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Saturday, August 28, 2010


everything she does is beautiful, everything she does it right.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I can't quite figure it out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

henceforth with you.

Do you peeps know the show Italian Job? With them awesome Minicoops? yeah that one.
Remember what John Bridger said to Charlie?

"When you find someone, hold on to her. Forever."

I'd like that.=)

Friday, August 13, 2010

I dare you.

Maybe redemption has stories to tell.
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell
Where can you run to escape from yourself
Where you gonna go?
Where you gonna go?

I dare you to move.

I have been..

Okay I really wanna get this thing up again.
I heard A levels are finally over for some people, 2 years man, i almost chose to do A levels and honestly, i didnt regret not choosing it.

There's something really bothering me, its about HANDPHONES. Not that handphones are useful devices, its just that PEOPLE WHO CARRY IT SOMETIMES JUST DONT USE IT.
damn. okay I'll dedicate a whole new post for that.

not forgetting also the gruesome, challenging, uphill struggle, pain, sheer determination to apply PTPTN. fck.

Stuffs lately

LAW SEMINAR (which is last saturday-.-)
location : MMU
mood : fked up.

SMK Gajah Berang Jubilee Dinner

Feli's house

Second visit to the Zoo within a period of 6 months.
Say im damn free but im not.

The one and only Aaron Leo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gemuk machamm babiiiii

Hi there folks!
Okay this blog is completely screwed up, but you know what?
I AM INSPIRED AGAIN! I'll continue blogging regularly, AGAIN!

Okay besides the new start of this thing, I'm here to post ONE very obvious new thing that is happening to my life now, its not much, its just a very simple 6 alphabet and 3 words phrase.


Like DAMN FAT. Lemme tell you why am i fat. ITS NOT MY FAULT (i think.lol)
So here goes,

1. The establishment of McDonalds being a TOO convenient place to eat.
2. Exams and activities are at night, which makes me have my dinner AFTER activities, which its kinda late.
3. Stress, need food.
4. Stress NEED FOOD!

See its ENTIRELY NOT MY FAULT for being fat, LOL, okay who am I kidding. I just consume alot lah. Damn. I wanna be THIN AGAIN!!!


This is so gonna slow down my speed for futsal.shyt.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Reblog!

This is a post posted by one of my friends from his blog. Interesting and thought provocative, but not for offending purposes. Read on people.


I am filled with doubt after attending church services and surmons as they are contradicting themselve.Following are my doubt, not to denounce christianity, but to seek for clarification.

1) Christianity promotes toleration toward other religion

doubt : Why i kept hearing pastor in the church try to undermine other religion? particularly Buddhism, where he said" what is the old monk doing with his joss stick , sitting there not praying to god? " . Another instance is when my shepard said :" Why hinduism has so many god? dont they get confused? no wonder they are confused." I can only conclude that they are try to exclude or undermine other religion to justify their religion. Such is the irony.

2) Christianity promotes fundamental human right

doubt: The pastor kept assert that christian could not marry non christian. Is he not aware that that violate fundamental human right of freedom of association? Such is the irony.

3) Christianity is a religion which encourage people to live abundantly, but not with money and ambition. You like your life for god.

doubt: Can you fill your stomach just by praying to god? You cant neglect the reality that you need money to live a good life. Conflict in family bound to happen when you dont have money.Is that called live abundantly?Such is the irony

4) Christianity - abundance is promised in after life.

doubt: What about the present?

5) Pastor- dont just live a good life, live a god life

doubt: How do you live a god life without good life?

6) Pastor:" christianity promote peace and undestanding"

doubt : " Is he not aware that the " allah " issue is spark by chuch ?
" Is he not aware that in bible, god actually intruct moses to lead the israelis to invade other nation to claim the "land of god?" Is that not amounting to agression and violence ? " Such is the irony.

7) Pastor: " you will feel empty and lonely without religion"

doubt: " it is a feeling."You feel loneliness, hence you get loneliness.if you feel happy and abundant, you will get abundant.You just need to control your feeling.feel positive,think positive and your life will be positive. That is not religion. That is law of attraction.

haiz...so confusing...No offend to anyone. Just doubt and you may help me clarify it by replying me.thx
Credits to Tan Han Shen