water onto them!!!...LOL~~!!!...THAT WAS SO DAMN FUKIN FUN!!!!!!!L:OL~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...all of them were already basah like hell~~...:P....we pour more n more n more n more water!!!!!!!...
DAMN FUN and DUMB LOH!!!...felt so damn good when see them kena the water~~~!!!...haha~...
then we pour one another sini sana situ evrywhere...ross kena the worst!!! LOL~~~!!! stupid jaysmond wan bu qi...run away!!!...BOOOOO SAMA DIAAA!!!!!....haha~...~
so by then it was 5.30pm...i pour more water on the form3s and of course on ross...well it was fun...stupid chew fang catch me until outside!!! CRAAAAZY WOMAN!!!!...

so...haiz...haha....thats all for 5 years of scouting under TRANQUERAH TROOP 04 GBS SCOUTS!!!!...5 years musch have we learnt...lots of campfires we've gone through and...of course 5 years worth of fun!!! i wouldnt trade this for anything....

so this is it.......all the way to SPM...

**once a scout...always a scout**


look at cheok~

makan makan makan~
wat? wat? wat?...wana fight???
haha....basah till like that~
ross and his words of wisdom~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

old pics~

some crappy old pics...GAWSHHH~~~!!!

my bday cake

take 2

forgot wat is this d laa~

my boxers...SHITS!!!LOL~~~

Band Feature

im featuring some bands from wiki..so checkkitdout



Early years
The band released their first album,
Midget Tossing, in 1997. While Sean Mackin was featured on some of the songs, he was not a full-fledged member yet, as he still objected to many of the band's messages. Where We Stand, their second album, featured the same lineup as Midget Tossing, and Mackin was featured on more songs. Soon Ben Dobson lost interest in the band and left. He was replaced by Ryan Key (vocals & rhythm guitar), a local of Jacksonville who was playing in a band called Craig's Brother. This changed the band's music style drastically, from hardcore punk to pop punk. It also changed most of their fan base, leaving them with a new beginning and a fresh start as a band.
In early 2000, the band recorded the Still Standing EP. Soon after Still Standing EP was released, Todd Clarry left the band. Key then filled both Clarry's and Dobson's duties, guitar and vocals respectively. After sending the new EP to friend Steve Lubarsky at Lobster Records, the band signed their first recording contract in
June 2000 and by November had headed west to Camarillo, CA to begin working on another full length album.
The group released their third album,
One for the Kids (Lobster Records), in 2001 and followed up with The Underdog EP (Fueled by Ramen Records) in 2002. Both of these were well-received by fans. However, soon after The Underdog EP was released, Warren Cooke left the band due to personal reasons. The band then asked an old friend, Pete Mosely from Inspection 12, to play bass for them. Before Warren Cooke left, the band filmed an unreleased music video for the song "Powder". The video was later put on the enhanced version of the band's next album, Ocean Avenue.

Ocean Avenue

Pete Mosely under the stage lights (April 2006).
Shortly after releasing The Underdog EP, Yellowcard signed with
Capitol Records [1], which was looking to sign pop punk groups at the time. Yellowcard began recording their major-label debut in late 2002, and the production of the record was finished in the spring of that year. During the recording of Ocean Avenue, Mosely left, citing personal problems. The band again began the search for a new bass player and found Alex Lewis, whose sister, Alieke Wijnveldt, contributed vocals to the Ocean Avenue track, "View From Heaven".
The band released the first single from the album, "
Way Away". The song did well on MTV2 and rock radio, peaking at #25 on the modern rock charts. The song created enough buzz to cause the band's mainstream explosion. In the middle of the band's first headlining tour, Pete Mosely returned from his semi-retirement to ask if he could rejoin the band. Because Mosely had been an integral part of the writing for Ocean Avenue and had also been friends with most of the band's members since high school, Lewis was asked to leave, and Mosely was reinstated as the bass player.
In late 2003, the band released what would become their breakthrough single, "
Ocean Avenue". The song premiered on MTV's TRL program, and quickly shot up the charts to #1. Radio eventually picked up on the single, and the song made it to #37 on the Billboard Hot 100. Suddenly, Yellowcard was everywhere from the covers of Alternative Press, to headliners of the 2004 Warped Tour, to on stage at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, performing "Ocean Avenue". The band took home the MTV2 award as well. Yellowcard featured on an episode of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, performing "Way Away" while cast members trashed a mock hotel room in true rock star fashion. The album's first track, "Way Away" was appeared on the soundtracks of SSX 3 and Madden NFL 2004. The album's second track, "Breathing", also appeared in EA's Burnout 3: Takedown and Flatout 2. Following "Ocean Avenue"'s success, the band released the single "Only One", a rock ballad which also did fairly well on TRL and radio. The Ocean Avenue album sold over two million copies in the US alone.
As Ocean Avenue's popularity began to decrease, the band spent some time contributing songs to various soundtracks. The first, "Gifts And Curses", appeared in the hit film
Spider-Man 2. Another, a cover of Lagwagon's "Violins", was featured on Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 compilation album. At the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, Yellowcard performed a cover of the song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" during a special tribute to the movie The Breakfast Club.

