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Friday, May 29, 2009



yaya MU lost
so stfu
fuck eto!
fuck iniesta!
fuck messi!

fuck C.Ronaldo!!!
please go to Madrid.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

holy grail of football

One last battle in the colosseum

short post as a tribute for manunited
the final in ROME is gonna happen in another few hours

players are takin one last rest before the game.

cikopekk this year's final is like THE awesomemest final in the history of football..how often does two best clubs in their respective leagues come face to face for the holy grail of football?? super right?


1999 treble year

2008 Moscow

shyts man..UNITED HAS TO WIN!!! faaaaaaark

1st British team to win the cup.1st TEAM to defend it..

its possible la wei...COME ON!!!


good luck lads!!

all the best


glory glory man utd, and I'd RATHER walk alone.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


A is for Andrew
1) Do you love this person? -im straight
2) Is this person your enemy? - NOO
3) Would you hug this person? - eh andrew..wanna try? LOL

B is for Benson Chiang LY

1) What do you really think of this person? - the one guy which is basically plain WHITE!lol
2) What’s his/her favorite color? - i said it...WHITE!
3) Ever danced with him/her? - yeah! GAY dance last year! BSB style!

C is for C.Chun Yong!
1) What do you think of this person? - A farktard who always ACTS COOL!! lol..eh LAME la wei!!! LOL..
2) How far does this person live? - FAR...same *heng* all stay at Malim mia laa..lol
3) How old is he/she? 17 turning to 18 but physically?? lol...13!! haha

D is for Dan Scott from one tree hill
1) How long have you known him/her? - since i watch the show!
2) Do you like this person? - he's the bad guy wei
3) Do you hate this person? - YEAH!

E is for Elynn!!
1) Have you met her parents?
-err yeah..her dad looks GANAS!
2) Worst thing about this person? -hmm..hits me like hell! LOL
3) Best thing about this person? - hmm..yet to discover..HAHA!

F is for FOOBS aka foo bi
1) Have you ever dated this person? - guy.la.wei.
2) When is the next time you will see him/her? - maybe after 10 years?
3) Do you go to school with them? -formally yeah

G is for Gavyn
1) Have you heard this person sing? - i guess so..LOL..eh fark..u can sing ah wei jie? HAHA
2) What’s his/her pet’s name? - eh ross he got pet ah?
3) Will he/she repost this? - fuck him..he's a lazy ass..lol

H is for Han Yang
1) What do you think of this person?
- FUNNY!! GUAI LAN!!! lol
2) Do you like him/her?
- gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.which im NOT!
3) When will you see him/her next?
- dunno..maybe soon i guess..

I is for Isaac
1) What is this person’s favorite food? - haha.eh tall guy..wat u like to eat ah? Tndoori chicken?
2) How did you meet this person? - tution tuition and more tuition!
3) Do you trust him/her? - i trust evryone just the devil in them i dont trust! LOL

J is for Jia Wu...another tall guy!
1) Do they have any siblings? - yeah
2) Do you know their favorite song? - cina songs wa tak tau!
3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you? - if im adam lambert lah!

K is for Kwan Song
1) How old were you when you first met? - 13??????
2) Do you like him/her as a friend? - yeah we're cool
3) Would you go to Disneyland with this person? - lol..wat kinda question is this? fark!lol..oh yeah sure..! haha

L is for Leonardo daVinci
1) Is this person older than you? - LIKE HELL YEAH!
2) Is this person single? - eh fark..are you? gotta wiki him though!
3) How many times do you talk to them in a week? - oh he calls me all the time..LOL

M is for Mable
1) How old were you when you first met? - 4 years old i think!
2) Whats his/her pet's name? - u got pet ah ble?
3) Ever danced with this person? - no but she saw me dancing HAHA!

N is for Ng Hoe Rui
1) How old were you when you first met the person? - 7?
2) Do you like this person? - initially yeah..but then he got all farked up..LOL
3) What would you do if you had never met this person? - find him and kill him?

O is for Ong Junx Shaun
1) Are you related? - Does 9 years of friendsip count?
2) Could you live with this person? - yeah sure..dude i said NINE years right?
3) What school do they go to? - same.diff then same..now going to be SAME! lol..do the math!

