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Thursday, July 30, 2009

let me go home...

hello people.its 10 plus, and i am listening to Tree Hugger by Antsy Pants from JUNO:The Soundtrack.

i am random.yes i know.damn.my eyes are really twitching like mad these few days.

went for satay celup yesterday!!! FYI, this is my first time satay celup since i was 6!!!!!!


look at her tongue!



ish.ok fine..this post is
for those who're going back to their hometown.
for those who are finishing their exams.
for those who are finally going to taste home-cook food.
for those who would want to hug their parents and siblings again.
for those who wants to have a good sleep on their own bed again.
for those who wants to go back to a place called,


okay for those who do not know, MMU which is where i am studying now, is having midterm break for ONE week. so people who came here to study are finally gonna go back home for a week. SOME of them had stayed here for a month plus without going home.having to eat outside food like hell, honestly i kinda salute them cz they're like in an alien place themselves surviving only with friends.

okay so wats up wioth the EMO tone ah? ishh..ok im gonna go back being crazy again..LOL!!! so today is thursday, and because midterm break is here, computer app has been cancelled for tomorrow, to cater for those who're gonna go home. and SO TODAY!!!!! ppl in class are like damn crazy!...taking pictures here n there, being overly ENTHUSIASTIC, and of course being damn HIGH!!!

damn i kinda envy them wei..they are here studying and the thought of them having to go back to their home is like..a feeling that words can never express.its like going back to where u belong. to see ur love ones and eat ur favourite food again.damn im writing too muchh..its just that i kinda envy this kinda feeling..LOL!!! im a malaccan, so i kinda feel left out lah wei..damn IM WRITING SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! haha..

so today i FINALLY gave my talk for english.and the topic?


lol..yeah yeah i may have thought of the points for a lil bit..but seriously? im struggling while talking..i just think of random stuff to elaborate lah wei..i feel i can do better..LOL!!..that michael jackson example its like SO sudden.ish.

im free, FREE FALLING!!!



by the way i feel that the three lectures that we had today was like only to waste time. LOL!!! no one was listening lah wei..LOL!!! i galnce to the left, ppl are talking, to the right, playing with their pencil, look at Winnie and Suit kia, they were cpying other homework..WTH!! LOL..i think tats why Ms Wahidah cancelled tomorrow's class.=)

jeng jeng jeng

they are ZIHAN-FIED!


super random.ntg to do!


with RIDU!!!!!!!!!!!

euniceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and SAWADEE!!!


so for you people going away for one week,
enjoy your 7 weeks without me, i know you'll miss me! LOL!!!x),
play hard for the 7 days,
enjoy the 7days,
love the 7days,
cherish the 7 days,
dont go online for the 7 days,
eat like hell during the 7 days,
miss me for the 7 days, LOL!!! x)
and lastly,
spend the 7 days with your family, hug them, kiss them, talk to them, as much as u can=)

as for malaccans? sommore where? MP DP LOH!!!! damn depressing wei!!! HAHA=))))

till then, Malacca will be waiting for your return...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

enthusiastic muchh?

and yes,today i found the enthusiasm to update. To blog in a mood where not by insisting, just blogging through PURE desire to blog.

wtf am i talkin bout?

alright..im gonna steal some of my friends picture first..cz without pics, this post is not gonna be interesting....

ok done!..

we went for Harry Potter last friday. Actually it was kinda random, cz as usual, i wasnt paying attention to Computer Apps lecture. I think i was talking more than listening to the lecturer. damn, i know its bad to do this..i try, but i failed..so WTH!!! lol..

like damn lame right? LOL

after class, we're had ntg to do..although if went back, assignments will come rushing into our schedules. so wat the hell lah, i suggested for a movie and yeapp we went..for breakfast first, and then for the movie.

this is me. the camera woman SUCKS..lol

it was damn hard to ask Yangyu out wei!!!!! dammit..i think it took us 9 to 10 attempts(including the text msges) to ask her to follow us..damn lah wei..pekcek!!!

the show was okaaaaay lah~..to me its better than Transformers and Terminator..though the movie is like UNsequenced..i had forgotten most parts of the books..so i guess all the altering and stuff didnt make me dislike the moive..and hell YEAH!!! EMMA WATSON is LIKE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN HOT!!!!!!!

she melts my heart....LOL

dee ei aim enn!!!