Lights and Sounds

Yellowcard performing in 2004.
After almost two years of touring, Yellowcard took a few months off at the beginning of 2005.
Ryan Key and Pete Mosely moved to New York City to write the songs for their upcoming album. The rest of the band remained in Los Angeles. The band regrouped in LA in the spring and began pre-production for the follow up to Ocean Avenue in March. Recording and production was finished in September and advertising began for the album. The band had originally announced that the album was expected for August 2005, but production and other delays pushed the release date back several months.
In the months following, many problems had arisen between the band mates, mainly involving Ben Harper. Ryan Key has made many comments since then stating, "the fame went to their heads".[
citation needed] After two months of court appearances,[citation needed] Ben left the band.[2] He was eventually replaced by Ryan Mendez from the band Staring Back. Up until the announcement of this, Harper's record label was about to record Staring Back's next album. After leaving Yellowcard, Ben Harper joined the band Amber Pacific, but he soon dropped out. Harper is now in the band Hey Mike! and runs Takeover Records in California.
Lights and Sounds was finally released on January 24, 2006.
The album is somewhat of a concept album, with many songs based on the band's negative feelings towards Los Angeles. Prior to the release of Lights and Sounds, Ryan Key said that this ambitious album would probably alienate a large portion of their fan base, and that he was 100 percent OK with that. Twenty songs were recorded for the album, fourteen of which are on the CD, plus a
B-side available on import versions, CD singles, and at the iTunes Store, called "Three Flights Down". Lights and Sounds is also the only Yellowcard album to contain an instrumental intro track.
The title track, "
Lights and Sounds", was the first single, released a week before the album. It peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks. It is also featured on the video game, Burnout Revenge. In its first week of release the album sold just over 90,000 copies, but it only went on to receive gold status. High first week sales are most likely the result of high anticipation of the album, as it was the follow-up to the highly-successful Ocean Avenue; low total sales backup Ryan's statement about the album being very ambitious and different in sound from Ocean Avenue. On May 6, 2006, the second and final single and video of the album, "Rough Landing, Holly", was released. The single wasn't as well received as the first, and after its first week of release it quickly dropped on the charts.
In May 2006 Ryan Key had surgery on his vocal cords done after having problems with his singing. He had started having problems in December 2005. He was mute for a week and couldn't sing for more than a month. The band, after canceling some shows and receiving some time off from touring, joined the Virgin Mega Tour for Summer 2006.

[edit] Paper Walls

Paper Walls Cover Art
October 16, 2006, the band announced over their official website that they were back in the studio recording a new album. Guitarist Ryan Mendez posted on the official Yellowcard message board on October 21, 2006 that three songs had been completed and stated "I really think fans of both older and newer Yellowcard are going to be very happy." Pre-production began in October 2006 and tracking began on January 2007.
Between the months of January and March of 2007, studio footage labeled "Yellowcard Sessions" regarding the band's progress on making the album was posted on the band's MySpace, with a new video added every Thursday. In total 10 videos have been posted, with additional footage released on the deluxe CD/DVD edition of
Paper Walls. Additionally, in January 2007, some sample demo songs were released on the band's MySpace, though they were only rough recordings from preproduction and not the final recorded versions. The first demo was a 30 second preview of the iTunes bonus track, "Bombers", and the second was a clip of an unmixed version of "Light Up the Sky".
The first Yellowcard show since October 2006 took place on
March 29, 2007, at the Troubadour in Hollywood, California. At the show lead singer Ryan Key announced to a sold out crowd that the new album would be titled Paper Walls. He said he would "probably get in trouble for [it]," but went on to announce the title anyway; Key also announced the album title during a concert at the University of New Haven. During the Troubadour show, Yellowcard played two songs from their new album ("Fighting" and "The Takedown"). Yellowcard played an acoustic set the next night at the Troubadour and premiered two new songs, "Shadows and Regrets" and "Light Up the Sky".
In the teaser of an interview with Jason Tate of absolutepunk.net
[3] released on June 17 (one month before the release of the album), Key described the album as

