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Monday, April 27, 2009

I am your father!!!

I am Your FATHER!!!!

damn..lol..im addicted to a game wei...technically its the first time im into serious gaming..lol..im hook on the Starwars Jedi Knight series..im currently playing Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast II,,,its a seriously nice one person shooter game wei...even better than CS..!!! but im having a haard time finding my light saber wei..im getting it only in level 7~

after pcfair and stuff..life has picked up where it left off..BORING!!! damn..but at least its a sure thing that im entering MMU..no more changes and stuff..thats it..another sucky 5 years in hell hole malacca..oh well..

CLP for mmu has been exempted but only for the 1st three batches of mmu grads..for our year..they'll havta RE-asses the whole thing base on students results...wth riiiight..MMU is the first Private U doing this..and still some know-nuts-guys says that MMU law.."not recognized" i tell u lah...u know nothing..please dont open and close ur mouth for no reason.

there's a new disease around..H1N1 swine flu..so be careful..dont visit MEXICO..USA..CANADA or anyone from there..

i hate updatig laaaame updating! wth??

Thursday, April 23, 2009

PC Fair

PC fair BITCHness

a swift post for pc fair..cz i cant tahan that bitch!!! ish..u try working with her lah..see how fucked up u'll get..anyways..pc fair is only 3 days..i did it for the pay..which is quite lucrative..but the job itself is LAME!!!

there were 3 things we are required to do..
1.count people who came up from the cinema
2.give free gifts to those ppl who purchased 300 and above
3.count ppl from the escalator bringing ppl up to the 3rd floor.

seriously damn lame wei..1st day i arrived like so damn early 8.15am but work starts at 10!..dang!!..1st job im counting..at the cinema area..then i changed to the escalator side to continue counting..ross came and teman me...cant believe it wei...we kept on talking cock for like 6 hours str8 for the 3 days..lol..im so bored of seeing him d..luckily he's in penang..lol

see la...damn sien d see him..lol

our view for 56 hours


newton..i went there to shit
we used some sort of tally counter when a person comes up..we've gotta press the tally counter once..so its kinda easy lah~..BUT BORING! whoa whoa whoa...the best thing about the escalator job is that..i get to see this girl..she's working at the BENQ booth..damn damn SWEET!!! we called her birthmark girl..lol..cz on the 1st day she wore this speghatti stripe and terdedah her back and there was this big.....err....not really big birthmark..lol..but she's like in her early 20s..so to baaad..lol

tally counter


now the bitch part..i duwana say is who.i duwana end up like cindy wei..LOL!!!..no offence wei!!!.but shit...working with her or i should put working for her is like asking a pig to bathe 3 times a day...at first i didnt know wat she looked like..so i asked ross is she pretty..
"from the back she looks HOT..then when u go to the front...OMFG!!!!"

she came around 1 smtin on the 1st day..okaay for starters i saw her from the back..lol..and i thought she was seriously hot wei...but then..its to good to be true..she turned around...INDEED!!! OMFG!!!!ZOMG!!!FAARK!!!....u do the math..lol

bitch can sit ther with u and do ntg..bitch only watches what u do...bitch comes in late for all 3days..bitch gives stupid excuses..and this is not surprising..bitch flirts with like almost everone from other booths...damn..wat do u xpect right...bitchness lies in bitches..ish!

OH WTH LAH..i made 3 new frens though..all from MMU..guess i'll see them again soon..lol..
last day...10pm..kept the stuffs..tore of my beep..yeah we wore beeps while working..like those policeman's..lol..then took the pay..and ran off..

oh holy bitchness..i cant tahan her!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


GENTING-City Of Ke-CHING$$$$$$$$€€€€€€

fuhh finally i can online!!! ONLINE BAYBEH!!! for 2 whole weeks my connection went down..seriously farked up..now hopefully okaaay d wei..this is my first official blog on my laptop..the earlier one doesnt count cz i post it with my desktop in the end..lol..

so alot happened past 2 weeks...lets tackle each post by post..this one is genting..2days trip 158 pictures and 5 videos..came back and got lectured by my mum..cz waste battery by taking pictures..she even counted average time i snap a picture and its 5 minutes 19 secs..crazy riight?

so cikkidout...

