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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Something that is something.

Lately, people have been asking me.

"What do you see first, when you look at a girl?"

This question is posted to me for like a thousand times. So what do i really look at when i look at a girl? Here eyes? naaah, thats abit too cliched. Her face? Well, im not one to look at only the face, plus sometimes the face and the personality would contradict. Fine, here goes the answer people, when I look at a girl, I wont look at the girl, well technically, cz I'd look at her footwear.

Foot wear as in the thing that she uses to cover her feet. You know, like slippers, heels or banana leaves=.= Its not weird having to look at her feet first, first its useful as I have a theory, the footwear theory, what the girl wears potrays her personality and what type of girl she is. Consider me rather a stereotype kinda person, I dont care! =D

Okay, picture this. You're in the mall, and a group of girls are walking your way, so what do you do? Look at them one bye one and rate them? NOT! lol instead of looking up on the head, the feet is all i see. I am not a perv k? lol having to look at footwear isnt a perv, if you compare to some guys who actually look at a girls assets eg, the ass and the breasts (oh i just figured they rhyme!=.=)

Let me share with you the Footwear Theory(TM).LOL. How does the shoe reflects the personality? Simple. It shows how different a girl can be from others. Fashion sense and the art of dressing is wholly dominated by trends and who's wearing what, and who looks more "IN" and so called "up to date". Girls who follow that way of dressing has a certain conformism mentality, they tend to follow what other people wear, what their favourite artist/singer/actor/so-called fashion-setter wears. And to those who stand out, and have their own style and are just themselves, they'd be wearing something that their mum got for them. Or something that they have been wearing for ages and do not want to dispose it.

So check this out, a group of super gorgeous girls, Miss Universe-whatever material girls who're wearing heels and gladiators thinking that their super glamorous and pretty and beautiful and hot and (oh you get the pic) walking in one of the malls or anywhere. They're waiting for another friend of theirs. One big group of material girls, attracting each and every guy walking pass. *one even fell looking..

then came their friend whom they are waiting for. What she wears?

Not heels, not gladiators, and of course not bandage stuff and not Jimmys or vinccis or whatever, she's wearing a pair of old converse/sneakers that looks ragged and old. With a t-shirt and a jeans skirt with a whole lot of head-hunter bracelets. Now thats what I call awesome. Someone who is the flower in the field of grass.

So guys, whats your thing when looking out for girls? woot!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh morning glory, not so glory

I've been roaming around always looking down at all i see.

Yes, I have been roaming around, in my dreams.
I have still yet to make this one week holidays a productive one. I think I'll never=.=
Shyt lah. I've lost touch in painting. I have lost touch. 2 hours and i produced shyt man.

I've also been obsessed with the sun lately, while driving that is.

Yes. I went for football in MMU and guess what I came back with?
-I AM HARRY POTTER with a scar on my forehead!!! LOOK *points*
-OH!!! i look like Angelina Jolie, cz i have THICK LIPS!!!! WOOOT!!! *shows lips*

thank you for that tackle you Big Sized Monster.
how am i suppose to hang 2mr? MFML

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome to dreamland

i had the worst nightmare yesterday. THE WORST ever. lets see how is it bad, it involved me dying in excruciating pain when kena hempit by a big bulldozer/truck. FYI, i actually felt the pain.

i hate nightmares, because nightmares keeps me awake and end up making me look like a friggin panda=.= dammit. slept at 2.10, woke up at 4.20am. and i didnt sleep back. FML. FMDream. FEverything.

Futsal. bye.

p/s: do not listen to too much metal, it really influences.

A Shake That Killed

"I smiled because I was ALIVE"

Kiki Joachin, a 7 year old boy, was pulled out of the Haiti earthquake rubble by New York City Urban Search and Rescue, along with Virginia Rescue.

Friday, January 22, 2010


wow, Fly Fm has an acoustic session every Saturday morning, i didnt know that until a few minutes ago. Its now One Republic-Stop and Stare. Awesome=)

Oh its 23rd. Which means i'm able to finally know what new year is about because, I FINISHED MY EFFIN EXAMS! for this sem.=.=

I'm gonna be able to:

Draw again
Paint again
Take pictures for the competition which is due on 15th February
Make June Loves July happen.
and Draw again
and perhaps Jamming sessions.

