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Friday, February 27, 2009



hellooooo!!! im so lazheeee to blog already...daim!!!

so lets start this post as a tribute to those NS dudes and dudettes!!!....

to those goin for NS 2nd batch on 20/3...YOU'LL BE MISSED!!!!! some..not all

haha!!!..cant wait to see my frens!! and start hanging out again...elynn just called me..LOL...maybe we're goin backpacking within Malaysia...before we actually start studying!!!! haaaaa~~~...but earn money for like 1 month 1st...

geez man..theres just this one thing that keeps bothering me...its keeping me from my sleep...its killin me softly hardly altogether!!! dammit...RESULTS!!!!!! HOW HOW HOW????

some people said its on the 12 of March some say this some say that??? im like wth wei???

just got off the phone with ross..lol..haha..yeapp!!! after results...its tarvel time!!!! gaga!!! PENANG CHAR KEOW TEOW....HERE I COME!!!!! extra chilly of course..
so this past week...i'm "busy as a bee"(i found this term in my bro's essay) LOL...busy with rehearsals and more rehearsels...erm..we're joining Chlorophyll again this year...and i dunno how is it gonna be...we're gonna do 2 songs...im singing one of it only..har har har...=.=

yeah watever riight??? so pix!!!!

got errr hu aso!!!...haha..but im not doin this song..

robin shrunk!

oh err...yesterday was GBS sportsday...i mean GBS close sportsday...dammit wei....i went in and stayed there for like 3 hours...then THEN shit!!!!! we kena halau!!!!! fuck!!!!...

tabik...hormat ke kanan ke kanan...

err...like that lo..
"old students aren't suppose to be here"

yeah we totally knew that kaay...thats why we snucked in..LOL...stupid andrew his HAIR LAH!!!!!....perang perang its not surprising to see that the teacher indentify him as a outsider...damn lah..oh guess wat??? i saw adlee...!!! haha...he totally glared at me...bloodyfool...mata terbeliak sommore wana glare...SHIONG LAN AH!!!! haha...

oh SCOUTS marching squad got NUMBER ONE!!!!! haha..damn proud!!!!...i aso dunno why im proud...I'M JUST proud k!!!! is that so WRONG??? har??? i video-ed their hormat scene...

im really lazy to type...if i say and write evrythin now...i dont have other things to write...so one by one...we need to walk before we run...(not for Ironman though)-.-
dammit..i'll post the video later..damn lazy!...shits la...i hate this!!!! ish...bye!

Sunday, February 22, 2009



there are no best things in life..the title is just taken off from the theme of a writing competition im thinking of joining..organised by Impac Dublin Literary Award..to be honest i dunno whether am i eligible to join or not..cz i'ma school leaver..well im still 17 right?? yeah!! anyways here are some of the regulations:

"This year’s topic is “The Best Things In Life”, and the essay should be between 800 and 1,200 words. It can be either factual or fictional but must be in English."

and the perks?

"The best overall essay will earn the writer and a parent a trip to Dublin to attend the gala ceremony of the International Impac Dublin Literary Award 2009."

yeah...im really considering..but seriously..the organizers really picked out what can be considered as not a really good topic. "The Best Things In Life"?? i dont think currently nothing is good or even "BEST", looking at, well, the economy climate, the way Malaysian gonverment is playing around with politics..jeez..well the "best" things could also be the smallest things right? like love? ah huh...but im not going into that lovey dovey roller coaster lah...its getting old..

so..lets see whats the issue for the past 2 weeks?? oh yeah..i know most of this blog's readers are like youth and ppl like my age..who likes to read bout gossip and stuff..but i feel thats a bit..how to put it??? crappy...we should put more interest in wats happening to our country and the world..yeah yeah..Selangor assemblyman Miss Elizabeth Wong is reeeeeally HOT within the media this few days..not that she's attractive or anything...haha..but how ppl abuse technology...dammit..i saw the nude picture of her and i was like EEWW!!! wtf??? a specky nude????

but seriously she's the victim..and GUESS WHAT??? like it is SO PREDICTED..instead of gettin str8 into the case of finding the culprit..OUR GONVERMENT slapped her 1st..making statements thats its silly to sleep nude...watdouknow?? maybe they too sleep naked after having sex with their mates..ah huh..IS IT WRONG TO sleep nude????.memang talk cock sing song! read the article at the Malaysian Bar website http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/general_opinions/comments/elizabeth_wong_and_our_hope_for_a_new_politics_in_malaysia.html

so wwtf..??? okaaay better dont write so much..but thats the kind of wonderful thing to blog..u can put out ur own thoughts and point of view..yeah yeah..with limit right??? thats why im stopping!..