P is for PET..or AH PET!
1) Have you been to the mall with this person? - duhh
2) How about a sleepover with them? - few times.
3) Does this person have a job? -student la weiiii

R is for ROSS TYE! lol
1) Have you heard this person sing? - kaninah!! of course..and LIKE SHIT!!!lol
2) Will she/he repost this? - how the heck i know?
3) When does this person look best? - shyt..worst question of all..HAHA..err..when he's pissing? LOL

S is for Sharon
1) Is this person taller than you? - NO WAAAAAY!!! haha
2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her? - yeah sure..i can bully her!
3) Is this person your friend? - of course! CON GIRL!!!

T is for Terrence
1) What grade is this person in? - no more grades la wei..we're 18 suck up!
2) Would you hug this person?-LOL..he? hug? NO!!! he's too round anyways! haha
3) Do they live close to you? - err.isnt it he? anyways nope!

U is for man United!
1) How is this person related to you? - its not a person..we share a soul!
2) Would you hug this person? - definitely if u call it that
3) Have you met any of his/her family? - i wish i could meet Mr.Busby though.lol

V is for Vanessa
1) Would you do anything for him/her? - guess so..LOL
2) Do you consider them a friend? - yeah
3) Have you met any of his/her family? - of course!

W is for Wee LOONEY
1) Is this person loud or quiet? - LOUUUD QUIET both.
2) Have you seen this person dance? - NOPE..not chet..maybe imitating peter crouch!
3) What color eyes does this person have? - silver..HAHA..black la donk!

X is for Xian Yuen???? lol
1) How old were you when you first met this person? - 16 i guess..
2) Do you like him/her as a friend? - yeah we're cool
3) Would you go to Disneyland with this person? - wtffffffffffffffffffffff?

Y is for Yau Yau Xiang Xiang~
1) How old were you when you first met this person? - form 1
2) What do you think of this person? - he's my dude k..what do u get from there?
3) Have you heard this person sing? - ODDLY NO!!! he's like so damn diam at times!

Z is for Zhuang Hao
1) Does this person have MSN? - of course.who doesnt?
2) What is their favorite sport? - he plays music.does that count?
3) When did you last see this person? - a few weeks back though!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Read the book..

Then watch the show

its awesome and you'll never regret it..cz its

if u do not know the story OR the plot..too bad cz im gonna spoil it for you
Ewan McGregor is the bad guy.
There are 4 preferities and only 3 died
The Pope is the remaining preferity that didnt die.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the blog post.

The Blog Post.

Very first up this post is all words..if u wanna read do rad if not go away!!! This post is a back-to-the-past-message to my future wife. In another 15 to 17 years when I'm "just married" I'll show her this post. So here goes...

hello pretty woman,

First of all I'd like to tell both of us CONGRATULATIONS!!!

and i'd like to tell you that you're officially the MOST LUCKY GIRL in da universe. ah huh..i know i sound damn gay..but WTF right? LOL

Its the 21st of May 2009 and its 9.45pm as i am typin this. So who are you again? Oh yeah, I have no idea. But, I'm sure you're a fun person. Cz thats what i look for in a girl..fun and sporting and easy to talk with..Im sure you are!! I bet you're pretty too..i mean..even of you're not..I'd still think you're pretty..even if you're FAT as hell..i'd still think you're pretty. Pretty is a lil bit of an understatement..you're DAMN beautiful..ok after all that..u must be!!! LOL!!

So who are you again? Oh I have no idea. But I'm sure you stand out. Im sure when i glance through a sea of faces, you'll be there beaming and easy to spot. One look and i'll know its you. You are different because you're my girl. Officially MY property..lol..I do not wish you to be a guurly girl..just a fun one will do..I dont mind you scoldinf the F word.Cz thats smtin a person needs to use in life. But please dont scold CB k..i can but u CANNOT!