The chicken rice beside Fat Lee is kinda nice wei. kinda cheap sommore.
and now, I'm hungry. Its 9.47am, i havent eaten. GREAT.

whoa, seriously this Acoustic session is kinda nice!!! Good job lah Flyfm, eventhough i'm still a hitz dude, but im still trying hard to convert into a fly dude.

NEWS FLASH!!!! SULTAN OF JOHOR JUST PASSED AWAY!!!! see? its awesome to listen to the radio while Bloggin, its Ungu-Demi Waktu now!=D

now i know why is there an acoustic session.lol

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Staring at the Clock.

Stay - Ronan Keating OR Sugarland

Now this song is SERIOUSLY emotional, its the same song, different singer with different versions.

credits to kecik.LOL=)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Through Fire and Flames

11.57, three minutes to 12.
I'm reading Moral Studies.
Eventhough i dont know what im reading,
but im still reading it.
Welcome to Existence.

I need all the luck i can to overcome Finals.

All the best peeps=)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Confessions of a Dashboard says the Pretender

Critical Thinking is awesome.
Not that i am a pro on that subject, and btw FYI, i failed the subject.
But, applying critical thinking is awesome.
Check this out.

I rock if i'm a human.
I'm a human.
Therefore I rock!

See? Conditional Statement.

If only i could master ALL of them fallacies!!! I'd be awesome. I'd be invisible and Julia aint gonna be me during moot sessions in the future.lol.

so i guess this is the last post before exams.
shyt man, i completely DIG The Foos now lah!
Dave Grohl is awesome sial.

See the resemblance? LOL(thats an old picture okay!)

so people, rock you respective socks during the upcoming exams. I know i wont, u guys will=(
all the best and of course, DONT dominate the rest. Gimme some space=D

Diam lah Phang Jai Juet! lol

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The green handband

okay American Idol is back on, and Finals is happening next week. As always, great timing MMU, GREAT TIMING=.=

it seems odd this few days, I feel the wind in a hot day. I see birds flying as though they're nests are bombarded by chimps. I smell the air of cheers and the best part is, Chinese New Year songs are playing all over. Well honestly Malaysia can be like a tape recorder, it can play all sorta songs in a year. Awesome.

So my dad got this awesome limited edition Lat collectors book which is awesome. If you dunno who's Lat, then SERIOUSLY you are living in a world of pain and darkness and most importantly YOU SUCK! His work is legend and he's awesome as hell. Enough said.



Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Post Battle briefing

this post is gonna be you typical blog post on whats up with my life, enjoy!

I'm having my finals next week, and the preparations arent going to well because i said so.
I have FIVE subjects and i havent gone pro. Unlike some people who actually studied so much and kept quiet. (Ng Wee Loon/Chin Chun Yong, if you are reading this, please shut up.lol) when you ask them did they study? they said NO! then results come out..cemerlang giler.

so the best is, NOT TO ASK=) MYOB.

When study at home-its Facebook, so we went to the library, and guess what? its the same, facebook lets u connect through a network, but when you have real live people to talk to, IT AINT STUDYING NO MORE! =D

okay i'm lazy to type all these cliched stuff lah, so i'll just show you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Long Way More To Go..

"There is only One God, and it belongs to your own views and religion to see who do you call God."

This was my teachers answer when i asked her bout why are there so many Gods that people worship to. Being a then toddler, i didn't understand about what religion really is and how do human beings see religion as.

Okay if you're that dumb, and you dont see where this post is heading to, let me enlighten you.

I am not a Christian, nor a Muslim, but being a Buddhist, which preaches peace and harmony, I see the recent alarming attacks on the few Churches in the Klang Valley rather atrocious. Though there isnt any confirmed party on who attacked, but the motive and the target of attacking is rather obvious based on what the High Court had ruled a few days ago.

So whats this biggie about?
The word to address God based on respective religions.
High Court ruled that Herald (which is a Catholic magazine) could continue addressing God as "Allah". With this, some Muslims around the country felt challenged because the Christians are not qualified to use the word "Allah" in their Christian preaching.

