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Thursday, April 29, 2010

the one Jeremy's Birthday day.

nao eh.
Okay I'm awesome again. No more sickness. Just that silly little thing bugging my throat now=S
Just got back from Jeremy's birthday thingy in Seoul Garden.
Happy Birthday again you MOFO.HAHA=) kla now u officially MOFO too d=D

Im updating for the sake of updating. Cz its been pretty long since I came here to actually type.
ohh April's ending and Finals are coming.
May peeps, MAY-the month of tension=.=

The fact that I'm here means that I'm not studying.
So people, close ur books.
dont study!
dont study!
dont study!
i say

okay bye!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

the one i finished MUET

Oh guess what!
Did you know that if you drink ALOT ALOT ALOT of liquid substance, you'll pee MANY MANY MANY times? Thats what I discovered today. I drank FIVE regular sized cups worth of Coke and PEED like 4 times in a span of 90 minutes. awesome dot com can!=S

MUET is gone case, that is IF I get the results that I want=S
And lemme tell you bout the READING section of MUET. Oh It can be summed up into three words.


Six or Seven LOOOOOONG passages for you to read and answer a few questions is something that kills! I slept before even finishing all the questions and after I finished, I slept STRAIGHT until the end=.= btw, I even had a dream bout me taking a bus or smtin=S

Went to the movies with Aaron, Feli and Stef afters and watched THE LOSERS, which is awesomely GREAT and FUNNEH!=) But seriously, Max's hand is disgusting, Friggin penguin!=S

After wanting to do it so many times I finally took this picture.

Now finals is here.
Now I'm REALLY screwed.
Now byebye!

I really hope you're okay!=S

Monday, April 19, 2010

the one united

SO YEAH. This is awesome. I KNOW!=D


Stef got into an accident=S
and why are u still so stubborn lah=.=

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the one on eeeenglish

this is what i'm facing on the 24th.

of course, im not gettting the above score. I'm greedy. I WANT MORE.

i want more i want more i want more.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the one on business tips!

Yesterday, i met an angel. Her name is Gloria. She's pretty and beautiful. If i can, I would marry her. Gloria loves me as much as I love her. She makes me happy even though we only spend two days together. Gloria makes me think of things I dont want to thinK. Gloria helps me. Oh Gloria, you're everything, but too bad..

You're just a friggin capo guitar, and you're not mine.


So here's the thing. After this week, there will be no more groups doing their business project and selling stuff around campus. NO MORE! which means my wallet is, I would say happily kept warm in my ass pocket, full of sweat again.=)

For three weeks you can see students and friends selling their "products" and food all around campus. Making life difficult for us as we have to actually mem-PONG CHAN kan them by helping them buy their stuffs.


I learned the skill to IGNORE people=) so lemme share with you peeps!

1. When they approach you, walk faster. If they come closer, RUN! They'll be freaked!=D

2.Some of them tend to shout in order to sell their products. SO! you shout back, OI DIAM LAH!

3. Overcoming mobile selling peeps is easy, when they start talking, use ur hand to PUSH their heads away.=)

4. Say you will buy their products, take out your wallet, then change your mind. Say your money is for the piggy bank at home.

5. If they insist on you buying their stuff, SHOUT and SHRIEK and say DONT FORCE ME!!!

6. When people come to you telling you and explaining their stuff, SING to them! LOL.

7. OR talk to someone TINY=) LOL!

if you do all the abovesaid, i RESPECT YOU.
if you got no balls?

just take out ur hand and say "no" .LOL.

now thats good business=)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the one which i bee cee dee eee

So yeah, I'm wondering how can I do something without procrastinating.
If i can do that, the sky will turn purple.

I am lazy. I restarted my phone for like three times and its still hanging now.
Okay im restarting it for the effin FOURTH time=.=
screw my phone.

victim of an insect. (im not suanning)

Dweeb. Thats a word I'd like to call someone lately. Not to say she's crappy or what, okay fine she IS crappy. and the best is, she applies THEMES in her life everyday.
Themes as in what she will-or HOW she will act- in a certain day.
dont get me huh, okay nvm. Dweeb it is.

uh huh

strictly no futsal

"where the heck is the squirrel?" lol


NO comment on the shriek! LOL!


There are three types of Chicken rice.
Hainan, Chicken rice ball, and Nasi Ayam kampung. All are equally tasty and nice,
I just do not know which one to choose.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the one where people talk

Okay, lemme tell you what and how the people around me speak. It may vary, but this is how I will remember them if I were blind=)

Phang Jai Juet :Dont care them lah! We do what we do already! NA NI YOU, why you so scared of them? *LOL

Chai Yang Yu : O, yameh? O, shi me shi? O, no ah! O, O, O, O!!!

Ross : Eh, SAKOK LAH!!!=)

Cheah Suit Yee : Wo na li you!!! Bu yao jiu bu yao loh! Zi-Han arhh~~~~* YUCK!!!

Winnie Ho : Die lo.