I'm SURE you're not a LALA..cz if you are then i think I'm nuts. You may be a diva, but you're my diva. Let me tell you smtin..no matter how we met, I must be really into you to take you as my wife. lol..

ok just for the record..Man Utd WON the league this season and they're in the finals for the Champions League. I'll tell you who won when we read this together someday..lol..and oh yeah..I saw Angels and Demons today with 2 of my friends..dunno whether we are still in contact. Hi ROSS!!! Hi ELYNN!!!! LOL..lameness..

ok i can only think of this few shit. whatever i missed out, I'll slowly tell you till death do us part.

but there are a few things i wanna tell u beforehand cz i know u are gonna ask these few questions over and over again.so here goes:

yes you're not fat.
yes your cooking is AWESOME!!!
yes u are damn friggin beautiful
yes Kris Allan won American Idol this year(2009)
yes i'M still 17 WHEN i type this
yes u are an AH MAH now
yes u didnt make the wrong choice.
yes its a boy
yes its a girl
yes u have white hair
yes u have stopped menstruating
yes you finally reached the menopause stage LOL!
yes i'm a music lover
yes i bought that HI-FI set without ur permission
yes i will sleep on the couch if i made u angry
yes u're the one


yes, i love you.(this is friggin gay! fark!)

Saturday, May 16, 2009



again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again....i can do this over and over again k! lol..

of course..MAN UNITED are champions again!!!

just a few minutes ago! LOL!!!..seriously they should win it in style!!! at least one goal!!! but wth we have been awesome throughout the whole season right? yeah its "WE"..united, me? we share a soul!lol

damn..i saw WOLVERINE today..pretty awesome in the action part..honestly im really bored of WOLVERINE/LOGAN over and over again...the 1st three movies are full of him..now its HIS origin..come on show someone else! i want shadowcat! MEOW!!! lol

i notice im ending each paragraph with "lol"..sibeh lame loh-.-
im bored.emo.and stressed???
damn...im so lazy to discover new bands now.
i duunno..
why the fuck are my recent posts damn lame? cz i duuno wat to write and yet i still wanna write..to be honest. i feel im a friggin scardy cat...ball-less at times! lol..dun ask why..got reason lah,..geeesh..

goodnessgracious..im listening to Shape Of My Heart..how gay is tat? lol..speakin of this song! LOL..i have a history with it..
back in primary six..we LOVE the Backstreet Boys..=.= LOL..wat wat?? evryone has a gay band to start with right? lol..

5 Backstreet Boys, and we wanna be each of them..when i say we i meant shaun, hoerui, me and a few more..damn lame!!! we even signed their names in those JI NIAN CHE thingy!!! damn stupid!! same goes with the MU players..LOL..

shaun would be Ryan Giggs/C.Ronaldo
Hoe rui would be Scholes
Zhuopei would be Van Nistelrooy(last time k!)
Jeremy would be Solksjaer
and im the THEN captain Roy Keane! LOL!!!

anddd..the worse part..we would actually scold the other person if they "stealed" who we are. Like i cant be C.Ronaldo. Cz shaun would scold me! LOL

why am i writing bout the past? its so embarrasin! LOL..fuck!

let me ask u guy smtin..if you can go back to the not-so-long-ago-past..what would you do?

i'd definitely.......

Thursday, May 14, 2009

err new friends?

err...new friends? anyone?

4th day in form six..besides the sweat and errr...SWEAT? lol..i got new friends!!! YAY!!!!!! =.= wadahell??? lets start from the begining of day four.

no actually its day three..we were finally put into classes. After days and days of boring orientation crap the teacher streamed us into classes...so there are six classes and im in da 7th class..lol..pretty lame huh..

6BAWAH SAINS 2 is my class..32 students..no chio bus..damn!

seriously i feel that school has changed..no more familiar faces where u walk by to greet..i mean u still have the juniors..but the ones we really miss is like duhh,...not around anymore..even our batch of scouts left with only 4 persons! sighness wei..

oh err..actually im rujuking yau yau's blog..see what to write..im half asleep as im typin this..err..i think its KOKU now..so i joined:

English Society
Scrabble and Carrom

ok back to class..we elected our monitor..and the teacher left it all to us..this guy got up...catholic
guy..and put himself as the pengacara for a few minutes to elect monitor..walaoooo i cant believe im writing this shit wei...im so damn lame!!! but wth..he got up and was SO damn blur wei..as usual no one wants to be da monitor..all paise..LEBEY SIAL!!! ppl give opportunity duwan..later complaint no bonus marks! diuuuuu

monitor is Yong Kin Sum
asst. Ng Li Za..lol..nice right? dominasi GBS..=.=

i feel like deleting this post..im writing it cz i feel like typing on my keypad...WTF!!????






my keypad is nice to type and press on k!!!


ignore my previous post..i damn dulan that guy!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



im about to let the world know smtin bout my school..smting that all of you should not know..im serious in this post as i wanna really fuck this fucker up..if i can SULA de fella i'd be willing to do it..motherfucker son of a bitch!

wait..lets restart this. I just wanna let u guys know that in this world, there ARE people that are sick in the head. Sick as in mentally disordered. Either they do not recieve love from their family or they're just sexually liberated and has hormone malfunctioning as they are sexually distorted.

