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Thursday, December 31, 2009


you came.
you happened.
you gone.
suck head, 09!
here comes 10!
just a short post,
it was crazy and crappy yesterday.
like REALLY crazy and NOISY and PENING and GELI and of course
one thing i know for sure man.
Beers and Booze are not my thing. Clubbing and dancing around are also not my thing.
here comes the WORLD CUP SOON!!!

54Minutes to save the world.

approximately four hours and 2 minutes.
then thats it, the year GONE. Just like that, gone case.
364 days ago, we were worried about what will become of us.worried bout our future and stuff.

blah lah, now here i am, blogging at Starbucks with Zhe Fuh, Ee Von and Pei Ling talkking bout some crappy relationship and stuff.


and the other dudes are hanging around at MP doing ntg.
oh claryn just came back from buying so called rubberband=.=
alarh, i dunno wat to type cz actually i was planning on smtin special to effing type here.
but wth lah. The coffe aroma here is WAY to distracting.

So, now its 3hours and 54minutes, then thats it, 09 is gone and come 2010.

happy new year peeps!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thks fr th mmrs.

I posted this video before, but i wanna repost it. cz it rawks!

This video was recorded this year.

March, to be exact and we were awesome as always.LOL!

Turn up your speakers and YOU GOT TO SEE IT!!!

if not u'll be missing an experience of a lifetime.=D

Happy Birthday, Jia Yin.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Eves.

this time last year, i was staring at the window outside of my gramps house.
fire crackers were flying up high in the not-so-very-dark sky, christmas carols became what turned out to be the most ear friendly melody.
round table, chairs, turkey and wine.
Christmas eve 08, Sabah.

this time the year before last, i was lying down on my bed. thinking bout what had happened in camp. '98 "Millenium" record by Backstreet Boys was played by the stupid neighbour.
I just finished dinner.
Rectangle table, '80s wooden chairs. Pork chop and Martini.
Christmas eve 07, Seremban.

This time around, im facing the laptop with a Norah Jones record playing on my stereo.
The night is cold, a pretty half-moon sits above the sky, and im feeling cosy, warm and enchanting with a beautiful touch of mystery on whats happening tomorrow.
Christmas eve 09, Malacca.

**Norah Jones-Those Sweet Words**

Happy Christmas People.

Monday, December 21, 2009

December Twenty Second.

i was away.
i missed prom.
i totally missed out on lotsa things.

but i am happy i was away=)


Friday, December 18, 2009

when it rains, it pours

Hey!!! Hi!!! Hello!!!

so i was thinking, i think im gonna post a FULLY mandarin type blog post..

the WHOLE post is gonna be in Chinese! Im gonna try it wei.who says i cant.

So today, it rained. It poured like..im not gonna say it rained like cats and dogs,cz everyone is saying that so its more like err..
"raining like Ong and Chua", if you get what i mean.
so the rain got me thinking...

okay fine,
the rain didnt get me to think of something specific, im just trying to sound that the rain brings thoughts.wtf.i do not know what im talking bout, but one thing's for sure, it rained.=)

so here i am, a person who hasnt watch new moon.dammit.eff eff eff.not to say i really love to show or wat, its just its IN my list of movies to watch k.and yeah, its gone baby gone now.

i realize im starting to type more and the pictures are getting lesser and lesser, even my hits have gone down, like seriously.ZOOOMED out=.=
i like lah!

okay i just packed my luggage cz im off to somewhere 2mr.and it took me approximately 1.25 minutes to finish packing. i'm proud im a guy=)

im gonna miss out on prom.enjoy urselves to those who're going.

and the year is ending.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i have the sudden urge to eat crab salad with potatoes and garlic and mayo.

this is war-3o seconds to mars
according to you-orianthi
collide-howie day

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A sip

im not hyper, and not super.
shyt lah, i missed alot this weekend.
bla bla bla..

i dunno what to blog, im just blogging.
and i watched the hangover which is really retarded.
not to mention fouled mouth, which is awesome, in a way lah=D

its nearly twelve.

sometimes i think i should start blogging useful things again. Like how do i feel on a certain issue or what are my view points on specific topics..yada yada, but i feel its completely senseless.
People dont actually read what you write. They stumble to this very blog to check out pictures or they're just curious on wats happening to your life and stuff. Try blogging something on nature or mother earth, you'll see the hits dropping.

oh christmas is near. so that brings along the new year. and THAT brings along the resolutions.
this time around i really gotta stick to my new year resolutions man. oh crap..
i gotta do something to make studying a consistent thing on my schedule. seems to me hanging out its more consistent than anything. GOT TO DO SOMETHING bout that=.=

okay i just snapped my fingers.

im thinking of getting the onitsuka tigers sneakers man.damn chio.and damn expensive.
but for those pretty things, its kinda worth it lah=D LOL

i got class at eight.
i dunno wat the heck im typing this for.
but shyts, i want them sneakers.

moo moo moo meow

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CHUCKY says he RAWKS!!!

my shoes are awesome, your's isnt.=D

yes i know, its pretty=D

thank you again!!! =D
okaaay im aiming for a pair of onitsuka tiger next year=)
p/s: go see friendster people, its completely new now. But i dont think ppl will start using it again lah, its infested with LALAs! yeapp!!=)
because its about to come, soon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


okay i gotta admit, MUSE is awesome!

LOL! so here're some piccas from the oh-so-crappy-shytty pc fair!=.=
but wth, at least i got my pay lah=D

10facts about the four days of work.
1.I kena scold by exhibitors.
2.I kena maki by customers.
3.I made friends with the guard.
4.I made friends with the exhibitors.
5.I made frieds with the customers.
6.I talked alot.
7.I learned business talking(cocking)
8.Patience is a virtue
9.I've mastered the art of what-to-do-when-you-get-bored.
10.I learn to smell my pay=)




duh, damn fake


ok i admit i posed for this.


thats his hand


christmas is near=.=
i got nothing=.=
i got my converse=D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peecee Fair

the reason i stop updating?
i worked at PC fair again, for 4 days.
pay isnt bad
this time around its at MITC, which SUCKS badly.
i dont like.

first day-cun
second day-shyt
third day-shyt
fourth day-shyyyyyt!!!!

hotak ko stay ahead konon!

thats all..will update more later.

i look in the mirror and i see something thats gonna make it through tomorrow=D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Bench

someone sat on the bench,
reading a book.
someone sat on the bench,
listening to music.

the bench was warm.
birds were chirping, trees were swishing, and there was a song.
someone then talked to someone.
Someone's smile, was perfect.
Sheakespeare wrote the Sonnet 18, potraying flawless beauty.
This smile, was incompatible to that.

another came.
someone got up and walked with another.
the song, rather oddly, stopped.
it didnt continue..

someone sat on the bench.
listening to music.
the bench, was cold.

emo much? =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the face in the photograph.

and someone asked me: "Hey! Aren't you the guy who lost the flower?