Wuen Han : Okay bye-bye *hangs up*


Eunice : I dont know lerh!!! Harrr??!!!! lol

Ooi Kuan : Oohh, shi meh?

Yukifoo : YES.

Yau Xiang: Ma de ni lah! CB! LOL.

Adelia : I dont know this shit. Oh crap. WTFFFFFF!?

Lara : Is it? HAHA. This rawks lah!=)

Shearl : Dont talk nonsense lah! Oh yeah right, Mr. Likeable! lol

Benson Chiang : *any music, he speaks through songs.=) LOL.

Teoh : Aiyohhhhhh~~~

Wee Loon : Nabei! Talk cock lah! Fark youuuuu, dont talk nonsense. Cu + SO4 - CuSO4. Chemis geng lah!lol

CCY : Ma de. Fakiu! Ur kotek! Ni de mao! Akaun simpanan tambah Asset, debit ini itu, Account GENG LAH! lol

Felicia : Eh, I tell you! Why ah... (lol)

Aaron : Eh, I think bananas are awesome. Not as awesome as papaya but bananas rule.=S lol.

and of course,

Stefanie Tay : Dont talk like that can? Yorrr, why you like that wan? Eh, damn geli can. Eh FREAK LA YOU. Lebey know. LOL

and with this, you peeps are weird in ur good nice way=) LOL.

My hands smells like fries again=S

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The one where I went to an orphanage.

Okay this is an assignment, I just feel more when i write here! Enjoy.

If I were to go into my room and take out the old photo stash in my cupboard and look through each and every photo, those memories in la-la land would definitely put a smile on my face. Seeing myself as a child in those nostalgic photographs would make me think back of what happened during the days where there was no stress and burden, only fun, love and colours.

That was MY childhood. Not the 8 boys I visited today. 8 boys that maybe one day could change the world.

To fit the criteria for my course work for Law and Society, I and my group members visited Calvary orphanage house to see what is it like being an orphan, living as an orphan, strive as an orphan. The other objective is to understand and maybe apprehend their current situation by asking them what can the government and law change their life for the better. The two hours I spend with them, are those that I would cherish and remember even to the afterlife. Being with them for such a short period made me realize. It snapped me out from the usual impression I have for orphans.

The orphanage itself is an old building. Old, but the children inside it makes it glow. The moment I walked in, something caught me. The children were sitting down, in a very polite manner, whispering to one another at their sight of us. "It's not everyday we have guests." said John who was one of the orphans living here. They were rather well mannered, outspoken and able to mix and interact with us. According to Mr. Albert, the founder of Calvary, this place has been in existence for nearly 10 years and it has nurtured a young child from a curious toddler into a grown young adult. Trying our best to be as friendly as possible, we approached them and introduced ourselves one by one.

8 faces were staring at us, while we were telling them why and what we were there for. They of course do not really understood what our main intention is being there. However, I put my aim for the coursework a side, and started talking to them as friends.

John and Luke were sitting down, very timidly and rather oddly for a boy, quiet. I approached them and started making some usual conversations with them. It seems, most of them had been here for life. They were brought in during their toddler years. Most of the children are receiving education from government secondary schools (SMK Ayer Keroh) and they go to school like all other children do. However, they do not come home welcomed by their parents, but a family consisting of brothers. A band of brothers. While talking to them, I sensed that they were very excited that we came because for one main reason, us being there, made a difference.

These boys have practically live their life here and when I asked them what do you think of their life, they answered with a look, and then came the word, "bored". They were bored of their life because all they do here is what they have been doing for the past few years since they were young. Without a single difference. Our presence enlightened them. Although they may seem happy and cheerful while we were there, one thing never fails to lie. The eyes. Even though they were being friendly and positive, they had that look in the eye that actually shows that they are not fully happy. If they were to give up anything to change their life, I think they would not think twice on taking the offer.

So then, I asked them how would the government play their role in making these 8 boys' life different, perhaps a much better one. John and Matthew were rather quiet, while little Daniel answered "allowance" over and over again. Calvary is a private owned orphanage that Mr. Albert takes care of during his free time working as a teacher, and when we asked him how can the government help these children, his answer was simple.


With fundings, the children would definitely lead a better life and make a difference in life. These boys cannot be in the orphanage for life, they would have to leave the premises when they reach 18. What could a boy do being an 18 year old without proper education? Without a proper education, I'm afraid that they could be a liability towards the country one day. Our visit came to a close at 11.30am, as the boys had tuition later on in the day. We took some pictures and left the house.

Looking back at my own childhood, what I see today is totally in contrast from what I have. I have a family, they do not. I have a warm house, they do not. I can have all I want, they do not. However, there is something that we have in common, we have love.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The one with only shoes.

and this is how we do it in campus.

Business project is making me DRY.

The one where-remoarse it is.

Okay i admit.
Having to stop school and move on with college life is pretty crappy.
I felt that I have left something aside just like that.


I read Yauyau's blog. and err, seriously, I feel that I dont belong anymore.
Gaaah. dammit. i wasnt what i am now. and i dont like it.
stupid college.