I do understand their reason to be pissed, but shouldnt they know that one's perspective to call God is based on their own will? A person should have the freedom to choose their own religion. So when another party uses the word "Allah", as long as they don't mean to discriminate the word. Isnt it okay? Everyone uses the general word "Tuhan" which means God. It belongs to what religion is the person practicing to determine their respective Gods.

and btw, you do not need to destroy a place of worship to gain attention and express your dissatisfaction. This is a democratic country, so chill lah, just appeal, and appeal and appeal and appeal and appeal, like Hasbollah said!=)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cetirizine STADA

okay first up, i dunno wat this blog title means. I just typed it based on this file i'm looking which belong to CYY's=.=.


today is 7th of January. It means to say yesterday was 6th of January, and tomorrow is 8th of January. And i do not know why i'm telling you how to count days.lol. oh wth lah, lets speed up.
Yesterday, (6th of January btw, LOL) we went climbing/hiking/jogging this little hill. Bukit Beruang Unofficial hill.

18 years having to spend my life in Malacca, and i didnt know that there was A HILL to climb inBukit Beruang. ALTHOUGH the name of this place(bukit beruang) gave a CLEAR CUT clue, but i still thought it was a mere name=.=

awesome pictures.enough said=)

Muhaimin's ass

nice right?


im awesome.LOL

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i wanna i wanna i wanna take pictures.

Monday, January 4, 2010

orang-orang yang mengempakkan dunia.




"i think that girl's hot and i love her the moment i saw her."

see where i am going to? This is yet another post to maki people and yes, to CRITICISE their acts of stupidity and self publicity. So what am i talking bout?



This adds to the list of things that i CANNOT tahan, people telling or rather ANNOUNCING that they are having a crush on someone, that they like someone, and they'll post shitty stuffs on Facebook statuses.

lemme tell u straight! if you like someone, JUST KEEP IT TO URSELF!!! dunneed the WHOLE mtfkin world to know, the world is already CRAPPY enough. If you got to tell, tell someone close lah, then cukup d. DUNIT to ANNOUNCE on the internet, or write on walls or tables or telling evryone u effing know.

First up, i adore these people. Because most of these people tend to like someone in SPLIT seconds WITHOUT knowing them. Obviously, they're judging the guy/girl from their physical aspects/appearance. Their so called emotions/feelings are fast and makes decisions faster than light speed. Study shows that a normal human takes the first 3 seconds to judge someone based SOLELY on their physical appearance.

Let me elaborate what are the dendrites doing in the brains of these people within this first 3 seconds:
1. oh there's a girl coming.
2. She's pweety!!!
3. oh man big boobs!!! big boobs!!!
4. she's so cute!!!
5. Oh my, i think i love her.

see? FIVE single steps to make him/her like a person.damn easy right?
They'll kena Con damn easily man. I know someone did. and its even videotaped lah wei.lol.

then there's the Facebook status thing. FUAHLAMAK!!! this one damn effin LEBEY sial.
On Facebook, there's a section called "Whats On Your Mind?"

well its "WHATS ON YOUR MIND?"

damn. these people'll post all sorta lame shitty cheesy phrase expressing that they are in "love" with someone and how they miss em, how they wanna talk to them but dont effing have the balls to do it. Pure bull lah! If you like someone, TELL THEM LAH instead of telling EVERYONE except that particular person.babi.well if you caxnt help but to tell, tell someone close. tell them and thats it. end of story, bye bye. close door. mama say goodnight=.=

Well i know its ur pasal to do all those abovesaid shitty things that stupid despo will do, i am respecting your cheesy/crappy behaviour by not telling you off straight. I'm just expressing my thoughts like you guys express your so called "love" to everyone. I think that people should have a say on this because as LISTENERS, trust me,

because we'd rather gossip bout it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Its back to GRUNGE! =D

Check this band out, they're awesome.

with Dave Grohl on drums(need i say more on who he is?)
John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin!
and Josh Homme from Queens of The Stone Age!

Dream team for a band! muah!
Them Crooked Vultures-New Fang
-Mind Eraser, No Chaser

Saturday, January 2, 2010


The 2nd post of the year, damn this blog is getting older and older man.
its been three months d lah since 2nd Sem started.
fuggin exams coming up now.haisyorr..=.=
so, its TWO-OH-ONE-OH now.how's ur new year so far?
it has been three days, and '10 has been lame and boring.
school's starting 2mr, i mean government schools and i'll have a hard time going to college.
oh well, here are some piccas on the new year celebrations.
SOME i said SOME are from CTCJ.=)



i blew it

i pushed it up

There goes a saying by Oprah Winfrey:
"Every new year gives us a chance to achieve things with a new hope."
well i dont agree, cz EFF!!! i didnt study for the past few weeks and DAMN, there's no new hope on this coming exams. Oprah talk cock! Oprah talk cock!
See you in the Equinox, bye!