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Saturday, September 26, 2009


because we are..

may you and me and everyone else on earth.Mars.Saturn.Pluto.The Sun and The Universe.
ROCK!in this coming FINALS.

because we are made to shake the world=D

Friday, September 25, 2009


first of all,

ok set, lets move on with life..

i received a text message today.
from an asshole whom i dunno.
he text me at 10.37am. Telling me off using gaawd-knows-what-the-eff short form malay.which of course i DO understand if not how i know he's scolding me..

but wtfff? the funny thing is? he is pickng a fight with me cz im using shortform when i type in malay...WHAT IN THE WORLD? effff you larh whoever shyt person freak low mentality moron!

went to SKE. studied.saw some old friends whom i really missed.LOL.

and err? ohh helped Linyang with his building drawing assignment aat DP.

and...finally "opened" my friggin taste butts on A&W in Dataran..rootbear was awesome!

and lastly, today is ARTHUR's DAY!!!! clelebrate 250 years of Guinness, and a man named Arthur=D

p/s: everyone is studying for FINALS..and i hate finals..friggin exams..=(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


he spells L-O-S-E-R

someone walks in through that door.
he walk and walks.
he saw a bunch of people talking and laughing out loud.
he walks ahead.
he stands nearby..alone of course..wanting to join.
wanting and of course, there's no invitation.
he moves closer.
to get notice.*loser*
there is still no invitation or an act of invitation for him to join the convo.
he is thinking.

he is thinking he's been left out.
he is thinking why they do not one to start a conversation with him.
he is thinking is there something wrong with him?
he is thinking..

he heads home.
open the doors to his house.
he sits on the chair.
swiched on his laptop.
and starts blogging/whining/complaining/remorse-ing

how stupid are those people earlier on.why they didnt wanna start a convowith him.how sucky his life is.how girls do not want him.how pain he is in.how ugly can he be.how he is ignored by others.how emo is he.how he has no friends.how he can be in this shit.how he needs to get attention.how how how.

my gawd.

i wonder.
is there any bigger loser alive? i mean dude, chill larh, be cool lah macha!
if they duwana talk to you, you talk larh, whats the problem?
the girls?
wats up bout the girls man? dude, seriously, get a life!

its all bout the individual's attitude and personality and of course for that person's case, self conciousness.ish.

negative much? again, dude, get a life!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



cheer up!

and smile again=PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Sunday, September 13, 2009

books, food and bonds.

books, food and BONDS...

first of all Ross if u're reading this....USE STREAMYX lah for the sake of Globalization!!!!!!! ishh!!!! so hard wanna take pictures from you lorh=.=

went down to BU for the weekend to hang with my mum's side of the family.
arrived on Friday, left on Sunday, and now of course im back with more action=.=
never really did anything productive in my 3days 2 nights there, well i did studied k..

for half an hour...lol

so highlight was o Saturday where i went over to 1U and hanged with Ross, Ah Fuh, Li Chi and Van which she went shopping after TGIF..met at 1smtin and wasted 6 hours plus there.lol.productive....really productive..

mentioned above, we went to eat at TGIF and seriously the fried mac and cheese is awesome but jelak after 5 pieces..fuhlamakk..seriously nice k!!!!! its like making love to ur tongue..
had beef burger.


walk..oops..i forgot its past tense..so its

walked... and


found a place to sit peacefully..of all the places....we chose
MPH book cafe..
where everyone is actually reading, we were there talking our voices out.lol.got 2 guai lou there lorh..i think they were damn pissed the WHOLE time we were there.ish..
welcome to malaysia!=DDDD


was on da phone

sat there and catch up..Li Chi is in KBU, JPA scholar k!!!!..Fuh explaining bout his Sunway experience and Ross is already working=)))))

went to the arcade afters..pretty lame harh..1U seriously needs more amusement lorh.!
so pictures and sign off..


sparking juice for sparking people=D

p/s: Ross, ur "suspense" for the pictures killed my steam to blog=.=

Friday, September 11, 2009




tats what i can say

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a walk that i have walked.

a walk that i have walked.

hello peeps..just had to blog on this day cz i want to.=.=
the date is pretty nice so.wtf. i just had to..if you wanna read then read.if not.go away.
i know the perfect thing to blog bout. you know what? i think this post is dedicated to Yau Xiang.

so sit back. rant all you want cz its gonna be ALL words.

