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Friday, January 30, 2009



ok..today im in a mood to blog...but i seriously think this bloggy thing is kinda time consuming...given the fact that my life is SO borring now!!!!

but i LOVE BROCOLLI!!!!!(did i spell it correctly...bocelli??? andrea bocelli??? =.=LOL)

my PC is seriously RETARDED!!!! dammit...its infected by a fucking spyware!!! wtf??? GILA like hell...and now ITS LAGGY!!!!! shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!!! so past week??? oh yeah...CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!! yea yea...as i said...i dont really look forward to chinese new year anymore...no more spirit lah...maybe for the next ten years i'll enjoy it...err no no....i WONT...cz by tat time havta give ANGPOW!!!! dammit EVEN WORSE!!!!

so a whole week in SEREMBAN layaning guests this that this that!!!!...economy crisis on the brink..so instead of the usual over flowing guests..we had a few calls instead...saying this year they cant come...yeah..i dont blame them...alota ppl are feeling the pinch wei...no no...more like a SLAP...

80,000+++ employees LOST their job in europe..,the american gonvernment gotta provide another multi-million bail out package...so angpow this year aso less la...dammit FUCKING PC!!!! DAMN ANNOYING!!!!!! geesh!!!

aight..so we picked a day to tuan bai...i think its on the 28th..CHU SHAN lah..i came back for one day...so we met at ross's house first...then only go house by house..i really didnt like the idea of TUAN BAI lah..seriously..cz like goin house to house collecting angpow..which is like so DESPERATE for money..and ppl havta layan u sommore...but nvm lah..its not evrytime evryone is together again...err i lost count on how many houses we went...i only know 2 things!!!!

first is after all the houses we were damn fucking TIRED!!!!

second is.....DAMN!!! SHIT MAN!!!!! i had to stay in KAH HUI's house ALONE for like an extra half hour!!!! THE LONGEST half hour of my life!!!!!...andrew and zhe fuh left me there...cz they wana go back..and my mum was gonna pick me from her house cz more convenient...BUT!!!! wtf???...sososososososoooooooo AWKWARD!!!! ewww...i think i was RED for the whole half hour!!!

at her house!!!! x(

so i didnt really took pictures...only a few with my phone..speaking of my phone!!!! ITS RETARD!!!!!! stupid like hell...i think my phone can really PMS man...its like it always pick a period in a month to be gay...without reason de fella off itself..without reason gila gila...man...i need to see a gynaecologist to ask!!!!! wth???? LOL x)

man my pc is really infected now!!!!

oh yeah...u know the malaysian INDIE scene??? yeah i totally root for them man!!!!....GO indie!!!! their fashion sense its DIFFERENT and UNIC!!!!!! gaga!! love em! i drew a band based on INDIE ROCK!!!! cikkidout..in the next post...lazy la wei...

so after CNY its VALENTINES day!!!!

where the roses speak and guys are extremely sweet for the day...lets see..my perfect valentine will be ZHER!!!! ZHER PEEN!!!!! oh man!!! she's GORgeous!!!!! im gonna call her 2mr!!!!!! lol~~~~...the number is...03 729 6011...LOL..call and say u wanna speak to zher!!!!! ZHER!!!! ZHER!!!!! ZHER!!!!! zher zher zher zher zher zher zher!!!!! ZHER PEEN!!!!!!!! i cant really find her picture..she's not that famous tho

so lets valentines day is also ROSS's birthday..lol...see wat will he kena in camp...lol...well...im lazy to continue...ok i have smting..

im currently listening to...

Kerana Aku Masih Ingat - Dragon Red

Pari-pari Di Bawah Angin - Meet Uncle Hussain

im currently reading...

alota free time...LOL
..but i cant find eclipse!!!!!!!! MPH no STOCK!!!

currently busy....

finishing up my driving license!!!

aight..tats all...waste time like hell!!!!...




OH FUCK!!! i'm damn lazy to this already!!!..lazy laaa...
my CNY wasnt that bad...not that busy...but still busy...and of cz im lazy...
oh damn...one thing i know..