im finishin ECLIPSE soon...damn the story is gettin more and MORE scarrier wei...i think thats why i cant sleep yesterday...sissy!!! LOL~~!!...but do u all get these weird kinda dream..where what u dream about are the words from the story books...scary wei...only the words describing whats happening..not the actual picture...i guess im goin MENTAL! lol...

so lets see...err..oh yeah...i got a BARBIE DOLL!!!!! her name is CHELSEA...haha...she looks like VICTORIA from twilight...not in the movie!!!! but the description from the book..red hair..ah huh...



well saturday i attended cousin KUMAR's wedding dinner..i go cz my gran asked me too..if not..wedding dinners arent really my thing..but okaaay..so i went.and its at Equitorial..it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be...its a very multiracial function again..cz its my granpas baba and chetti side again..the bride is a KADAZAN leng lui from sabah...like my mum!!! haha...and Kumar is a chetti..can cakap hokkien mia..speaking of culture fusion!!! LOL!


they opened the function with the reciting of pantuns... LOL..i thought we're gonna eat at least PORK lah!!!...but i went in got bertudung ones..so its halal...haha...and...the people are damn funny..LOL..especially durin YAM SENG!!lol...this is kinda hard to believe...BUT!!!..half the people in the dinner hall aged ranged between 1 to 37 are mostly my cousins...crazy right???..some didnt attended and those familiar faces i see on the streets but couldnt think of who are they...are gathered here tonight..and these ppl are my cousins???!!!!!????!!!!! WTF???...

anyways..they had this dance floor..which people would dance..and go crazy...but not me lah..i didnt go..paise lah...though i know i would rule the dance floor the second i stepped into it..haha!!! LOL~~...

at first they called on the newlyweds to dance centre stage..the bridegroom hold a rose..and danced gracefully with the bride...that was a scene nobody wants to miss...its like..i can hear my own bells next time..holding my future wife in the arms and waist and just sway along the dance floor knowing everyone is lookin at you and i'll whisper over and over again into her ears that i......anyways lets not get carried away..haha..after that everyone came in to join..not me though..as i had mentioned earlier..haha...the DJ spunned...TANAH MELAYU JOGET...CILLY CHA CHA!!!...to name a few..lol...my granma had a gr8 time..lol..

err yeah 2...haha

so at this stage...everyone is geared up to plan for their future ahead right??? some already enrolling their second month in college..guess wat??? im still stuck here!!!...growing so much moustache..and beared..i look like LEONARDO daVINCI...yeah im totally exaggerating!! HAH!!!..

for me i'm havin countless meeting for the shirt business..though im telling you guys later in a future post...so this post is a..............teaser??? lol

board meeting lef is honwee, right is ST

i dunno sial....should i get into Animation??...LAW??? i think Law would be gr8...haha...but its basically making u a memory card or a storage capacity with 4 years of gigabyte to remember..its all memorising stuff..though thats not wat my dad tells me..lol..im looking at A-Levels too...but got addmaths i think..i suck...at addmaths..crap lah...this thursday JPJ!!!!...wooooooooh!...cant wait to drive!!!...haha

and btw...im doing a sketch on a short comic strip...the title is "Cut Me, Mick!"

the title is taken from a Yellowcard song with the same title from their Paperwalls album(2008)
its gonna be about this junkie (a person who drinks, take drugs, and is sexually liberated)...SHIT!!!!!! i had the WHOLE story planned out before i slept yesterday and i FORGOTTEN!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! but wth...it'll come along..so cikkidout..the main character


see you in the tunnel!!! rainy season is ON!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


TOP THR3E of evrything i can think of...

have you all wondered why nissan cars are named oddly??? oddly as in..it sounds alot like chinese or hokkien swearing...for example...Nissan Bluebird...when its translate into hokkien..it'll be "LAN JIAO"..LOL serious shit..Sylphy sounds like sibeh...the Latio aso sounds like LJ...haha...those japanese need to work hard on oriental vocabs..

so..lets make this post a simple one..so...the top three of everythin i can think of..

lets start with..

