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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


so here we are...the last day of 2008..

no..let me rephrase this..the last day of SUCKY 2008..this year is not really a good year for me...the US..our own country..serious shit!!!!!

it has been quite a short year i guess..duno why..the feeling was kinda FAST...evrything seem to be damn fast this year..cz of exams and evrything...but 2008 made me a whole new person i guess...2008 is/was..my 1st for quite alota things...

we started of with the introduction of YAU KIM TAN!!!! lol..it was sooooooo memorable..1st day..and he started naggin and naggin...

then it went on to sportsday...1st term exams...yada yada..then chlorophyll..then the fake motivation to studdy~~~...ish..lol..

after May evryone was like"im gonna studdy!!!!IM gonna STUDY!!! I SAID IM GOING TO STUDY!!!!!!" "eh..yesterday u watched MTV asia awards ah??? one republic was awesome wei!!!" *study konon!!*

in class..as usual..we were like monkeys here and there...oh!!! this year..we had alota drama in the class...yeah..internal OC..if u get wat i mean...1st we fought wit yau kim tan(chemistry teacher), we really made him angry..well "WE" means all four science classes...yeah but our class was superb..we even wrote a letter of apology...damn..it was so dramatic!!!

the other drama was PN QUEK!!! fuck..cibai i hate her like hell!!!! if any terrorits wants to do a job..i DONT MIND PAYING to kill her!!!!damn!!!she was damn angry cz account one teased her that she duno how to teach..she was so angry and she came storming in to scold us!!! US!!!!! FUCK U BITCH!!!!!

well then..came trials...evryone still typical GBS style...PONTENG!!!! this is our budaya!!! come any exams..the class will be damn DIAM..cz nobody...WTH???? yeah kononnya study lah...i still see them online 24/7..lol..cz i on ma..haha

yeah we also had our 49th scouts campfire...our last activity as commitee..lol...it was SO NOOB!!!!! damn...i can still remember evrything wei...the guitar and all...omg..i even cut my fingers before MC-ing the bloody damn event..SHIT!!!!

it was AGM AGM AGM AGM AGM throughout the year..not really throughout the year lah...but alota AGMs gotta attend...oh damn...this reminds me...

PREFECTORIAL BOARD!!!! damn...lol...THE WHOLE FUCKING YEAR!!! haha...i kena scold duno how many fuckin times!!!!! ponteng duty....brgin handphone...LOL~~!!! brought handphone!!!!!damn funy!!! evryweek sure kena coldin by the red dog..lol...after the AGM...i was SO DAMN HAPPY!!!! but STILL kena scold my mr siew!!!! why????...oh i didnt attend canteen day...wtf??? idint attend aso havtra kena scoldin...but at the end..i still cant believe im a prefect...haha..

here's a little sum up of the teachers..

BM(mr adlee)-
always asking me questions..IM ALWAYS THE FIRST!!!!but he hated me after i (accidentally)scolded him CB
favourite quote:"nanti besok SPM..kamu tak boleh buat..jgn salahkan saya"

English & EST(Pn.Chu aka Goddes of Mercy)-
as usual..its either sleeping..cz i dont do homework..so talking during her classes
favourite quote:"(erm.our names cz we ARE always sleeping in her class)

damn!!! still keep asking me questions..non stop!!! since last year wei!well until now..he stills owes me a plate of mee goreng..cz i answered correct that question he ask..but he';s awesome..crappin more than teachin..lol
favourite quote:"itu singapore mia org..kiasu sangat"..."org nak buat litar F1 dia jugak nak buat"...

one word..N-O-O-B..thats all

Maths(Pn Lim)
she's been teaching us like forever wei..since form3..so..its okaaay laa..as usual i dont follow her class...always yapping or sleepin..but..came trials..i did alota pass year..lol
fav quote:"u hav to 'COME OUT' the equation.." "QUALAHTIK ecuation" lol..

Addmaths(Pn.Quek aka motrfcukin BITCH!!!)
damn..i hate hate hate hate her...shitty teacher..might as well not teach!!!!..i hope she sees this wei...evrytime when a person asks her some questions..she'll say:" refer to the book..if still duno..ask ur fren..if still duno..do anything..just dont ask me!!!" WTF is this????