...very much a record of hope and finding yourself again. It’s after you’ve come through all of that – going to the height of it – and picking yourself back up again. And by “hitting rock bottom” I don’t mean in record sales or fame or any of that shit. I mean personally – emotionally...Paper Walls is the story, the feeling, of what it’s like to be out of those holes, looking back, no regrets, but smarter and having grown through them.

The whole interview was released on July 17, the release date of the album.
Paper Walls was released in the U.S. on July 17 (July 16 on iTunes) in an additional CD/DVD format, as
Lights and Sounds was the previous year. The DVD contains exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the band, an extensive photo gallery and two additional live bonus tracks.[4] On July 9, Yellowcard released Paper Walls on their Myspace music player to give fans a taste of what was to come on the new album. Yellowcard announced on May 15 on their MySpace blog that the first single would be "Light Up the Sky". This song was released to iTunes and radio on June 5. Soon after its release, Paper Walls became the second most popular album on iTunes and the most popular album in the alternative section. In June 2007, Yellowcard was voted to do AOL Sessions Under Cover. It was released on July 20, and it featured two songs from Paper Walls. The album debuted at #13 on the U.S. Billboard 200 selling about 40,000 copies in its first week.[5]
Yellowcard has been promoting their new album nonstop since its release and has started touring for Paper Walls. They supported Blue October in their United States 2007 fall tour and also supported Linkin Park in Japan in November/December 2007. While touring for Paper Walls, Peter Mosely announced in a MySpace blog message that he would be leaving Yellowcard to pursue other endeavors. The band has not yet made any long-term decisions, but Josh Portman from the band Near Miss is acting as stand-in bass player at present.
The band canceled several European shows in January due to LP taking a couple months off. He spent the time with his grandmother in Jacksonville, FL who raised him and whose health was failing.
[6] On January 7 Yellowcard went to the Middle East to do a USO tour. They went to Kuwait, but as originally planned, couldn't get into Iraq because of the president arriving and canceling all flights there.[7] Yellowcard was originally scheduled to headline a spring tour with All Time Low, but All Time Low dropped out to take part in the Alternative Press spring tour. They were then replaced by MxPx, who canceled a few weeks later. Yellowcard then went on an acoustic tour with The Spill Canvas, Secondhand Serenade, Playradioplay, and Treaty of Paris. Yellowcard released a live album, exclusive to iTunes, on January 22, 2008. It is titled Live From Las Vegas at the Palms and was recorded during their Blue October Tour in October 2007 in Las Vegas [8].
Yellowcard was scheduled to perform at the Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK in August, but then canceled soon after organizing.

Indefinite Hiatus
Yellowcard announced an interview in April 2008 that they would be going on an 'indefinite hiatus'. Their European tour set for 2008 was canceled, so the band decided to embark on an acoustic tour in the spring of 2008 before taking a break.
Another reason for the band's hiatus was individual member situations. LP took some time off in the winter to spend time with family; he is now part of a 'side project' band based in Jacksonville, FL. Sean is due to get married this year, and he wanted to take some time off to spend with his family. Ryan Key stated that the members needed some time to figure out their personal lives. The band does not know how long the hiatus will be, but they have assured their fans that they are not breaking up, just taking some time off.
As of May 2008, Yellowcard has left "Capitol Records" and are now unsigned. Ryan Mendez released this information over the band's street team website. [10]
The original Yellowcard lineup from 1997 featuring Ben Harper, Warren Cooke, Todd Clary, Longineu Parsons and Ben Dobson announced they would be performing tracks from Where We Stand in Jacksonville, Florida.[11]

