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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day of 17.


so i finally do not need to write down my title here anymore damn..i changed a new template, but its still looks like the old one anyways..LOL

so i'm 17 for the last day today. tomorrow im gonna be 18.
18 huh?? LOL..this is the age where i can finally be PERMITTED to drink!and to watch 18-SX, 18-SG, 18 watever movies..not that i havent..lol..

so..do you all notice i started the 1st 2 paragraphs with "so"? duhh..pretty lame huh..sighness lah wei..i dunno wat to type..

okay..its kinda fast know..cz if you browse through my archives..i posted stuff from my last birthday..lol..i got a pair of boxers..and now another year its just like GONE wei..wtffff...17 again? naaah..

so i dunno wat else to write..cz im like still havent found the WILL to blog..err..wait for tomorrow lah~ if there's anything nice to blog about then i'll update!..i am such a lame dude..yes i know!

im blowing my candles tomorrow! see ya!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The KING of Pop

The King of POP

as you guys already know, Michael Jackson has passed on.
and i know you guys know..but honestly? i still cant quite believe it.
i mean..he's such a legend..he took over the world by storm with his moves and swerves and of course the ever so awesome crotch-grabbing dancing.

man!!!he's gone..
My first EVER record i bought was MJ's HIStory..yeah its like one of his recent albums..but i WAS born in the 90s k..LOL...

anyways..i remembered dancing with evryone to all his tune..even now when i hear it on air..crap lah..when he's alive..evryone called him WACKO JACKO..now he's gone..only people start to pay "tribute"...bloody hypocrites!

anyways..these are some of my favourite songs from him..one last hurrah, Rest In Peace Michael!

u seriously make me dance like hell!!! the world will miss you..so as Malaysia for that historic 2 day concert in 1995, Kuala Lumpur. walk towards the light!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

stuff at campus.

.stuff at campus

hello peeps..today i have FINALLY found the mood to blog..but not really completely in the mood..but okaaay lah~..its gonna be ALL words.no pictures!!! im not in da mood to upload!

so u guys wanna know how is da life in MMU?

let me put it in one word form.
-summons( i got one already!)

yeah this is what i can think of now. dot dot dot...Campus lifestyle is a waste of time and money..why waste time???

cz we gotta wait for like 4 hours till the next lecture and we havta lepak at da library..damn sien wei!!! oh wtff lah~

so i am taking 4 subjects this sem.
.Computer Application.
.Malaysian Legal History
.General Principles of Law

Computer Application is like just okay to me lah..cz its not really a requirement for a law student y'see..

then there's the Malaysian Legal History, pretty much like our normal Sejarah in SPM level..BUT in English..which makes it damn hard to remember some facts!!! i like BM when it comes to Sejarah!!!

General Principles of LAW? what the hell? lol..its like THE most basic law related subject.basic not as in EASY k...basic as in the foundation of law..so yeah..

English..OMG!!!! i didnt know taht there were so many types of Speech Classes!!! wth wei...we gotta learn from scratch!!! Adjectives..Verbs..Pronoun..Conjunctives...WTF??? LOL...

so college is pretty much walking here n there and EVRYWHERE!!!..im sure you know..LOL..class time are weird..and the class venues are spread out like Africa and China..cidankao wei..and the worst thing is...

i can NEVER differentiatie between the FBL building and CDS builing..cibai!!!!

so i have registered for VOICES which is MMU's debating team, and like duhh..Tae Kwan Do club...damn there blacks in our club..im so gonna kena whack..crap lah..im pretty much done now actually..i dunno wat more to type...oh yeah,,one more..

i have to find more english speaking people la wei!!! i've gotta find new peers and hommies!!! Speak more english!!! kat MMU suma orng bertutur dalam bhs. CINA!!!!! babi!!!! susah nak hidup siiiiial~~~...english!!!!! english!!!! english!!!!! half the time i dunno wtf are my frens talking bout when they're conversing in chinese and CANTONese...babi!!

thats all..wtfffffff...i am damn emo recently..when you're emo..wat do you do?
emo for the wrong things...geez..

yeah so here are some tunes u guys gotta check out:
Dan Sebenarnya-Yuna
Cinta Sempurna-Yuna
Candles-Hey Monday.

Saturday, June 20, 2009



so waddup hommies???
one whole week of college life..actually let me rephrase that.
One whole week of University life..MMU is a University..LOL..
im not considered as a University student YET! cz this is only just the foundation period. So im still a pre-u student.

and my comment on this new "lifestyle"? it seriously sucks!...not to say that i hate it or anything..its just that i feel like a complete brat!!! attending lectures for like 2 hours and have a 3 to 4 hour break..wtffffffffffff wei...

i still feel like im a comeplete nutcase! cz it hasnt really started y'see..last week's lectures was more like an intro week for us..nothing muchh and lecturers tend to dismiss early..so we had so muchh time doing ntg! damn! i miss school lah wei..i cant imagine im saying this but AGAIN!!!