Friday, January 23, 2009


The OX says:"Moooooo Mooooooo Mooooooo???"
Translation:I will help save the world this year!!!

yay yay yay!!!! CNY is here!!!!! me so happy de lorr=.=..
i'm trying to sound like those LaLas in their so called blog...LOL...u guys should really go take a look...cz the ENGLISH is absolutely SUPERB!!!!! ahaha!!!

geeesh..ok for some ppl like linyang and those typical chinese eds..their idea of CNY is simple..be happy, look good, smell the money frm the ANGPOWS, socialize, and thinkin they are very good at it. yepp..this is CNY for them..well let me tell u MY rendition of chinese new year.

i have a few say bout CNY
1st of all, CNY does not only cater to the chinese.u know when u have those advertisements like some TV guys asking random ppl to wish CNY on national TV..u get these ppl saying:"i wana wish a very happy and prousperous CNY to those 'who celebrate it'." Now this is stupid..dont only wish to the ppl who celebrate it..WISH it to EVRYONE!!!!

because CNY also caters to the malays..the indians..and evryone..cz this is malaysia..MY CNY is kinda crazy and people tend to have identity crisis..yeah i celebr8 CNY in my granma's house in seremban yea and wats different is that any Ah Chong, Ali and Muthu will be in my granma's house..

My grandparents are like really POPULAR people...they are like when ALI RUSTAM organizes an open house..and its kinda scary..everyone IS THERE!!!! yea yea, my granparents are the peranakans..i mean if u dunno wats peranakan then u gotohell!!! i'm not gonna explain it..so its a very diverse CNY altogether evry year..u get the smell of indians, u get the smell of the malays..sometimes even ANG MOHS from the land down under!!! gaga(land down under is AUSTRALIA!!! noob! cz some ppl really dunno)

right besides that, my CNY is not only YEE SANG, but Rendang, Ayam Cili Garam, Masak Lemak, theres a year where we even made TEMPOYAK!!!! crazy stuff!!!! haha...u guys wont even lay a finger on those wei...when we get lucky..we get PONG TEH!!!! haha~!!

then the 1st day is gonna be normal..then the 2nd day ONWARDS!!!!! people will start flowing in like water...now this is kinda VERY funny for my family..WE DONT GO!!!! PEOPLE COME!!!! maybe its because that my granparents are old laar..so ppl tend to come..but its like not following the customs..i mean can i like get on the road mroe often????...when too many people tend to come and overflow ur house and walking places..its abit HARD...this is why i said in the earlier post that i'd rather chill in my room eating chocolates and listenin to queen!!!! not because my CNY is lonely..(this is to benson!!!! dont misjudge me man..u wana trade places? i'll see how u do when 130++ people come to ur house on ONE DAY!!!!! no kidding man A SINGLE DAY!!!!!) oh damn...thank goodness is only once a year!

i guess i'll be back with some pictures..camera man are the worst jobs..

now just one more thing..dont ever think that chinese new year is only for chinese, open up your arms and invite everybody in to your house..once u get the BEST OF THREE WORLDS..u'd love the spirit of a true MALAYSIAN Chinese New Year! i think i'm reading too much of Lydia Teh..dammit..but the book is seriously good..haha..KUDOS to her!!!

so to sum up..this post is a FORECAST on wats coming up for me this coming festive week..so here and now..I'm wishing EVERYONE as long as u're a true malaysian...




Wednesday, January 21, 2009

where the worst things are the best things


let me ask you guys something..for the past week..wat can u all observe in public areas? places like shopping malls, streets, houses!!! wat?? they are all decorated with RED...GOLD..RED..GOLD...chinese new year??? yeah yeah...chinese new year...evryone is like waiting to celebrate chinese new year..making a big fuss bout it..its like for the chinese there is only ONE celebration for them to celebrate...i seriously dont get the idea..yeah.i used to have alota fun during PAST chinese new years...when i say PAST i mean CNY celebrated like 10 or 12 years ago...that kinda CNY is the kind of CNY that i remember and cherished, i mean like now??? WTF??? times have changed..we are on the brink of economy climate..people are suffering around and u guys are SO happy about this shit??? i mean u can be happy about it..but NOT overboard like my neighbours..lemme tell u

in my neighbourhood..every chinese new year..they have this competition..or more like a cold war between neighbours..they compete with each other..and see which house has the best CNY decorations..1st day u'll see a few lanterns in this house..then the 2nd day, the opposite house will have more lanterns and a fake cherry blossom plant..then the next day..you'll see the 1st house having more lanterns, a fake cherry blossom plant, and 2 more big lanterns...c'mon y'all why stick it cold..try making the war hot..the cubans did it..well almost did it..let see how far u'll go!..lol

well its not wrong to be happy for CNY..its a free country, im just giving my own thoughts..maybe someone out there is feeling the same way bout it..well for yau xiang..he cant really celebrate chinese new year.. cz his mum passed away like last year..yeah ever tried that before??? Ur mum leaving u when u need her the most..yea he got through it..he cant visit according to some old customs..well i respect the customs..but i thought we humans are suppose to move on..get on with life and not get stuck by the past?? tepuk dada tanya selera.(credits to rengga!!!)

