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Thursday, May 19, 2011

1+1 = More than just One

Have you ever had that moment in life, when you feel like you're alone and no one is there for you?Its all dark, scared, and the loneliness around you? It just scares everything, every little detail out of you.


Nah, I'm not writing anything emotional.
Just saying that, when and IF that moment happens to you reading this, you're not alone. Even as I'm typing this, there will always, always be friends, family, and people who care about you.
Always wanting to help you, and be there for you. That's what relationship and connection between people mean.
It's natural and warm.=)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello people! Every year in Malacca, the Buddhist temple of Seck Kia Eenh would hold an annual procession on Wesak Day to commemorate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. For non-buddhists, Buddhism is not a religion, it is a teaching, a way of life=)

So every year, the most talked about walk amongst high school students and teenagers would be this particular procession. I try to make it every year, and 2 days back, I felt so young again.walking side by side with school students from schools around Malacca.lol.


As it is every year, the course of the procession is still the same, same route. However, I guess it was prettty fast this time. Started at 7, close to 8, and ended around 9.48PM. Kinda fast than usual.

Finally finished my core paper, one more elective paper and then I'm done for my first year LLB. New people we met in the starting of this first year, however, new bonds are created.haha.
Watched Priest. Concept was kinda great! However, as all other typical movies, the plot sucks!

The procession was okay, it was more like a gathering and hi-bye session for old friends. People I never thought I would see after high school pop out from the crowd like err...poppers? and people who touch you suddenly and waiting for you to turn back and look at them to say hi may sometimes spook the hell out of me.haha.oh well..

it was fun=)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stare Decisis.

Wondering if you could be one of those crows? Ugly and black, but free as a, well, bird. lol.
I have no specific point in posting this post, just wanted to post something for the sake of posting.
I'm having my exams tomorrow.

I hope its gonna be okay. I wanna be that flying bird. Not the others.=)
updates on Wesak tomorrow!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Char Char Char! KEOW TEOW !

Hello folks!

Do you all know what it feels like when you have tasted something heavenly? Something SOOO tasty that you can't even talk, you only focus on the taste, the smell, the spice,and every little specific chew and bite you take, is love. Pure love. It stimulates your tongue, even the senseless teeth tells you that you are biting something soooo delicious that you send sparks into your brains, your body's nervous system come to a complete entire halt, only your tongue is doing the tasting..



I've roamed around Malaysia, trying to look for the best of all BESTEST Charkeowteow's that I can find, they say the legend started in Penang, where Charkeowteow was born and bred, and to master the finest way to cook it, is a task as daunting as how David can overcome Goliath.lol.

okay enough with the nonsense.

The moment I reached Penang, I ordered a few plates of charkeowteow throughout my time there. The following are the ones that are really up to par! haha. However, basically, Every plate was love. =) Here are my personal ratings of em.lol

First I tried when I reached Penang
Big Prawns, Tasty, and Chai Po!
Typical Penang Charkeowteow
Located at Jalan Chulia, near Love Lane - 8/10

Located at Stall 65
Gurney Food Court CharKeowTeow - 6/10
Remarks : Put too much of lap chiong, kills the taste bit

Gurney Food Court - "Best Penang CharKeowTeow"
Didn't really live up to its name of Best in Penang

Kek Lok Si Charkeoteow located near the famous asam laksa
9/10 - This one is really good. Taste to believe!

Okay this version is Kampar Charkeowteow, located at Kampar Food Court
The man sits down to fry cz heat source comes from a charcoal fire.
healthy being not salty too, which kills off every taste - 5/10

I believe, and can ASSURE AHH!! there are EVEN better ones, I've yet to try the lady who operates in a moving tricycle. It's featured somewhere on the TV. Soon, I will taste it! =)
I guess I'll blog about OH CHIEN (fried oyster) soon, but I can tell you the best is still Malacca's very own Bunga Raya Oh Chien !


Friday, May 13, 2011

Things Just Got Started Again!

Hello folks!, I just realized my last post this year was like in January. I guess I'm back for good.




things have changed since I started this blog 4 years ago. I changed, people around me changed. Well if you read posts from the very birth of this blog, you'll see the changes yourself.

Well I wanted to delete this blog and started a new one, that WAS my initial plan. However, THE ROCK did came back to WWE, I CAME BACK TOO! The stuff that I've written here are somewhat classic and if deleted, it'll be a waste!lol.

Now this is just a post signifying my RETURN into this SHIT ! :D Be prepared to be STORMED with MORE POSTS mothertruckers!

I'm finishing my first year in U, last sem peeps! and yes, exams are on next week! Wish me luck! Till then, this would be a short post, when I'm done with papers, this site is gonna rock you so hard you gonna call ur mama and tell her this site rocked you that hard!

till then..


Peace ma Brotha!