Biology(Mr. Saufe aka The Sweater)
always sweating man...ish..throughout the year..i nvr bought a note book...other ppl one is so think..and i nvr even buy one..so..lol...im dead shit at bio..lol

Physics(Mr.Chua aka father of the peeping tom
yeah he's the dad of the peeping tom in our school..fuck his son fully man!!!..but..he;s an ok teacher..but throughout the year..i still duno wat is he teaching..izit physics?? LOL~~~

Chemistry(The Legendary, VIRGINITY, HOLY..Yau Kim Tan
oh damn..this dude???? A LEGEND IN OUR MINDS!!!!..always complaining...he's the syllabus setter of chemistry in malaysia k..dont play play...but he's...erm...how shall i put this???? ohkaay..OVERRR THE TOP!!!! damn...he's a fucking perfectionist wei!!!!! he put on silent movie cz we made him angry...it means..he does not talk to us...come in the class..he'll be writing down notes...but he wont teach...notice this is the longest description??? cz he got so much to write about..but he's a fucking awesome teacher la wei!!!! no fucking doubt man....

fav quotes:"u dont break my glassy heart...i come here to help you....y u all duwana help urself...chmistry is very easy...i tell u why u duwana listen????" lol

oh i just got a call from elynn..lol..she's at NS doing NOTHING!!! haa..damn..yeah..lastly..we lost a friend on APRIL 11th...i wont forget that day..friday...

besides...olympic...silver medal...and yeah!!!!!! UNITED WON THE DOUBLE!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!! haha...so happy that day..22nd may 2008!!!...MOSCOW was AWESOME!!!!!!..lol...this year EURO08!!!! i still cant belive spain won wei!!! i dont like ESPANA!!!..they SUCK!!!!...

NO CRUSHES!!!!!didnt really had one..cz i was counting and hoping on a dream..haha..if u noe wat i mean...hee

so wth..here are some pictures throughout 2008 haha..take a drive down memory lane bey beh!!!....dang dang!!!


before agm

after agm(prefects)

yea man!!!

ta dah!!!



ah fei

during rengga


kok and huay ling..campfire prep

this was historic..lol.linyang askin for her number

chemistry tuition


ah fei..scouts activity

CCY..shen lan yao~~~

han yang's table..CNY 2008

take 2

my program book..on prep

foobi and i..gay post

cikkidout..IM HOT!!!!!after sportsday

class act...THE PEARL

han yang..emo...at computer lab

the real han yang!!!! lol

ah fei..ban q

yeah..some mag


yeapp..watchin porn

parents day 2008

the legendary yau kim tan

me and me rocker

yeah..totally dufuses

look at the skies...they are so blue..and its all blue...yea its a song..

mr.kok..doin wat he does best

banner competition..we got 2nd place

mr lai mr lai..lol

yeah..honwee also doin wat he does best

chem experiment..

my lovely macha!!!

physics lab but bio0ing

my table

mr kok...lol

our prize!!!!!

so..thats all for 2008...the curtains will fall in a few moment..so..goodluck to all in the future...and

GOODBYE!!!!!!! 08!!!!

2009!!!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hillo!!!..damn...im back in malacca..finally..lol..
so..its been kinda quiet la..i mean since i came back..lost of mu friends when to NS..yea totally miss them man~~..some went of to work..some yeah..still on vacation...haha~~..

i left labuan hanged right???...yeah..the things there are ultra cheap!!!...especially the CHOCOLATES!!!! and LIQUOR!!!...
HOW MUCH difference?????..heh!!! u judge urself..

australian cadbury bars, normal price:RM17.90..there:RM8.50
campari COCKtail, normal price:RM145, there:RM45
martini, normal:RM125 there u WONT believe this...RM25!!!

shits man!!!! u'll think its fake products!!! but is real kay!!!! cz in labuan it is TAX FREE!!!! like langkawi lah~~~...
so here are some pictures before-during-after but there are loads more where i take wit the camera...these are from the phone..

our own christmas tree

my chrstmas presents..this year no mp3!!!

oh at least got this!!!! the shoes!!!

oh yeah..wth second shot

gaya street in sabah

KK new airport..totally like KLIA..its even called KKIA


erm..this is HWC their tasks

and yeah!!! this is the tebu they had to chew

they are chewin it like....aherm~

and again~~~...
im gona post another one today..so see ya!!!damn im lazy~