oh wth~~~...for some ppl..CNY are the best time to get drunk..gamble..receive money..and get drunk all over again..lately for me CNY is like putting faces for people to see..u go visit ur relatives house, you've gotta put on that silly face and NOT being yourself..and when they ask u to join them for makan, you've got to go like NO NO...I ATE ALREADY!!!! I mean like seriously, u ARE starving but you've got to say u have eaten..and when u're in ppl's house..u've gotta sit in a polite manner..u cant cross ur legs..watever..i'd rather stay home..eat chocolates and listen to Queen..but well, we are well mannered in a way!

well goodluck for all of you CNY enthusiast..and dont spoil ur speakers!!

so i just finished downloaded VIVA LA VIDA by Coldplay..i meant the whole album..its like this time around they are going on this french revolution-roman ages-japanese sakura-colonialism theme..i never really appreciate coldplay.like chris martin's voice is not weird enough..i didnt really liked songs like yellow, speed of sound..and some of the old stuff that they usually play..i didnt really liked it..but i gotta say..this recent one is kindaaaa...good.the art work is awesome too..inside and out!

yeah i went for my driving lesson for 2 days already..ahhh..normal lah~!!..lets see..for starters..i mati engine like twice..once before i even start the car..and the next is at a junction..ah huh..but overall good!!!...err..oh i forgot..my constant speed??? 60 mpH..the instructor scolded me over and over again, asking me to decrease..oh wth?? wats driving without a little bit of SPEED~!!!LOL..i went up all the way to duyong area on the way to muar wei!!! damn curvy the road!!!..yeah one ting that u'll definitely get pissed..i mean for amatuer drivers...the people tend to fucking overtake you!!!...jeez..

right..im listening to viva la vida for like the 3rd time in 10 minutes..its ...UNIC!!! moving on to violet hill!!!..



1.Life In Technicolor
2.Cemetries Of London
5.Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love
8.Violet Hill
9.Strawberry Swing
10.Death And All His Friends

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a new hope


this is a moment where most people around the world would appreciate..a moment where a new hope lies ahead for the good of human kind..one person..and he of course is black..a person that promised to make a change..CHANGE...

wats up with the fucking political tone???...yea yea...Mister Barack Hussein Obama is now the president of the United States of America...you know..some of you all may think that its their problem..you people will go like.."so what? its their country, not ours.." OR you'll go like "please are u an American citizen? dont be a wannabe"

yeah yeah..watever u say suckers..do u know that the impact of him able to change the world or even the human society??? America typically self proclaimed themselves as the "strongest" nation on earth, many would agree..and the other way, many WOULD disagree..but people agree with a reason..the US have enough power to start an OIL ORIENTATED war..they have power to control their pawns around the globe..i mean almost evrything are said and run by them..people see them as an inspiration..like TV shows..hollywood..but how good are they actually??? we'll see..

Martin Luther King had a dream, Obama is working to make the dream a reality..so lets hope its a dream come true.

Obama's Inauguration Speech
Caution! Highly Inspired and goosebumpism, handle with care!

wth??? am i like the spokeperson??? shits!..lol..i love my languange better...
so i watched Da Vinci Code again..some christians may think that the whole plot of the movie or book is crap and bullshit..well it may be, it may be not..but wat is true is that some ppl think that people with different faith cant live together..ppl in the middle eastern

damn its wartorn as HELL...but the Israel are retreating their troops out of Gaza and hopefully a truce is near. Some ppl dont even care bout all this shit..i mean like they dont even care bout the people who are dying..they rather SMS with their girlfriends or the male counterpart..oh well..some are born with maturity some are not..youth in Malaysia..they are not..

thats why i like Malaysia..and do you know what conversation is the best to listen too??? The Kopitiam conversation or Mamak Stalls conversation between old man..yeah..its all crap!..but u tend to think and make ur own criticism..