Dont get what the fuck im saying? yeah cz i havent really got into topic..I'm NOT scared to express this out through my blog. What this person has done is really abusive, demoralizing and in my languange, he is fucked up! He has abused his own right, he has abused other people's right, and he HAS ABUSED the fact that he exists as a guy.

Seriously i cant believe this guy owns a dick!..Motherfucker, he owns a fucking dick! cibai kia..

i can be a joker all day long, but when it comes to this kinda matter..you wish u didnt know me man..when im serious..u watch out wei..

no..this person does not qualify to be called a


what really happened? u guys wanna know? even if u duwana know i'll still tell..cz i want IT's maruah to jatuh..i want IT to be looked down..i want him to pay for what he has done..i want IT's name, IT fathers name, IT mothers name to be fucked up!..i want IT's whole fucking family to be looked down..i want IT's name to be discriminated..i want to cemarkan IT..


since last year, it peeked evryone who goes into the toilet. Normal hideout? Second cubicle of the form2 block main toilet..MANY MANY MANY people became it's victim and yet, they did not do anything. Last year before SPM..i confronted it..i told IT off and warned him that if he ever does this again, i'll take immediate action.but guess what? it has forgotten what i said.it doesnt look like a person who will do this kinda things..it has a very naive and innocent face..it is even a TEACHER'S SON!

today i went to the toilet with weeloon..i walked in and turned right to find a cubicle to do my business..i opened the door to see whether it is occupied..fuck!..IT was there.

IT was there standing by. Waiting for his prey. IT cant be described as a human..only an animal does this kinda shit.

I saw him. He remembered who i was. Two big fucking eyes. I glared at him..then IT ran off as fast as he could..just your luck u fucker..im gonna be in school for another 2 weeks..2 weeks to hunt my animal down..watch out fucking beast. Because when i catch you again..im gonna report you to HEM and im gonna bring you REAL down..i have alota witnesses and Ex victims. Chua En Rui..u animal..i'll bring you down and make you a SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION!!!!!!I'll get you! do not play a fool with me regarding this kinda matter..im dead serious.

Monday, May 11, 2009



after 6 or 7 months rotting and stuff..i finally stepped into school as a student in a uniform..

1st and foremost..SCHOOL IS DAMN HOT!!! HOT!!! PANAAS!!! RI!!!!! JUAK!!! walaoooo

i look fat..ah huh..cz i am FAT! damn..i do not need u guys to remind me..lol..i practically need to force myself into my uniform..and when i sat..i had to losen it..faark..stupid stomach!...

ice breaking was damn lame..
viva is lame as usual..
but we sat behind laughing like mad man..lol
2mr another round..
lotsa new peeps..


another 2 more weeks then im off..

our schooll actually has a phone detector..how crazzy is that?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


wesakkkkkk WAALK

lets try doing this the point way like we use to do back in form5:
-yesterday was wesak
-day before yesterday was wesak walk
-today is mothers day

oi frigger!!! damn stupid..im blogging bout wesak walk k..actually cant remember much..all i remember was SWEAT!!! TIRED!!! PAIN!!! HOT GIRLS!!! and SWEAT AGAIN!!!

so wat the hell lah..i went to ross's house in the afternoon cz i wanna tumpang his car to the temple..i spent like 4 hours at his house..LOL..and it was damn funny..