Top 3 Record i would like to have if i'm stranded on an Island.
1. Queen-The Greatest Hits
2. DragonForce-Valley Of The Damned
3. Riot!-Paramore

Top 3 Movies I would watch(again) before the end of the world.
1. Lord Of The Rings-The Fellowship Of The Ring
2. Green Mile
3. Titanic

Top 3 women i would like to sleep with.
1. Liv Tyler
2. Tata Young
3. Hannah Tan

Top 3 books I'd read again before i sleep.
1. A Walk To Remember-Nicholas Sparks
2. Dear John- Nicholas Sparks
3. Angels and Demons-Dan Brown

Top 3 things i wana die with.
1. A copy of Queen's Greatest Hits CD.
2. My Phone
3. My pencil case( Draw till the GRAVE!!)

Top 3 places i wana go before im....57
1. Paris!!!
2. Manchester
3. Paris!!!! haha~~

Top 3 women I'd date now (17).
1. The person i will next date..
2. Liv Tyler
3. Kristen Kruek

Top 3 things i want now!!!
1. To SCORE!!! in SPM...results are comin!!
2. For my ulcer to go away!!!damn pain!!
3. An iPod touch!!

Top 3 drama I can watch over and over again~
1. One Tree Hill
2. The OC
3. Desperate Housewives (LOL so gay!!!)

Top 3 Footballers I think are GREAT!
1. Zinedine Zidane
2. Kaka
3. Shunsuke Nakamura

Top 3 Defenders I'd like to run on..(which i think i cant)
1. John Terry
2. Lucio
3. Jaap Stam

Top 3 people i'd kill if i had a licence to kill
1. Ms. Quek Mui Hong-Ex addmaths teacher!!!
2. Jose Mourinho!!!
3. Whoever i really hate

Top 3 Bands I'd like to watch LIVE!
1. Queen-wake Freddy from the dead!!!
2. Bullet For My Valentine

Top 3 guys I'd date if i were a gay..(I'm Straight!!! i said "IF"!!)
1. Fernando Torres
2. Edward Cullen (not rob pattinson or watever his name is k!!!)
3. Maybe Azwin Andy..LOL...

Top 3 Matches I wana see LIVE before i die!
1. Man Utd V. Real Madrid
2. France V. Spain
3. Malaysia V. England

Top 3 food i'd still crave for till i'm old
1. OH JIEN!!!!!
2. CHAR KEOY TEOW!!!! no si ham!!! chilli EXTRA!!!
3. Malacca CHICKEN RICE!!!!

Top 3 things I will NEVER witness before i die!
1. A World without conflict
2. Palestine and Israel in good terms.
3. Hopefully APOCALYPSE.

Top 3 guitarists in the world!!!
1. The Edge!!!
2. Joe Satriani
3. err..that guy from DragonForce..dunno wats his name...damn his kick ass solo!!!!

Top 3 things i hope to do if given another chance..
1. Erase all the wrong things i did..
2. Hold my sis in my arms again..
3. Tell the world september 11 is about to come!!

geesh..k..there are still other stuff...but i cant think of them now..so this will be!!!(natalie cole!!=.=) till then..bye bye!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009



hullo!!! its been quite damn long since i've posted smting new..ah huh...yeah credits to claryn for FINALLY helping me to do the header!!! thanks again dudette!

let me try this MOST common question..a cliche question that i personally feel only faggots will ask..

"whats love?"

isnt it abit stupid to ask a question like that...let me tell u wats love...

imagine urself walking through a crowded street or a crowded shopping mall...you are squeezing yourself through peoples body...pushing and pulling to get through......you are so damn frustrated and wished that u can fly above everyone and overtake them...its hot..and u cant breath well..you cant feel a single brush of wind...in that stress and annoyed moment...u hear a sound...a sound that is so beautiful..so.......

...calm..u try to identify the sound.............its a lullaby...a well composed meladious lullaby...that piece of music is taking u into a whole new environment...taking u to a sanctuary...u turn around and find an elderly man wearing a pair of sun glasses playing that lullaby. A blind man...every note he hits with his beautifully god engineered fingers makes u feel good...he is playing with feeling, passion, and incomparable grace..he is playing, with love..

now thats love...not those lame description you see in chinese dramas..

so tomorrow is valentines..a day where lovers celebrate...now lovers may not be a partner who is sharing love with another person..as long as u love..you're a lover...

i saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" just a few days back..and "Seven Pounds" ysterday...Curious case is damn fucking sad!!! it made me cry...OMG!!!!! i seriously fucking teared!!!! SHIT!!! the show is a really really really sad sad sad story k...how much u wana bet with me if u see the show u'll be touched...dude! the guy becomes young..and not all..and the worst thing of all...HE IS IN LOVE!!!...he had to make sacrifices..but in the end..he became a baby and died in the arms of his lover---Daisy..that part made me sobbed tiu!!!! coincidently, the lead in both shows are named benjamin...damn...and both shows are as emo as it can be...

most of you guys are celebrating valentines with someone special right??? yeah...thats awesome...one thing though...make this date a different one..make it interesting...and not those normal chocolates, roses, flowers type of valentine...thats LAME wei!!! haha~~~

and to those whose lovers are away..especially at NS...(AHERM!!!! AHERM!!!! you know who you are!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!) call HIM or her...but DONT say i love you...its too common!!!!...say i cherish you, or i "bagai aur dengan tebing" you...

yeah this post is totally bout romantic crap..well for this..i really think that John Vesely from Secondhand Serenade is one romantic dude man...shit! he named himself Secondhand Serenade because he says that all the songs he sings are dedicated to his wife...but when it comes to us listening to it on the radio or anywhere..the song becomes second hand..after his wife...damn..thats the Secondhand Serenade!!!...shit..damn romantic sial!!!...

to someone special:
the way you speak is hilarious..i looove the way u speak!!! you are damn flexible and u're sweet..you care..and you're away..but the best way to describe you???...err..ok put it this way...i'm standing on a big field...the whole field is filled with a green carpet of grass...rows of rows of green wild grass...plain greenery...within the carpet of green..i see a purple morning glory flower..thats you...you stand out...and you make my morning a glory...but too bad...cz reality bites...and it bites HARD..

oh yeah Ross's birthday is tomorrow...LOL...same day as valentines..tomorrow only wish lah~...

have a amour-ly fourteenth of February!


Friday, February 6, 2009


PLUGGED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea man!!!!! oh finally got back my PC!!!!!!! bloody spyware!!! GO TO HELL!!!!!...lets see...wassup with my life currently?? errr guess ntg much..just that i'm damn friggin F-A-T..and i'm doing housework EVRYDAY...

yar yar yar...i dunno wat to write...seriously....oh ok..i guess i can complaint bout my driving uncle...ciko-ish guy...i'm lazy to explain though...geeesh..u noe wat...i think i'm gonna write wat i'm thinking right now!!...ishness!!!

man seriously!!! perak suddenly back in BN's hands...if u wana bribe ppl to be back with u..then whats the point of the general election??? well im not saying u guys bribe...but any sane person will have those kinda thoughts..11 days of service and u just change ur allegience??? dude...ur cheeks are thick!!!..RIOTS are all over perak wei!!!..blah lah...wat for i type??? maybe i'll be the next RPK...choi choi choi!!!! but i just realy feel that this is really really really OUTRAGEOUS!!! ah watever..i'm just a concern citizen..

riiiiight...so guess wat??? i just bought a new phone...its the sony K660i..LOVE the colour!!! gaga~~~!!!

seriously..i DUNNO wat to write...wait wait...there is smting all ex form 5 students are forgetting...smtin SO important yet pending...something that will decide our life..someting that will decide where we stand in a globalize society of diversified culture...yeah ENOUGH ELABORATING KAYY!!!!

one word.....RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woi!!!! results coming la wei!!!!!!!! i dunno when...but i know its MARCH!!!!!!!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!! and today i just saw MR YAU...he said hello ti me and went on to ride his motorcycle...but wth~~??? RESULTS!!!!!!! RESULTS!!!!!!!!!! RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!

oh daim!!! how many A's???? how many A's?????? HOW MANY A's?????????? ishh...when i think of it at night before i sleep...I CANT SLEEP!!!!!! ouui!!!! its like soo important kay!!!! this wee loon lah...shits man...KEEEEP asking me bout RESULTS!!!!!!! but seriously..i hope i do get wat i want...and i hope for others too...aiyoh...this topic is really really really scary...yepp yepp yepp...why the hell am i repeating 3 times???? dunno dunno dunno!!!!!!!!! wtfff???

i got a few pictures of nike sneakers i drew..i just like drawing the swoosh actually..anyways i was actually just testing my scanner...yay!!! got scanner!!!! gaga~~~!!!..there.

nike toon...err...im apologizing to nike cz i copyright infringement..but i'm just a fan!

nike FUNK2...yeah..same above..sorry nike! i just love ur swoosh~

so good luck in all that u guys are doing...let me tell u this..results IS near...