i like crappin..but with some facts..maybe a little or alot..u be the judge..but think before u act..dont be like some people..judge urself 1st, answer this question:who is Malcolm X?

viva Malaysia, USA, Palestin and Israel! and also viva Man Utd!!!! haha!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

welcome to shitland - EARTH

hello hello hello hello hello hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha~~!!! i havent been really retarded for a very very very very loooong time wei!!!!....no school no retardness..LOL!!!...seriously miss being a total nutter...Haha~~...not tat NUT la of course..lol

so cikkidout..for the past week ive been working...damn..i WORK!!!!...kinda...odd cz the word ZIHAN and WORK...just does NOT fit..lol

oh wait...i wanna cut cake 1st lah~...hha~~!!!...BRB!!!


yea back...its some mango cake from SR...haha~~...dunit to know the occasion lah~..lol~
wat i wana say????

oh okaaay...if u guys are interested in history and philosophical stuff u should know this...
according to the MAYAN calendar...in another 2 years...the calender will restart its cycle...and...which means...it'll be the END...

yeah....im not talking shit wei...try Google the thing...seriously...i even found a book..."2012" by...im not sure of the author...

im not preaching this though...just telling for a fact...it WILL or it WONT happen...hha~~~..hopefully it doesnt...i've got alota things to do before 2012..well for starters, lets let LONDON show us wat they can offer to us...haha~~~...( if u're slow..i mean the 2012th olympics DUMBASS!!!)

oh yeah...i finally found the QUEEN's CD that i've been lookin for since like ages ago....i bet nobody knows who QUEEN is...i mean...those ppl who are noob and ntg but jay chou....well QUEEN is the 80s band who brought us WE WILL ROCK YOU...yeah the song...

well my fav track??? BICYCLE RACE!!!!!....

OH DAMN I HEARD PAS WON!!!!!!! damn...PAS WON!!!...seriously...BN is going down to the pit!!!! lol...oh well...

VIVA LA VIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My friend SUICIDE commited himself

let me tell you guys something..
those working people may know the feeling.....

10 o'clock u reach ur work place...and u are damn sleepy cz u slept at 12 yesterday....

you start work at 10.17am...u do...do....do....do....do

walk around...jump around..type around...serve ppl....wipe the table......talk to ppl......kena scold...ALL!!!!!...

then u go for lunch....eating...talking to ur frens...OR alone...
then u continue......do....do.....do.....do.....do....

walk around.....jump around......type around....serve ppl.....wipe the table.....talk to ppl....kena scold......ALL!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

then...its 4.30pm...THIS IS IT!!!!
the feeling of going home....relaxing....lying down on ur bed or sofa...listening to the music....hug ur love ones.....SMS ur girlfriend....all these feelings.........after A WHOLE DAY OF HARD WORK.........


damn...this is EXACTLY how i feel...damn...seriously now i feel how grown ups have to feel everyday....when they come back the one thing they really need is the thing called....


so...yesterday..i went to MING HAN for breakfast...haha...it sure is ODD...cz the place is soooo familiar yet sooooooo alien...

normally when im there...it wasnt so quiet...
u'll see ppl in white and blue....and they all speak in an annoying tone...
some of them wear amature design school T-shirts when they eat there...
scouts t-shirt...PBSM t-shirt......Pandu..bla bla bla...

haha~~~... but today WEIRDLY...the round table i sat wasnt crowded with my friends...but only my dad and me.....haha~~~...

it is NOSTALGIC im telling you....having lunch and extra yam cha time with friends at a food court is one hell of a memory to cherrish!!!...its like when u want it....u cant get it.....its gone....LOL~~~!!

then i went back to pay teck....LOL my "alma mater" as RENGGA thought us....(oh rengga..i MISS HIS CLASSES!!!!! "EH LIM!!!! U BLOODY FULL!!!!!) LOL!!!!!!! try letting a teacher scold u bloodyfull....EVEN AWESOMER!!!! haha~~~!!!...

anyways...i went back to PAY TECK not to collect more nostalgia...but...to ask a teacher bout a tuition for my bro....MR. LEE...who thought us since when im 12~~~...