his house is AWESOME!!! lol..cz its an animal kingdom inside!lol..u want duck? got duck!! u want chicken? got chicken..u want dog? he got 4!!! u want cat? got cat..u want tiger? he dun have..u want lion??? he aso dun have..=.=

lol..ROSS TYE = KAMPUNG BOY!!! lol! he helped me menjolok the Avocado fruit..lol..damn funny..10 minutes outside the compound..i kena nyamuk gigit 5 or 6 times..damn..the nyamuk berbelang wan k..lol..and our kampung boy was half naked when he jolok the fruit! lol

err okaaay after bathing and stuff..we went to huixian's house to pick up..obviously..hui xian.lol.cindy and carynn..DUUNO WHO actually said wanna drive loh..oh wth.lol..anyways reached SKE and DUHH!!! it was JAM GILER!!! ish wei..parked the car at the usual place then walked to meet elynn..
yadayadayada i put the next one hour in point form lah..lol
-lotsa people
-met yichiang
-kuci him
-saw alota ppl
-lotsa lotsa ppl
-sea of faces
-damn hot
-sweating like hell
-called elynn
-met her
-changed baju
-saw some lame young boys smoking in the toilet
-thinks that they're wannabes
-ready to walk
-yet waited another 15 minutes..

then JALAN!!! oh btw...lol..we are responsible for collecting donations for onlookers along the destination..so we started of with a tabung kosong..walked a few steps..got ppl wanna give donations d..and after accepting the money.we got lost!..dang!..
stopped and chatted with Pn Lai..lol..i feel a lil different talking to them now..maybe im old d!!! LOL..
so i duuuno wat to write when we were walking..LOL...except the fact that Gavyn came and buat kacau and he was so damn retarded all day!.. WEI JIE!!!!! LOL..damn newb! and another..there were LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of ppl..as i said.SEA OF FACES!..go listen the song aso..on the left..CLICK IT! lol

got back at the temple around 10 plus..and still gotta wait for some stuff..but didnt get to see the balloons...only fire crackers..which i sempat snap 2 pic but this retard laptop bluetooth gilababi..lol..
oh yeah..i missed out smtin..when we were waiting..elynn came by..asked me whether she should check her JPA results..she hesitated..WTH lah!!! i called weeloon ..asked him to help check..and...and....and.........and............
jeng jeng jeng.....
she totally had tears in her eyes!!! HAHAHA!!! Isaac was damn funny!!! lol..CONGRATS AGAIN!!! 3 cheers!!! meow meow meow!!! lol..we group hugged her!
went for supper at Pak Putra with Cindy they all..seriously i think the guy cheated me wei...he took my 10 bucks!!! babiness...!!!
form6 2mr guys!!! enjoy the 2 weeks baybeh..and best of all..i cant fit my uniform..faaaark..

Thursday, May 7, 2009



lol...if it were'nt for rengga, i will not know what the 2 words above means..ok gr8..to those who doesnt know what the words means.......

go check up the dictionary!

lol..ok fine..it means a person's former school/institute...so cikkidout..im gonna go back SMK GAJAH BERANG(very long nvr type the name d..lol) for TWO weeks!!! haha~~~,...form six baybeh!!!!! 2 weeks of school again!!! im friggin excited wei..i nvr thought i'd say this but..WTH!!!


maybe it may not fit anymore..cz im friggin FAT!!!oh man..but im still sooooooooooo excited!!! haha...i get to sneak my phone to school again!!!i get to meet some of the peeps again!!!! well at least some lah...but wth riight? its SCHOOL!!!!
i think first few days gonna be orientation lah...like hardcore orientation like form one..where we GET TO SING THE SCHOOL SONG AGAIN!!!! YAY!!!! haha!!! lol

err..but not everyone is gonna be there..some of them went to college like damn early..but some ppl MASUK college d still come and buat kacau..LOL...those INTI ppl ah...dunno who lah..lol..oh..got 2..not only one..LoL

so there are gonna be some NDC/MGS/CHS/Tuntuah guys coming to our school for form six..so its gonna be pack i guess..but not for long lah..after a week or so..then u'll see some ppl gone..i mean like MOST ppl..including me baybeh!

damn..i get to see Mr Siew's fuckface again!!! and to those new students from other school..u'll have nightmares soon after u see him...

whoa..i got a chance to be head boy!!! lol..Lim Zi Han a head boy??? LOL..scary thought..lol u bet! haaaa!

see u then mates!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009



i feel like my desktop is totally neglected..no one uses her now..YEA its a HER!!! lol..damn

i feel ill...i do not have any specific topic to blog about wei..i mean i have..but i just duwana blog bout it...cz im gonna be damn harsh i currently i got NO tenaga...daaaaaaaamn tired!!!

played badminton with Ross Ben and Elynn today..after that went to see show...IT WAS A LOUSY SHOW!!! i mean...oklaaaaaaaaah boleh tahan lah...friggin drama...i cant remember the title but i think its: "he's just not that into you"...damn long riight??