[edit] Members

[edit] Current
Ryan Key (2000 - present) : vocals, guitar
Sean Mackin (1999 - present) : violin, backing vocals
Ryan Mendez (2005 - present) : lead guitar, backing vocals
Longineu W. Parsons III (1997 - present) : drums

[edit] Former
Ben Dobson (1997 - 2000) : vocals
Todd Clarry (1997 - 2001) : guitar, vocals
Warren Cooke (1997 - 2002) : bass
Alex Lewis (2003 - 2004) : bass, vocals
Ben Harper (1997 - 2005): lead guitar
Peter Mosely (2002 - 2003, 2004 - 2007) : bass, vocals
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Friday, July 4, 2008

when i go around...

whooooo!!!!! finally came back sial~~~...
one whole morning out with my mum and dad...go here go there go evrywhere weii!!!...anyways...i woke up at aorund 9..after my mum hit me so many daarn times...
got up...bath(I ALWAYS DO K!!!!!)...then of course...wear shirt laa...laoweii!!...
then 1st thing we did was breakfast!!!...FCUK!!!...so damn pain my braces so...I CANT EVEN FRIGGIN BITE MY FOOD!!!...
after that i was like damn pissed loh...then send my bro tuition...(BEAR HIGH!!!)
then go pay bills....fuhh~~...say so much FOR WAT????
i jz wana upload the nicest part...well not REALLY nice...went to sea side...yada yada yada....take a look urself la...easy..let the pix do the talkin...MALAS WANA TYPE...goin seremban now..see ya LOSERS!!!
some crappy flowers laa...
sting ray...the shit that killed irwin!!!
hai xian shit!
fish stall~
can see the LC??? LOL~~~x)

post music symptom 3

! we are broken-paramore
! skeptics and true believers-the academy is...
! always be-jimmy eat world
! the way you look tonight-tony bennet
! say-one republic

goodnight LOSERS!!!

my new frigin upper braces

yea yea...yesterdayy was crappy...
todayy was even crappier!!!
so check it out...i got another set of braces for my upper teeth...watever tat is..well most of u guys noe..i got my braces done a few years back...but that was oni for the lower jaw...now on top aso got..
how crappy is that...
and it is DAMN FRIGGIN CIKOPEKK pain now!!!...geeshh~~~...
ermn..duno wana talk wat cock sommore...but..i change my skin...well its kinda gayish...IM A BOY K!!!!
well i kinda like the backgorund so i asked emily to help edit to FRIGGIN CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wahlaoweii...duno how SOME ppl can do it..
so much time spent weii~~~...

err...may god bless my teeth...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


17(same like my bdate sial~1st july...=.=)

so guess wat???...
im 17 todayy!!! yea yea...happy birthdayy to me~~~=.=
so..how was my birthday??well im blogging this at noon..so if got any
new surprise later..i duno laa..but until now...it is okaaaaaaay oni
considering that my frens bought me a FEW PAIRS OF BOXERS!!! gosh for goodness sake!!! whooosh~...WTH~~,,,
well today DAMN alot of ppl same birthday is me loh..emily is one of
i reach school oni..fuahh!! cant help it laa...popular ppl really torturing
aso...evryone wana shake ur hands n tell u happy bday x)..LOL~~~~~
well thank you guys man...

so 17?...kinda laaaame...so damn friggin OLD!!! duno whether those
boxers can fit me anot weii~~~~ im damn fat already~~!!!
another year i can watch any movie i like..including the 18SX
movies..YEA MANN!!! LOL~~~!!!
between 17(which is now) to 18 yrs(which is nex year)..im goin to..
-get good results for my SPM
-date SW!!!!!!!! x)~~~
-do something stupid like well..burning a house
-eat bittergourd
-own a new phone
-get scholarships???
-kill a living chicken with mum's knife!!!
-pierce my ear
-im thinking of not being a virgin anymore!!! LOL~~~~~XP

im so gonna do evrything above!!!
i AM goin to!!!
so 4.21pm...
hope theres gona be more surprises later..
I REALLY WANT THOSE OREO CHEESECAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!