3 things i noticed:-

1st....the school is WEIRDLY ODDLY SUPRISINGLY small...
2nd.....I saw form1 students goin back..WTH??? i mean u're form1...wat for u go back soooo fast????
3rd...Mr Lee changed his car!!!!! haha~~~...=.=

anyways....i saw him as soon as my dad parked the car...so i RAN towards him....i reached there....i asked him:-

me:"laoshi....still remember me????"

Mr lee:"How could i forget u!!!!!! you are huai ren!!!!! of cz i rmb!!!!"

me:"haha~~~...damn!!!..LOL...laoshi i wanna ask u smtin........

DAMN damn damn damn damn damn damn!!!...WTF???...u rmb me cz im a bad boy during primary days??? LOL...where can like that??? haha~~~...

geesh...but primary school...i WAS a huai ren....A VERY bad one....i'm famous for WHACKING girls!!!! not raping k!!!! ishh~~....haha~~~...my mangsa are now my good frens la..although they are at other schools..LOL....

okk...i wanna see one tree hill!!!!! tata~~~!!!

in short...and again........... I MISS SCHOOL!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


damn damn damn damn damn damn damn!!!!!

HAHA!!! Mr Yau is using MSN messenger!!!!!! LOL~~~!!!!...soooooooo cute!!!!!!! haha...he say I'm COCKY!!!!! WWTF???LOL!!!!!...


ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
hi how are u

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
mr yau?????

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
You have just sent a nudge.
zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
MR YAU!!!!

- HrNG - says:

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
Zi han, how was chem

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
oklaaa...but abit funny lo...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
how much i got????

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
fanny what u mean

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
A1 kah

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
yalah!!! haha~~..

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
how is this year students??? OKAY???

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
I think not so coky like u lor

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
cheng ah!!!! like that la u!!! HAha

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
What is ur add how to add u?

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
err...go to the messenger there...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
click on the add sign on top...u can see the green colour MSN logo with a "+" sign

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
i add u la

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
dun know how la

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
i add u~

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
add liao!!!

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
so how is life sir???

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
actually how u find my teaching

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
Good only kah

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
VERY GOOD LOH!!!!..haha...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
seriously good

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
people say i dun know how to teach leh

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
haHA...dont bother wat they said...as long as we say you're good can d!!!! haha~~!!!

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
u never serious

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
what u do now

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
who said no!!! yala,..i dont doubt it...sometimes la..haha!!!

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
i working for my dad

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
kenot ah???? HAHA!!!!...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
u still teaching all the classes???

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
see make money said poor

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
nolah...i work for FREE!!!

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
5s1 and 2 only

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
4s1,2 n4

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
ooh...why not 3 ahh???

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
dun worry i dun 1 u 2 treat

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
eeeyer....i aso nvr say wana treat!!!..haha

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
they say i m old alredy

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
abit lo....HAha...eh sir..u gt see my chem papers anot???

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
where is my sawice(sandwich)

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
what chem paper

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
i give u the next time i'm goin back to skul...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
promise promise!!!

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
tuna or egg???

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
what ever la as long as sincere

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
okok...eh sir...some of the books i havent return...when can i go and return it???

- HrNG - says:
hi sir

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
any time to pn ong

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
oh ok!!!...sir i go makan 1st ah...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
i havent eat!!!...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
actually.. oklah

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
i wana kacau u sommore..haha!!!

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
wat actually???

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
say say say!!!...

- HrNG - says:
hi sir

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
eat 1st

- HrNG - says:
hi sir

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
duwan my mum havent call yet...the otak not ready...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
talk 1st lah!!! haha

- HrNG - says:
hi sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
- HrNG - just sent you a nudge.
You have just sent a nudge.
zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
ooi!!!!...sir....actually wat????

- HrNG - says:
eh sir

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
actually wat????...ish suspense betul...

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
actually i quite enjoy teaching u all

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
we are GoooooooD students!!!!!

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
I m teaching mr Kok bro now

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
WAH he good student leh

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
angkat bakul

- HrNG - says:
kok wei tze?

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
yaya...he sat leh...

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:

ykimtan@yahoo.com (E-mail Address Not Verified) says:
ya lah

zihan support local music scene!!!!! says:
SIR I MAKAN 1st!!!

LOL..DAMN funny sial~~~!!!...Hoe Rui like outcasted...!!! HAhaaa...anyways..his msn is ykimtan@yahoo.com GB dudes and dudettes can go add him on msn laa...haha~~~!!! oh this year

SPORTSDAY is 26th February...wana go???? GO LAH!!!! kena tangkap i dunno!!!! haha!!!

damn i really really really really really miss school!!!!!!!

can i go back?