EH ROSS who wanted to see??? LOL!!! i wanna see wolverine wan k!!!lol..

my gooodness..its a VERY BORING STORY..lol..but i think girls will like it lah..friggin chick flick! Elynn was like AWWWWWWWWW-ing throghout the movie..apasal ne?? LOL..but seriously scarlett johanson(did i spelled it right?) was like damn HAWT..no she's not bitchy lynn!!! lol but her boobs ARE big..lol

wat? wat? wat? cannot ah?lol

T A H N I A H !

Anda Ditawarkan Untuk Mengikuti Pengajian Ke Tingkatan 6 Bawah
Berikut Adalah Maklumat Tawaran

Lim Zi-Han
11th MEI daftar

lol...im SOOOOOO gonna go!!! come on baybeh do it...2weeks of seeing Mr Siew's cikopekk face..yeah its worth it..me like, me like..lol..

tired tired TIRED!!!!!!! i wanna sleep...Friday PROCESSION!!! one more round?? adumak!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LALAs and everything around them

LALAs and their community of suck ups!

hey peeps..have u guys ever come across people who often give their own defination of love.?? or writing crappy stuff bout love..OR even mourning by writing how miserable their lifes are cz of their failed "love"??? fuhh..trust me..i've seen ALOT and even witness it..isnt it stupid??? okaaay..let me tell u where to find these suck up quotes and writings..

Chinese Languange Blogs.
Blogs that contains many english grammatical errors.

these guys are dead stupid..when they have a crush on someone..they'll put all sorts of fucking little detail of how "pain" they are in "love". get a life mtrfkrs!!!

okaaay thats not the main topic..thats the sub topic of the main topic..whats the main topic???


i dunno why i just gotta post something bout these people..the community that actually make the public's eye SORE..okay for starters..what are LALAs??

The Normal Defination:

LALAs are (half) human being that wear weirdly and are very supportive of the harajuku pop culture in japan and taiwan and hongkong and east asia..these monsters like to act cute and make annoying faces when it come to pictures and self portraits. they are normally chinese educated. Acting cute is their main hobby. When i say act cute means they will tend to speak in a whiny/sharp pitched voice when talking to ppl.

My Version of Defination:

they're a bunch of fucked up asses who has no sense of dressing..loves to mimick they're favourite taiwan artists..puff up they're fucking dick licking lips little bitches..and fucking dumbass whores that suck in the english languange.

lets analyze LALAs and their personality..

LALAs loves socializing..they want to know every single person whom are from the same community(LALA)..first up they'll look at the opposite sex in a funny way..its not really staring but more like prying kinda look..like glancing then turn away in a split second kinda way..this is to keep they;re image of SHYness and INNOCENTness..

socially they tend to have TONS/PLENTY/MUTIPLY the MULTIPLE of social networking websites (Friendster/Facebook) profiles..even though no one adds them up..normally the number of friends increases because THEY add ppl up not the other way..so they're bunch of cheapskate asses!!

you will know ita s LALA when u see one..there's no need to think twice..one look and straight away u'll know its them cz of what they wear..their sense of dressing is SHIT!!! thigh length socks that are made to suffocate the legs..over SHORT MINI skirts that any pervert has a chance to peek..cheapskate tank tops..cheap black heels..cheap make up..these are what they usually wear..OMFG..super-long -eye-covering hair fringe..

for guys..the hair part..similarly...LONG fringe..blonde/green/pink/red/blue colour..they usually wear tight pink shirts with skins..damn..seriously its awful and fugly! i prefer malay dudes wearing skins cz at least they look indie!!! INDIE ROCK!!! not these LALA-ish fucked up creatures!