I MISS SCHOOL!!! i miss the loooooooooooooooong period of studying! and i'd punch myself to say this but i miss the sweat in school! lol..geez wei~~~

so one week and i got to know a few IPOHMALI peeps!..and they said that malacca is ULU??? wtfffff wei..nyaha..i took them for a show and let them bite their own words!!! haha~..ok i know its pretty lame!=.=

i know i should give a brief profile of my lecturers..maybe later lah..cz lately i cant find that mood to blog wei...geez.....seriously very sien..and EMO at times..so wtf lah~...can i like fast forward all the happenings? cz the main reason i blog today was because of CAMPFIRE!!!!

just browse through my archives last year and u'll see the last campfire blog..LOL..and it HAS been a year since Luminiscent Dreams...so this year Yuan Zhong and gang came up with "MUSIC", their theme this year which...is SUPER BOMBASTIC!..LOL..

so i reached around 6 smtin just to see around and snap pictures..later on Benson, Alien, Ah Dog, Jaysmond Junyu all came to join..so its kinda fun...ah crap lah!!!...i;ll stick to the lazy motto lah!...LET THE PICTURES DO THE TALKING!!! ishh!!!

Jaysmond and Junyu

old timers Elephant is damn fat now wei!

Ah cheok singing! great job wei!




guides..DEFINITELY not from our school


Qi Ming


senget lak!

we havent lost our noob touches at all!!!LOL

ting fong


ah huh~

first 2 emcees..clement and amelia?

Qi Ming

Lao gao and Cheok







Mr Yau

Band prep

Cheok and Me

Line 6 wei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drummer prep

yellowcard style!

2nd shot



its still here!!!


my old class

take 2


we used to walk down this corridor evry single day

elaine back!

wei tze~

chew fang!!

ah ben!

friday prep



random shot! LOL
so yeah~..its their year and they did a hell of a job!!! KUDOS to the commitee!!!!! LOL..
honestly we felt kinda awkward and this time around we didnt dance..cz old timers oust show professionalism..wtffffff :P..
Jeffrey and gang did a great job dancing!!!
Cheok's band, Five Dots was very good!!!
evryone knows their song..so i guess they're the new Zero Displacement heh~..LOL
so for one last time, good job to evryone! there's more to come in the years to come! LOL
till then,
once a scout..always a scout!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

dot dot dot

dot dot dots...

update 2mr people!!!
pics from campus and stuff..!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

MMU Orientation


wats up people!!!!!!..i feel like im currently outta this world..one week orientation and i nvr keep in touch on wats happening around the world anymore..only YESTERDAY i found out that Kaka is on his way to Madrid..shits lah..and Ronaldo is going too..ahh fuck lah..who cares bout him man..fucktard

so gear up man..i have a feeling this post is gonna damn long..lol..im gonna pst for the whole one week..ah huh..so here goes..

lets start on Sunday. Sunday was registration, so my dad left me there and i went in to meet Kwan Song. Guess who i saw as i walked in? YAU KIM TAN!!!!!! nyahahaha!!! he came to rent out his apartment i think..lol..dman cute la de fella..lol

masuk ni took ID cards and blah to main hall where they gave us our orientation kit and allocate all the FRESHIES into different Teams based on colours..LIMPE masuk GREEN!!! which our mascot as i mentioned in da earlier post is da MONKEY!!! woo ahh!

main hall

on tat day itself we havta get back by 3 o'clock cz we're gonna have our 1st briefing, cant remember wat is it though..lol..but the first brief was damn retard..lol..but the EMCEE was great lah..so as the OCs (Orientation Commitee)..there's this Senior..he's a LAW student lah..damn look like Sudirman wei..even his voice! ciko sial~..SUDIRMAN was a lawyer too..nyahaha~went back at 5pm

err yeah for one week..breakfast lunch dinner were served by the MMU peeps..and well wadyuuXpect? free food..mestilah taste cam sial kan? ish..i munch and chew once..i can puke thrice!! ishhh..

eating like squatters wei

kiri kanan depan lakang! lol


first day of orientation. DAMN BORING and AWKWARD!!! seriously AWKWARD i tell youuu!!! nobody wants to speak to anyone!!!!!we kicked off the day with our cheer..yes each group has their own cheer..and the first cheer was very funny and lame..its like macho MACHO MACHO!!!! =.=then l8er on we went LIVE with CYBERJAYA for the opening ceremony..tell u guys smting wei

this was wat we had to do evryday for one week..wtfff

opening ceremony

Cyberjaya Campus is like FIVE times Malacca campus..BUT!!! they have only 400++ FRESHIES and we have like 2000++ FRESHIES..damn stuupid right..no wonder ppl saiod cyber sucks wei! and i heard its damn ULU~~~..lol

from what i can recall..the first day was more of like a day for briefing lah..the whole friggin day was brief brief and BRIEFING!!! isshh..
ooh yeah they wanted FRESHIES to join the Sports Carnival on the next day..so like duhh..i signed up for football...