Friday, January 9, 2009

One Step At A Time...

haha!!! finally!!!! yay!!!...i set my blog back to the original templ8!!!! the old wan wahseh~~~ seriously i cant TAHAN!!!!, spending toooooo much time on it!!!! so bloody difficult to edit this and that some more..damn!

WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!! One Step At A Time is playin on hitz now!!!!=.=..oh hi~!!!!...im blogging now...ooh..ok...yeah..erm...huh??? oh!!!! yeah...wat???? seriously WTF???? LOL x)

sooooooo...today was AMALI...fuhh..imagine me waking up at 6.43am!!!!! cant imagine right??? yealah!!!!...siao...ystrday the uncle called me...ask me to be ready by 6.50am!!!!! MAD!!!!!!!!...so early?????? so yeah..i woke up late...i took 7 minutes to bath change and eat....crazy huh???? no..ITS AN ABILITY!!!!!..lol

so amali was like 3 hours...wit a break in the middle...20 minutes break lah...but aso worth it la...cz that old crap man WAS SO BORING!!!!! yeah...as usual..he's trying to make jokes..well some ARE funny...but some...yeah...LAAAMME!!!

there was this girl la...she's sitting at the girls side...yeah...kinda cute...erm.lets just carry on wit the story..
I met Ming Qi and xing ling(is tat how u spell it???)..anyways..yeah we talked and stuff...bla bla bla...the best part is...TODAY NO PROBLEM!!!! evrything went well...LOL~~~~...but the sad thing is i didnt get to drive today...cz there was seriously ALOTA ppl man...

NTG to HOO HAA about la...but actually there is smtin...which I AM NOT GONNA post it!!!! hahahaha!!!!...

anyone thinking of results yet????...oh man..step to the ground..results are COMING!!!!! MARCH!!!!! oh man!!!!>.<
im seriously scared wei..and evryone is like studying now....wtf???...wats the hurry????!!!!!!damn..

yeah..the bodyshop seaweed cleansing foam is AWESOME!!! works like magic!!!

haha~~~...i writing wat im thinkin...oh yeah!!!! i'm watching ALOTA ALIAS now...i got the DVDs like 3 years ago...but didnt watch la...now start!!!!hahah~~~

errrrr..oh i bought LION KING today!!!! finally found it..the first one...MUFASA!!!!!!
i asked the girl i mentioned above for her number...she gave!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!~~~!!!!

ManUnited is playing CHELSEA!!!!!! its gonna be at OT...so..yeah..UNITED FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

a storm is coming..really...how do i know??? cz i dont know!!!!=.=

oh yeah...go check out the animated LORD OF THE RINGS...its an OLD cartoon..produced WAY back in 1978..yeah..its on youtube...

i feel the new templ8 is easy to maintain...huh?????

Thursday, January 8, 2009

when ur'e happy and u noe it u clap ur hands,

its been like looong since i've posted a typical blog on evryday life...i wake up..do this do that...i mean i DO do that...but in a different manner i guess..so..yeah..i feel like changing this templ8 to the origial blogspot templ8...much much more simpler to do...unlike this...which IS SO COMPLICATED...dammit..

so went out with some guys today...LOL..which is kinda okkkaaaaaay i guess...oh yeah..we saw bedtime stories...damn..the tongue part was funny as SHIT LOL~~~!!!...damn shitty funny..well today was kinda special cz i went wit SANG TUAN..remember???..yeah no one remembers..he's formerly frm GB not great britain...but gajah berang=.-
but he transferred to ipoh...yeah now he's back...

damn..you noe wats the fun part on going shopping for groceries with FEMALES????...THEY ARE ORGANIZED only for groceries..if their clothes..they are as SPONTANEOUS as...erm..well GIRLS!!!... but seriously wei...they planned evrythin..i went to shop for some party stuff with huay ling..damn..she's sososososososososo business minded..and..its kinda systematic..ah huh...

yeah McD was gr8..as usual...geeeesh..i dunno wat to type d..LOL...i just like run out of ideas and can think of them easily..well now i am losing them...all in all I HAD FUN!!!

lets change the topic..