Ron was damn stupid when he went out with Lavender, that was PURE obsession lah wei..but anyways, Ms. Rowling didnt know such a hottie was gonna play Hermoine when she was writing the book!!..

oh yeah..i just remembered! there was supposed to be a new Minister for Magic, who's half werewolf or smtin..damn..yeah the alteration thing is starting to make me complaint.
dee ei am enn!!

this period of time, Assignments are like our best friend. Schedules are like *aherm*..

damn lah!!!! and our assignments are like damn tough wan k!!!..about facts!!! ACTUAL FACTS!!! if ONLY im in a creative course, where u do stuff like design a house LIKE LINYANG's course!!! or FOOBIs!!!!!=.= this one pulak..aduhh..tak larat lah wei...seriously tak leh tahan!!!..

skrang aso i hardly draw d..-.- i cant even take a pencil and weave smtin out like last time..i JUST LOST the will to do so...damn..i havta find back that oomphh!!! that factor, that FLAME that motivates me into my artistic side..=.= im suckier now.

these few photos are taken by Akmal...damn nice right? eh mal! i tolong u promote tau, kena bagi incentive cket eh? LOL

till then, goodnight.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Of human rights and bla bla bla..

u know what? lets try this in a different way..to make it slightly interesting..LOL

im gonna change my language to a typical LALA-fied, full of grammar mistake post..live life to the max right? LOL..ohkaaay here goes..

hihi^^ me so happy de loh!!! ^^hehe..me yesterday attended a Law seminar organized by the Law society of Multimedia University!.lolxxxx.me go early early loh~..so happy de loh~^^

me go there at 8am..but dunno why still havent start! me start start so angry, me wan find the ppl to scolding loh! LOLXXXXXX

KANINAH!!!CRAP LAH!!! damn geli sial...can die just by typing their damn languange..lol!!! so anyways..i went attended this law seminar entitled, "Gonvernment's Role On Human Rights"..LOL..the speakers were awesome..

they are:

The Honourable Tan Sri Gopal Sri Ram.
Dr. Azmi Sharom
Myint Zan

Yang Arif's speech was abit abstractive lah..u gotta catch his joke and stuff..if not u'll be like a complete nutter..but he's awesome..though there are some questions posted to him that he cant answer cz of certain reasons..LOL..i mean dude, he's a judge in the Federal Court for cryin out loud! lol..

then Dr. Azmi Sharom, who is a lecturer in University Malaya was very i mean VERY charismatic and outspoken. His speech was the EASIEST to understand and Very VERY sarcastic..LOL..it was fun!..though i had a feeling that madam Flora was bit pissed initially..

then Mr Myint Zan, who is MMU's own associated legal smtin smtin..was kinda okaaay too..he lead the MMU MOOTS team to so many titles wei..LOL

so yeah..wth right? we were there listening at first..then went on to camwhoring..damn.i think i really shouldnt mix to much with girls..HAHA..damndamndamn..!!! and yes!!! MALAYSIA WAS Awesome AGAINST MU!!!!!!!!!!!woooooooohooooooooooooooo!!! we scored two, i repeat..TWO goals!! Amri Yahyah's first goal was a SLAMMMER!!! right in the face of Edwin van der Sar! dang! i am still a MU fan k..just that im a Malaysian first!!! go HARIMAUs!!! HAHA
today evening they're gonna play against us again.!! but i think today they'll reeally membelasahkan us loh~

yes i know my posts are getting shorter and shorter these days..honestly? i STILL havent found the oomph to seriously blog like last time..dang dang dang!!!

like me dont like me? TRY to like me..till then, see ya suckers!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

since like...i am emo

so cikkidout..i am online in a car repairer's shop..cool right? but the internet line is someone's else's..and i dunno who the heck is it..LOL

this is gonna be a damn short post.

something historic happened yesterday..ah huh..i EMO-ed!!! damn i so friggin EMO-ed yesterday!!! dun ask why..im so not gonna tell..but i emo-ed..
if feels kinda good when u're sad and emo and those self pity thoughts comes in..like wtf! i have nvr emo-ed since like i think form 3..that was 3 years ago..since then im a very HGLLTD (happy go lucky and laugh tilll drop) kinda guy. ahhh frark lah..im still emo abit today..aftermath..lol

damn damn damn..i'm just waiting for that day. goodbye.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

just updates and stuff from the past week

ok man..its been almost a month since i've been in MMU..one whole friggin month and i think course mates mia belang dah pun keluar..some dah mula aim target masing-masing..some lak tengah study cam ulat! some lak..masih berangan-angan..including me lerr..
oh yeah..some guys also have their respective crushes after JUST 4 weeks or so..for me..i have no CRUSHES..but i have CRASHES!!! makdatukbabipantat!!!!!!! first time in my life i kena accident!!! with my car!!! GEEZ!!!!

i think its last week..yeah last friday..damn i really need to blog more often!!! damn!!! anyways..i kissed a lorry's ass..yeah like seriously and damn stupidly kissed its ass..it was in a junction..and i was looking at traffics left and right..there was this lorry who was infront of me..i didnt focused on the lorry infront, and didnt step on my break paddle properly..and a few seconds later...