14th April
woked up at around 6am wei..brush bla bla..ate bla bla..then we meet up at sentral market..of all PLACES??? the MARKET??? damn wei...oh wth,,i wasnt the 1st to reach..alot were there d..so we ended up wasting like 40 minutes talking to each other and crapping around cz the driver had to go pick up so lame adult tourists from malim area

yau yau,..seem nerdy here wei

ah pet(ZP)

girls or mroe like aunties

so around 8 we left...shitness..i went up the bus and found a sit yau yau saved for me..then when i look at the other row...FUCK!! shitness wei...i was like damn disgusted!!!...a bunch of sick malay homos were there..seriously GAY wei...there was even a friggin transexual dude/lady...wtf??? anyways..as usual loong journey=music..i ended up having to tell the tour guide i had to pee infront of evryone in da bus..farked up wei...

we stopped at seremban RnR..and nasi lemak was okaaay..bla bla bla..actually i was playing more with yau yau's PSP la..the Naruto game was kinda awesome..lol..

we reached around 12 and was ready to check in baybeh..oh yeah btw..throughout the WHOLE friggin journey..the blardy tour guide labelled us XIAO PENG YOU..like wtf wei??? we are 17/18 k..damn..

on the way up

kl highway



oh yeah cable car 1st..lol..1st time on a cable car..quite sua ku loh,,,ya ya..continue to roll ur eyes..this is only my SECOND time to genting k!!!...its not city of entertainment..its wasting money city!!!..damn..lol...so i kept on taking pictures throghout the half hour ride..and we were sitted with this bunch of old ppl who obviously only came here to try luck..(gambling dumbass!)
cable car station

damn suey heng
flora dan takde fauna

actually we didnt check in just yet,,,forgive me for the putar belitan..cz i really need to recall wei..LOL..we put our bags at the counter so that the bags are secured and we head on to the outdoor theme park..fuhh...the first ride was craaazy...SIAO!!! and NUTS!!! i duuno wat u call it but it'll spin till u are dead..literally..damn..bangow told me this was the mild one..the first step to try the others,,,MY FOOT!!! cikopekk..scary and dizzzzzy wei.

scary scared out my balls thing
crazy stuff wei..i freaked out when i sat on that shitty thing above..shouted and shouted..fark..ah pet sommore say wanna hold hands..gila!
after that it was raining damn heavily..i mean VERY!!!..visibility is ZERO wei..lol..so we ended up eating at MARRYBROWN!...dang!!...marrybrown is really not that ncie la compared to McD's..i still prefer McD's..lol..actually i and Ah Pet more like play than eat..cz we were shooting ice cubes all over the others..lol..with a straw..lol..
then we went back to get our luggages and rest for like 2 hours after check in..i bath..2nd time of the day..lol..cznt tahan the stickyness sometimes wei..lol..seriously First World's room no doubt is small but still condusive wei...and the best thing..THE TOILETS are CLEAN!!!..lol..thats the most important for me..lol
we changed and went on to the theme park to find more trouble..we actually beratur-ed for go cart earlier on..but raining so ditunda..after shower..we went on to beratur again..30 minutes waiting for i think 8 or 7 laps of total crapness...damn! waste time wei! theres this asshole..that bloody farktard..its just a go cart for fun thing...fucker he took it like a race and went on kissing my cart's ass...fucker..NUMBER 15!!! i still remember u dumbass!!!
camming(he doesnt smoke)yau yau
i dont too
bangow and yau yau went to sit the rocket thing..which goes up and down and up and down again...crazy shit lah...u want me to sit that shit??? kill me 1st wei...oh another one is the spinning cups which i almost puke!!!..dammit...TAN ZHUO PEI!!! ish!!! i sat on the cup..then it was turning slowly...VERY slowly...then Ah Pet turn anr TURN and TURN and FUCKING TURNED like hell..i was like DIZZY MAJOR wei!!!...evrything was BLUR..and the only thing i can see was AH Pets dumb face!!! damn!!..lol...he IS dizzy...but he just continued like hell!!!
this will be the first and last im sitting on that stupid cup!..

da shu xia

after that we went on for the "boat ride" crazy gravitynessshitfriggincomingdown thing!...its ctually a slow and steady boat ride untill it goes up and pulls you down like hell...pulling ur pelvic area away..at least thats how i felt...scary but SHYOK!..lol..
boat ride thingy
fake cave
CCY i dont understand wei...u didnt play anything after the first thing..u chicken out!!! haha!!! CHICKEN!!!! BO CI!!!! lol~~~
then is da world LAMEST roller coaster ride which Ah Pet film my xpression during the whole lame ride..the thing is only FAST but boring...VERY VERY boring..i seriously do not know why the hell i shouted..lol...seriously stupid!

pirates lame ship
then later on they went on to sit this pirate's ship which goes forward and backward vice versa...this one i admit...i chicken out..lol..cz i got his thing with the pelvic area...this thing brings u high up and rush down with high velocity..and as Pet says..pelvic area sure "YANG" (itchy) so i'm scared of itchyness and geliness...so wth..i passed this!
AND instead i took pictures! of them!