hmmm..yeah..this is kinda fun to express.....G-I-R-L-S..
yeah...i like a nice topic to comment about..u nope..today i went to this place..i saw this girl...whoa damn...a FREAK!!!...well if u ask 10 guys to "rate" her...9 will say she's pretty...1 of them..ok u can say tats ME!!!!thinks she's like a DOLL...no..a doll is kinda nice...but she does look like a doll given to SUPER geli make up...damn!!!

i find myself developing a new form of phobia...its called...MAKEUPLOPHOBIA..symptoms???..simple!
-allergic too much make up girls
-allergic to LALA

oh damn...the face was pure fake white...wit blushes...if its a natural fair thing then its okla...but this is like PUT ON wan wei...man!!!!!i'd go for an indian...THEY ARE WAY HOTTER!!!!!

yeah...one more...u noe some ppl have this attitude...they call u...and they say..

"hey u got my number???eh lets go out la some time...we go pure bar..go clubbing"

yeah...this kinda guy is DESPERATE for social attention...dammit...in his mind..he's just boasting bout him going to a bar and he's also tryin to make u think he's a VERY socialable person...WHICH in truth...HE IS NOT!!!!!...try this..u buy his invitation...and u set up a date with the guy...or girl..watever..and you'll look how "well" it'll turn out...170.986474%
they will not go...

dammit...they just want to ask u to let u think that they are..(i should say this in a slangy way) "COOL"..fuhh...its like totally CHEAP!!!!!!!
another type..these ppl are around you...damn..LOL...its seriously smtin to laugh about...WHY???? cz they are the ppl that makes ur life interesting...

one more type..the type who also wants to "ACT COOL"...but are actually following and copying you..like obsessed!!!!damn...for example...we take girl A and girl B

situation:at meet up point

girl A:"hi!!!! oh you are early!!!"
girl B:"like thats any of ur business!"
girl A:"errr...okaaaay..so did you hear paris hilton got shot???"
girl B:"yes i heard that.and i think thats like so yesterday."
girlA:"ok..but the news was out yesterday"
girl B:"*keeps quiet*

situation:at the mall

girl B:"damn...u're still wearing that..your style hasnt changed a bit!!!LOSER!!!!"

girl A:"oh i like wearing this..cz its comfy and it looks cute...its just tees and denim minis.."

girl B:"yeah..its like everyday u're wearin that..dudette change ur style..U SUCK!"

girl A:" yeah..watever~~~"

situation:at SEED

girl B:"OMGness OMGness OMGness!!!!!!!!!! those tees are SOO cute!!!! im sooo gonna buy it"

girl A:" oh..its smtin like im wearing now"
girl B"..*shuts up*
girl A:"go on...try it..it'll look goo d on u..trust me...."
girl B:"DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!! those skirts are awesome!!!!
girl A:"*thinking to herself*

yeah...get the picture???...these ppl are SHIT...they tend to follow u actually..and yet..they HAVE the bloody CHEEK to tell u ur dressing sucks...pls...gimme a break!

yeah...LOL can be used as Lots Of Love...not only Laugh Out Loud..LOL(laugh out loud) haha~~~

got sick amali tomorrow...geesh...

i think demi levato's hot!!!

i wanna say hi to her!!!

i bought KAMI the Movie soundtrack..NICE!!!!

damn..my phone is getting retarder and retarder...

yeah..i am too...LOL..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


jien lee says i post EMO and vulgar entries, wth??? do i do that???..eh jien lee..nolah..i dont think i do that~~~

anyways...i admit..this few this...HAS been kinda emoistic..cz everyone is AWAY...NS and stuff...i would really really want to work...but...i still cant DRIVE!!!!dammit...i really lose out to alota ppl wei!!!!

so this few days HAS also been kinda boring..at least 2mr im goin out.damn...this few days are college college college!!!!!!!!COLLEGE!!!!
dammit..thinking of this that and that again...damn......why cant we studdy high skool for like another 3 years???? tat'd be gr8 wei~~~...frens wont leave us....

geesh...ok..im not gonna make this another EMO post....so any one got spammed lately???..dammit msn evryday minute of evryday i kena!!!! ma de...dulan sial~~...frenster also the same...

oh yeah...btw...i and a few frens are making shirts....and im designing them!!!!! gimme some ideas and stuff...u guys can see my designs...here http://www.doobnoob.blogspot.com remember to go and leave some comments...watever u want...some ideas would be nice too...

so err...im making this quite fun again!!!! YAY!!!!!! HOOOO!!!! HAAA!!!!...yeah..kinda lame...I KNOW!!! cz nowadays theres NOTHING TO POST!!!!! NO SCHOOL...NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn...

ish...i really wana start studying again...but...yeah..my dad asked me to go work for him....damn...ITS GONNA BE....kinda lame...yor yor yor yor yor yor yor yor yor yor yor!!!!!!!
but instead of onlining everyday...better learn some stuff la..

wat course should i take???