BUMP!!! freak!!! cikopekk!!! WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!

one whole week..nolah..not really a week, just a few days..i have NO car and i CANT go anywhere!!! damn i even hitch a ride from Felicia!!!..thanks again dudette..lunch still on? LOL!!

LOL..anyways..got back the car after repairing the damage..Ross was there to help thanks dude..again!! LOL!!..

before accident..i went back to school, i mean GBS for their so called CARNIVAL lah~..and to of course borak ngan frens..LOL..evrything seems normal except for the fact that Wen Chiang is talking crap through the PA!!! haha..dude u cakap cam bapok lah!!! LOL!!

there are some pics..so cikkidout..

why am i going back to school so damn often har??? ng wee loon?? why am i going back so damn often!!! ??? ISH!!! so until now i still cant online in MMU..cz im lazy to register this laptop..lazy lah wei..and honestly i think i have lost touch on blogging..i have no interest in it now..i just have NO MORE oomph to type d lah..i think im closing this blog anytime soon d..ish ish ish..

and yes..i have managed to sneak into the LAW lirbrary!!! YAY!!! suck an accomplishment=.= cz the law libary only caters for law students that are Beta level and above. I'm still an alpha dude..so we cant go in..but i sneaked in and it is kinda...kinda...kinda..kecikk loh! leh tahan lah~..

so yeah..i got like 3 assignments and i'm here writing crappy things for u guys to read..wtf right? yes so gfy! (u do not want to know this acronym, trust me!) i think Ross knows though!

Haha..eh freak!! when wanna hang?

miss..wat u doing?? LOL!!!


fuhh chiobu!!!


kok chun


elaine, kah hui, dunno who






dai ngan mui!!!
and lastly to michael..u're the best..the one and only king of pop..rest in peace and ur music will live in forever..continue rocking the heavens!!!

Michael Joseph Jackson

Saturday, July 4, 2009

contrasting updates 1

Good things and the bad. next!

i am lazy to update, but anyways here i am.

I got two things to update bout..one is a sad story. and the other is an okay story..so which one first? im deciding..why the heck should i ask u...? lameness. kla positve one first..negative see the next post!

alright.im really struggling to find the enthusiasm the blog!!! so lemme try!!
wednesday was my 18th birthday..so yeah im legal for around 3 days and counting..LOL..so wat the hell happened on that day?

there were no lectures in the morning..so i did my new IC and had lunch with my dad.
6pm lecture starts..so i rushed to campus as usual cz im always late..ah huh~..
i walked in to the lecture hall and found my sit.

before my ass can actually place itself on the chair..evryone started screaming
from wayy back in the lecture room..and the worst thing is..evryone started to sing the birthday song..dammit wei..i was damn friggin SHY and RED wei..what the HECK??? i didnt tell u guys my birthdate k..only close frens...wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff..LOL

custom made baybeh~.,nyaha

tutorial finishes at 7pm..only 1 hour..so we went to MP to watch transformers 2..the show was CRAP!!! PURE CRAP!!! i thoght its gonna be nice..mana tau..like terminator...CRAPPY SHOW!!!!

but before that..the girls pulled a no brainer so called surprise..wtff?? LOL..i was buying the tickets..then Kwan song asked me to wait together with him..so when i asked him where are the girls..he said they were buying their stuff..then came a msg or smtin..

kwan song took me to the food court.and...
the girls were there with a CIDANKAO cake that they "custom" made..LOL..
and the worst part is...
infront of SO MANY people at the food court!!! they sang the bloody song again and SHOUTED like no body's business..walaoooo i tell you!!!..ITS DAMN SIA SHUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ciko!!

so yeah

so yeah..wth lah..this years birthday is kinda okay lah..LOL..i end up going home at round 11 smtin..damn..i'm so not going out at night anymore!!!

and yeah..look at my mouth!

SO..aduhh..i am lazy to list out the names that wished me. so......now for the sad part..read the next post!