its carrie
7 o clock we finished up at the theme park and headed on to our rooms to bath and stuff...8.15 dinner time...and food was LOUSY!!!! ishness the chicken hey served was like half cooked wei...i toook a whole bunch and ended up eating i think 1 piece or more..lol..
we went back up to our rooms and spend time pranking other rooms.no let me rephrase..i went to the girls room to prank others..LOL...damn friggin stupid...i pranked called zhuo pei's room and he was like SOOOOO damn scared! LOL
me:"hello..i am tony from room service..did u order in two pizzas and a coke?"
ZP:"no we no order.."
me:"are u SURE?? cz we have ur room number in da list."
ZP:"sure sure..we NO order anything leh.."
me:"ARE YOU SURE SIR!!!!!????? im having a VERY bad day today im asking u NOW did u order anything?????!!!!"
it was CLASSIC!!! lol..i think he freaked out wei..LOL..!!!
when it was really laaame..i went back to my room and watch Desperate Housewives with yau yau..lol..2 guys watching a gay drama...how gay is tat?..lol
before that we went to snow world...lol...crazy stuff..evryone didnt really wanna go but ZP insisted and if we do not wanna go...i think he'll cry wei...cz he seriously SULKED!!! lol...so we went in and it cost RM15 bucks to those who did not tore off their theme park bracelet-passes..smart asses tore it off..LOL..aaron!..haha..they ended up paying RM17..
it was -5 degree clecius and i was wearing short pants..imagine how cold is that wei...DAMN COLD
i cant feel my hands if i take off the gloves..and the second we stepped in..they were throwing artificial snowballs here and there...dman wei...kukuchaio!!!...LOL..terkena my ears MANY times and it went NUMB and SORE!!!!
we cant take any pictures cz its the RULEBOOK..yeah..how laaaame is that huh~
we didnt sleep till like 2 or 3 am cz yee kee's birthday was the 15th...so the guys went down and bought a blueberry cake for her..i think it costs around 80+++ wei...and we eneded up wasting it
cz nobody wants to finish it the next day..lol..
the guys waited till it was like 12..and surprised her in her room..LOL...yepp the light was off and she was clueless..lol..
mickey mp3 that KS gave

cool huh..

aigght..after cake we went down to have a drink at starbucks..then we went for a walk..more like camwhored actually..lol..wasting time doin ntg but talking and taking pictures..lol..photos all below..lazy to put it chronologically lah..

so then it was bedtime...3 am..i went in the room..and couldnt sleep...yau yau said he doesnt snore...YEAH RIIIGHTT u dont!!!! dude..u are so damn noisy!!! LOL..!!! i cant even TRY to sleep wei!!!..lol

noisy la u!

pictures for the day!

1st world


oscar ass look-alike





cool huh!




shuddup please..











15th April
woke up at 11.45am..LOL..seriously i thought it is still dawn..cz the room had no sunlight...wtf??? i woke up and find my phone..damn!!! so late wei!!!...
so we ended up waking evryone up room by room then...we became morons and complete idiots for like 20 minutes..we locked ourselves out our rooom..lol..me and yau yau..stupidness for a swift period lol..i cant even remember whether we had breakfast or not..LOL..all i know was second day was ARCADE all the way!!!..LOL

oh yeah i remembered..we did ate breakfast..i ate this ROCK thingy where u cook ur own friggin chicken on a black rock...its okaaay and yeah its xpensive..i wanted to try only..the guys went on to eat McD in genting??? WTF??? lol!!!


i took france home
we spent like 3 hours at the arcade...ONLY the arcade..damn..we did it only to collect those lame tokens wei..LOL..first there was this basketball thing which we are PRO in it..LOL..
then there's this ball game where u thorw the ball towards the screen to gain points..lol..fun!!! but painful..lol..
so to be fair..we got around 900+++ points are trade them for 13 gold coin key chains..LOL
xiong wat???LOL patrick the policeman

3.30pm was the time where the tour guide asks us to kumpul and wait to depart so...3pm we went to the outside bus staiton to kill time..
carrie yeeshien and i went to get some snacks where carrie tried to pull out a stunt..she tried getting into the casino..LOL...i dared her..and she took the dare...how cool for a girl!..LOL
she walked in like nobody's business and the policeman asked for her IC..LOL..she handed up to him and the guy asked her to get lost!!!...LOL!!!
IC mana???




seremban RnR



after a few snacks...and ice cream..and famous amos-es...we headed home with the same tour bus...with the SAME homos on board...ewwww...LOL..
to be frank...i really DO NOT LIKE the idea of tour guidance..LOL...i'd rather go by myself with frens and family..cz following a tour guide..u gotta obey....i hate obeying..LOL...
next post-working at PC FAIR!!!! where i'll be using the word BITCH frequently !!!!