Monday, January 5, 2009


dammit...i am damn pissed..looks like 2009 is gonna be another sucky year...

lets start this post with a basic lesson everyone should know..
as a friend...okaay let me rephrase...as a HUMAN...we should not cheat our frens...today i met a FUCKING hypocrite...im not gonna say who wat when how it happened...im wasting my time if i do so..

okaaay wth
so this is it...everyone is practically GONE...college and NS...working...geez...is all over now man...i really wanna wear those school uniform again k!!!!...i wanna duty!!!!!! i wana scold ppl!!!!! i wana get scolded aso!!!!!! now tahs all gone......taylors january intake is today...and i guess jiawu when for orientation d..oh he told me SCAN is there too!!!! haha...that noob...LOL...

i feel like the last episode on one tree hill is replayin in my brains..haha..where evryone leaves and are heading to their own direction based on their own capabilities...their talent..interest and THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!! HOW RICH THEY ARE!!!!

the rich factor is important...yea ppl who re rich can afford to further at TAYLORS...LIMKOKWING...how i wish i had the money..geesh...so..wat course gonna take???...IT??? LAW?????...damn it...

right...the recent posts are kinda singkat...it means..short...so i not gonna say so much...gotta check on college stuff now...so see ya!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

BACK TO SCHOOL..........NOT!!!!!!!

tomorrow school's startin again~~~
and...yeah...wth?...I WANA GO BACKKKK!!!!!!!
but i cant cant cant~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
geez....seriously man....we are now officially school leavers...

no more uniform??? neckties on mondays??? dutying????
ahhh..semua dah lenyap!...

no more seeing ppl run away from siew scraed cut hair..
no more sneaking handphones
no more beratur in the morning at tennis court....
oh ,man....i cant believe im sayin this...but i kinda miss all tat..LOL
oh yeah...we cant let yau kim tan complaint anymore~~!!!!..

damn...we cant talk bout cute form 1 girls this year!!!!! dammit i miss that!!!! its like every year we do that.....its TRADITION!!!! u cant break traditions!!!!!! dammit...

so in the name of gajah berang, welcome form 1 losers!!!!!! haha~~~..
get use to the wu gui tou!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

i am officially a PENGANGGUR!!!

so this is me..my particulars are as follows:-

dammit...i guess i like to eat anggurs(grapes) now man!!! cz i am OFFICIALLY a pengaggur!!!!! damn..i got no work..no life..and im in need of the most tempting thing on earth...


lol...since singtel CHEATED..so now im hunting for a J-O-B.
i went to MMU today..went to enquire bout their january intake and had a brief counseling session..ish..erm..i duno wat im going into lah..*sigh*

after MMU..went over to JUSCO...my mum went for grocery shopping and..i end up..walkin up and down jusco to find a job...NO VACANCY at all!!!!! at least jusco nolah..i asked Secret Recipe..Popular..BATA..SPEEDY...and nope..all full!!! but secret recipe and speedy other branches got..so im goin tomorrow...yesh..


dammit...ross called earlier on...and..haha..i guess he is having a great time at NS...i really hope i got it now..cz the way he told me..it sounds like alota fun!!!!! not mentioning the new friends...lol..


Thursday, January 1, 2009

s stepping stone...

helooooo!!!!! haha...1st day of 2009!!!!! simple and easy description on the 1st day of the year...

-went to MP for like 6 hours...whoa!!! parkin ticket RM9.50 wei!!!!!!
-talk to honwee and iain in F.O.S...
-say hi to like so many friends in MP when walkin
-bought a cleanser frm body shop..
-bought a sketchbook that costs RM16.90
-went to dp for a while!sry cant see u la yau yau...my mum wants to hurry
-makan minum..and now.....

ahh..so much for the 1st day of 2009!!!...so once again..enjoy the year...and AGAIN!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!