the fat guy there is Andrew


pulakk was okaaaaay lah..from 7am i reached there..i just kept on waiting for the clock to strike 5.30pm wei..cz thats when the sports carnival starts...and..my playing is like shit already...sighness..but we won the game and went on to the Semis though..nyahaha~~
fuhh!!! i just finishe downloaded Forrest Gump!!!!!!! its a nice show la...tats why i downloaded..wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffff..lol

Kelvin as hyper as ever!

wat we did sommore ah..ooh..MORE briefings!!!! damn..there's one thing different bout MMU la wei..normal private Colleges is like a few hours/days orientaion..but for us..we do it for a week like a camp system so that people are more geared up for thier best years in life..yeah wtf..i sound like a shitty ass salesguy..fuck!

we had to come back at night for some activity where they seperate us according to our races..the night thingy was bout food and stuff..so the OCs told us bout good food around town and all..cz most MMU students are NOT from malacca..some came all the way from Sarawak and Sabah..even Penang..and Timbaktuu!!=.=

we were introduced to 2 funny EMCEEs..one is a fat Senior who is also doing Law (Andrew)..he looks like a beruang lah wei..lol..and the other guy is Ah Yeo..and yeah,,these two are damn perverted wei..LOL..they made us do the "AHHHH" cheer..which goes like.."ahhh..ahhh...ahhhh...AHHHHHH" even the girls have to do it la wei...lol..damn horny wei..lol..


cikkidout homies~

preparing presentation


he seriously doesnt know that the rice bit is there..

damn kam gong! LOL

kwansong ngan limpei


banyak nye..

then he realized


Sportsday continued today,,where we LOST in the Semis by penalties to the Yellow group..Anend was their captain lah wei..wat do u expect.ishh..bloody playmaker..lol..there were two Foreigners in their team..and they played the game based on the physical aspect lah! lol..
before sportsday we had briefing again..but this time around..it was less sleepy
though..nmyaha..cz of the two EMCEEs lah..lol..Andrew is seriously damn kelakar wei..oh yeah,,for one whole fuckinn week...we had to reach MMU by 7am in da morning wei...how crazy is that!!!...isshness..i reached school at 7.30 aso la dei..crazy la


this was actually on the last day lah

this too

and this

when we're doin our cheer

this is a real MacBook Air..thinner than me wei

i had to come back on Wednesday night cz of some Green team project where we are required to design and create a superhero outfit as a presentation. At first say start at nine..reached there lak..it starts at 9.45..and ended at 2am!!!! but i didnt stay till that late lah..LOL..we continued on the next day!

trust me..still got ppl jogging at 11pm!!!

Kelvin fatass

kena punish

Ah yeo tidur


was the last day..which was yesterday. So we had this farewell thingy in the morning and midday..last day of Orientation wat so atnight got another function which is Orientation Night which starts at 8pm..this is where the OCs handed out awards and stuff..nyaha~...so evryone was like damn semangat to end this shit..

around 3pm, the Green team had to attend the closing ceremony..but i didnt go cz gotta finish up the superhero costume..damn STUPID sial~...we made things out of Grass and aluminium foil..i sketch the outfits for them and went on to the short Narrator/EMCEE part with TJ.

wat wat wat???


Instead of doing only Super Heroes..we did it in a different way..we had a villain..AND a superhero as well..so they're enemies and they fought against each other.

Villain is Macho girl
Hero is ChakaWakka Man aka Monkey man

so come 8pm and the function started lah..its like an award night lah..they give out medals to all participants and OCs. They made it like a little bit presentation then continued with the award giving ceremony and again the presentation of superheroes..inter changing lah so that ppl wont get bored y'see..

ChakaWakka man

Green team were the last to present their superheroes..so we had time to see the others perform and we're also able to see the other team's weakness lah..
yellow group's presentaion is okaaay lah..but the red and blue one...fuahlamakk...dman DRAGGY wei...seriously shock sendiri..they have too many Heroes lah...but blue only got one hero which is LAME wei..lol...they pull the thing damn long..

when it was our turn..haiyorr...tzzk tzzk tzzk..i went out..took the mic..facing 500++ people..

"Hello people!!!! Wassup!!!"

Response was...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phew weett!!!!! OOHHH!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

of all my EMCEE-ing jobs..this crowd is da easiest to handle! lol..sikit sikit they'll cheer for you d..so i just did my thing and just made it simple.easy to understand and CLEAR and AUDIOBLE..lol..and guess what...tzzk tzzk tzzk...we got number 2..like WTFFF wei..sigh..i didnt do any preperation!!this was like the most random stage thing i've done!!! lol..damn happy!!! haha....sadly Red won the thing..

aiyoh kla i seriously lazy to type d lah wei..let the videos and pictures do the talking..GREEN team won OVERALL champion and the Football team won the Bronze medal!..jeng jeng jeng..ORIENTATION IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!!! kwan song sent me back!

One week orientation
damn fucking tiring.
Now here come the academics.
Im gonna be so fucked up wei.
but whatever the fact,I am officially a MMU student!