11 months ago.it was stress and stress and stress. studying our heads off for SPM.and actually having to sit for SPM itself.oh shyt.lol.its kinda scary thinking back the old times where we studied and read and studied and read and-of course-u-all-absorb-but-not-me.and study again..but there's one thing i still rememeber and WILL remember for the next of my living life.a word formed simply by to alphabets..


i mean us as in EVERYONE! not just close friends.but seriously everyone.i guess what im trying to say is that..like duhh..i MISS SCHOOL!..i miss everything bout it..especially hanging out with those crappers! and yes, i regret to say this but i miss the SOURING too=D
now we're like depending too much on Yamcha sessions to catch up. souring was a daily basis then. but now..i havta wait after a few weeks only can get to kena sour=.= ishh..

i kinda hate the fact that people come and go.friends come and go.you meet them, spend a certain period of time with them and-BAM!!-thats it..they're outta ur life..i still remember it was form2 that i really just got to know yau yau and that bunch of crappers. i will not say time flies..but its how we make use of the time? yeahh..

and yeah..the smell of sweaty uniform.that is undeniably nostalgic.the body odour of the guys and yes..THE GIRLS too..goshh. im not saying body odours are as awesome as Calvin Kleins and Tommy Heighs..but the memories behind the freakishly weird aroma of puberty is smtin that i'd remember.sounds weird right? lol.

college isnt that bad though.having to actually move on to another form of education is challenging, but as Bowling For Soup puts it, high school never ends. Im not gonna say too much..so..

to those crappers: i know you're reading this. arent u suppose to study? =P

Friday, September 4, 2009



right, hello peeps!
this is gonna be full of pictures, so hang on..

yesterday we went out with our course mates for a buka puasa function.more like mayhem of Pizza Hut! lol..Ridhu and Eiry were lpanning on this for quite sometime i guess..and they were making announcements in class like hell. LOL..anyways...it was fun right people? LOL..

we gathered at MMU roundabout and drove there in five to seven cars, excluding mine, cz mine's an aeroplane=.=
oh btw, it was the Pizza Hut at Giant's which suffered the FIL mayhem attack!..good for them, cz Giant not say banyak org pigi kan? LOL.

and yeah, keep my words short.and see the pics=)))))))

Ainul cute sial!!! LOL

Jeremy aka VI gay guy!lol

Haydrien, Angela, Xue Yi


i like his name, SUKHDIP, Ross, thinking of smtin? LOL

i took a picture of them taking a picture on the mirror which they chose to take that picture=.=

Eiry and Muz

Sofea which looks like mable! and Didi!


Ben the producer?




qibby and kaes!!!

teo blurrish

ridhu and/dan i

take 2

teo, sudokuing


Ridhu, always energetic=)))

euniceeeee and winnie

who's hotter?



euniceeee and maynaaaa

winnie and maynaaaaa


rawk again


Usain Lim Bolt Zi Han



ahermn number 2

ahermn 3

oh you get it right?

euniceee teo and teoh

euniceeee and winnie

euniceeee and i





sucking? LOL


euniceeee and kaes

Ridhu and I!

Ridhu and euniceeeee

shaaaaan and i

this side

Ridhu and his AWESOME costume=)
and NOT forgetting......

shi nong and gurvin
and the thing tat made my day was Suit Yee's call to Winnie that she locked herself out from her room.!!!! HAHA!! damn noob!!! LOL..=)
its not how different we are...
ITS how SIMILAR ARE WE=))))))))))))