oh man..this is the part...ishness wei...EVERYTHING sentence has to end up with:
"de" example: not like this DE
"xx" example: hehexx hahaxx lolxxxx
"^^" example: me so happy de loh^^
fuck!!! lets not count the other grammatical errors..that'll take all day..the common ones..
LALAs tend to use "ME" instead of "I"
example: Me today no go school
they'll replace ONLY n a sentence with JUST which is equivalent to CAI in madarin..
instead of: Later only i'll study
they'll go: Later JUST study loh~~~
geli right??? another one..instead of typing nicely alphabets by alphabets..
they'll type: heLLo!!! My n@me iS ChOng AH K@o!^^
damnly stewwwwpid...lol..so a typical LALA-fied sentence will sound..
"wah!!! today me so tired de loh^^ hehexx so many homework at school..lolxxx..the teacher so bad de..just know how to give many many homework..me so fan de loh^^ hahaxxxx"

ishness...so lets join forces to wipe out the LALA culture and practice..its severe!!!! u can start by joining groups in friendster or facebook..or copy the ANTI LALA crew badge and paste it in ur blog!
lets keel and make LALAs EXTINCT!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

the return of sha hor fan

The Return Of Sha Hor Fan!

crapness!!!...everyone seems to be blogging bout they're college life wei..i feel so left out!..i wanna learn a jampi so that time REALLy flies and i'll start college! dang it!!! SO unfair loh!..anyways..i went to ipoh with my family for 3 days for a FOOD FEST!!! i came here like a few times but the best was when i was stndrd2 wit the kindergarden! soooooo...ipoh is:

ngar choi!
Sha hor fan!
kuk yam kai!
gai fan!
har meen!
char keoy teow no.2 (number1 is penang)
foh san DIM SUM!!!

if u dun like the food there..then u're one big dumbass whom ur taste buds i pity!

i feel ipoh is actually more like a town then its current status which is BANDARAYA which also means city..no offense there though..cz ipoh is like an old town..like those u see on 1970s TVB dramas..there are like only 3 secondary schools i can see..IN town of course and one primary school..and ONE shopping mall..which sells a wide variety of condoms!!! damn..lol

the 1st food stop is of course ngar choi with sha hor fan and chicken rice..i ate a big bowl of hor fan...and ate another plate of chicken rice..walao..i just cant stop eating!!! damn NICE!!!!!

oh yeah..speaking off..its like an old story or myth that goes ipoh girls are damn chio/pretty/beautiful/watever in malaysia...but NO! of the 4 days im there..they're like okaaaay to me only lah...wats beautiful is their skin..so NOW!!! im OFFICIALLY degrading ipoh girls in the malaysia's prettiest betinas,,LOL

so ipoh-ians u are DOWN!!! no more number 1!!!!
The top four Rankings.
1.Klang Valley girls
2.Penang girls
3.Ipoh girls
4.Malacca chiobus

lol...crazy stuff..haha..oh yeah..i went to this CAVE i duunno wats its name cz this is the least popular one,,,ive been to the others like SHANBAODONG and JILEDONG all the DONG DONGs this one i nvr been...but anyways...i saw two monkeys like totally fucking their way happily..

shitness..the fucker was PUSHING AND PULLING AND THRUSTING..LOL...and the fucked which i think is a female..if not those 2 primeapes are gay...come to think of it..they're banging from behind wei...anyways...the fucked ape is shrieking like fucking HELL!!!
omgdness..and they're doing it on a rooftop..how COOL!! such a turn-on..lol! my dad didnt allowed me to take a picture of the sacred action of love or SEX! lol

friggin horny apes..i cant really remembered everything i ate cz i REAAALLLY ate alot..first there was breakfast..then 2nd breakfast then lunch one then lunch then lunch2...damn..my dad just kept coming back to the hotel with more food and food and FOOD!!! one thing i gotta admit though..
people there speaks cantonese..GUON DONG...damn..its like seriously annoying..lol..cz i CANT speak!..when i approach a hawker
he'll ask OI MAT YEH?
so i replied, pohpiah LIANG GE!
then he'll say, har?
then i'll reply, LIANG GE POHPIAH with my 2 fingers up.
then u do the math..i cant speak good chinese..im pelat in cantonese..the best is still BM or english..everyone understands....err..at least the former..lol
so ipoh huh...not a good place to go if u wanna enjoy sight seeing but for FOOD...its okaaaaylaah..lol...still cant beat Penang..!
credits to the monkeys cz they gave me a sight that i'll NEVER forget and will always refer to!..lol